Veera 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev about what his heart is saying, will he stop her or let her go, she will go to her Maayka and wait for him. He stops her and says you don’t want me to go away from you, why are you going now, I know what you are trying to go, can’t you see I m braking inside, I m failing within, when I want to come close to you, you remind me that the marriage is ending, you did not understand whats going on, you feel I m devil who gets fun to trouble you, whenever I troubled you, I was also troubled, I was burning in hell fire and wanted you to be away from you, the game you were always playing with me, I know everything.

He says since I loved you, I m yours, there is nothing left that I can call mine, I want to be with you always. She smiles. He gets angry and holds his head to sit away. She goes to him. She says you love me a lot, I know you still do, I have always loved you. He hugs her and says I love you a lot, I will not go away from you. Yaara ve…………….plays……………….. It starts thundering, and she says it looks like it will rain, shall we go home. He says no. She asks then. He smiles and lifts her in his arms.

Gunjan opens the cupboards and sees the teddy bears. Ranvi comes and looks on. He recalls he bought the toys for boy or girl, when he was happy to buy for the baby. He gets more annoyed seeing the teddys. Gunjan asks did he get it. He throws them and she asks what is he doing. He says don’t keep this back in the cupboard, I want to throw them from the room, from the house. He leaves. She says yes, the way you have kicked me out of your life.

Baldev brings Veera to a hut and reminds the place, where they have spent a night before their marriage and FB shows the sweet moments. He says this place has seen our love without any annoyance, our love was lost and we got it back today. Bansuri and Manjeet wait for Baldev. Manjeet says its not first time he did not come, he fought with wife and maybe with his friends. She says maybe Baldev is with Veera and she can fill his ears. Manjeet asks him not to say bad and if Veera found him, she would have got him home to show that your son is her slave now, she might have gone to her brother’s place, Baldev did not come knowing Veera will be here, see they will never be one from today.

Baldev says you were very happy the last time when we came here. They have an eyelock. Thode bheege bheege se……………plays…………….. He walks to her and she moves back. They get romantically closer. Its morning, Veera says we should go home and he says he wants to be with her. They have a sweet talk as he says he is lost in her eyes. She asks him to get up as everyone will be worried for them at home. He jokes on Ranvi and she beats him. They smile.

Balwant asks Bansuri is she telling him now that Veera and Baldev did not come home all night. Bansuri says I think Baldev will be with his friends, I will call them. He asks about Veera. Bansuri says she will be with Ranvi, she told she will go to Ranvi’s house if she can’t get Baldev. Balwant says you wanted this always, you did a big mistake, no one can take good care of Veera more than us. Manjeet asks what is he saying. Balwant says its my son and bahu’s matter, don’t get in this matter, you are elder but I request you. He asks them not to create any rift between Baldev and Veeram else he will not forgive. They are shocked seeing Baldev and Veera come home happily. Manjeet and Bansuri see Veera’s dupatta stone on his neck and are shocked.

Baldev makes tea for Veera and he says I don’t want you to get tired. She asks why. He says I have some other imp work. Manjeet and Bansuri look on. Veera asks what. He says wait and shuts the door, shocking Manjeet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode………

  2. Very nice episode … I enjoyed it after much time….

  3. I love this episode!

  4. New spoiler: Ranvi tries ending his annoyance with Gunjan, and with time passing by, he starts being like before. Veera persuades Ranvi to accept Gunjan and forget her mistake, as one mistake can’t end their strong love. Veera and Baldev end all their differences and they meet at the shade where they always used to meet before their marriage. The lovers consummate their marriage, and Baldev ends the divorce matter. Manjeet feels her failure in Veera’s victory. Meanwhile, Balwant tries to know the reason of Bansuri obeying Manjeet and he gets sure that Bansuri is having some secret which is known to her and Manjeet.

  5. I think baldev is manjeet’s son…

  6. Me too………

  7. Iam also thinking the same.

    1. That’s why bansuri is obeying manjit blindly

  8. Wow,,, finally my babies r together

  9. Can any one tell actual telecasting time of veera?….

  10. Mon to Sat 5 pm

  11. wow!! awesome epi! 🙂 😀

  12. is baldev manjeet’s son?


    1. It is repeated in morning at 7.30

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