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Veera 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev applying haldi to Veera. Veera asks him to go as anyone can identify him. He says no, I still have to dance. He says they are Jaggi and Billa, dancing with Ranvi and Gunjan. Ratan and Chai ji think who are they, as they look manly. Baldev covers his face and dances in the function, while Veera smiles and dances with Baldev. Jaggi’s wig comes out. Gunjan says Jaggi you….. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Gunjan looks at others. Baldev hides his face. She goes to Baldev and shows his face to everyone. Everyone laughs. Gunjan says Veer ji its too much. Chai ji says I was thinking how did Baldev not come in haldi and not have any fun, you danced enough, now leave. Baldev holds Veera’s hand and says I will not go, I will see who stops me, I m not afraid of anyone.


says Baldev….. Baldev says fine, I will leave. He says Veera, lets meet in marriage. They laugh and asks is he scared. Baldev hugs Ranvi and leaves. Its night, Gunjan talks to Ranvi about old camera which he took out for marriage event and asks him to take her pic. He takes her pic and says she its good. He asks her to go to Bansuri as there is also much work. She says I will go tomorrow, I said I m from Veera’s side. She asks him to forgive her. He reminds her that she is his support and life partner, and he loves her a lot and can’t be angry, he was angry with himself. He was annoyed with her, but it ended when he heard her saying what she thinks about a relation, which she told Veera. She asks was he hearing her hiding. He says yes, after you did all that, I m alert now. He smiles and looks at her. He hugs her and asks her to smile.

Its morning, Ratan tells Chai ji that we should have informed Bansuri and come here. Chai ji says we know Bansuri since years. Bansuri comes and says sorry, I was busy in puja. Ratan asks about Baldev and Bansuri. Bansuri says they went out, you can ask me too, I also take petty decisions. Ratan says we want to do tilak rasam. Bansuri says does it matter if I say anything, as nothing is decided by me. She says I want Baldev’s room to change. Chai ji says he has become responsible. Bansuri says yes, he will start new life and would need new items. She asks for dowry indirectly.

She asks them to gift an AC car for Veera and Baldev. She says its all for Veera and laughs. She says I know Ranvi will make many things for his sister. Chai ji says you mean all this wishes are of Baldev right? Ratan calms her. Bansuri says you have taught him well, but he will agree to me, he is thankful to me that I said yes, and he knows everything will be as I say. Ratan says yes, you are groom’s mum, we will do what we can. Bansuri says I knew it. Ratan says fine, we will leave. They leave. Bansuri smiles.

Rajveer comes to know someone was finding out him in Gurdaspur. The constable says the man came here in Dhaba and asked about you, he was from Pritampura and was finding your past. Rajveer says we have to stop it, if anyone knows about my past life, everything will end, find out what was his name. He says he will give money, just find out, I started new life here and no one knows about my past here. The man should not come back to Pritampura from there. Rajveer ends call and says whoever it is, I will not leave him.

Ratan tells everything to Gunjan. Gunjan says I will talk to Biji. Ratan says I told you as you know everything about these things, help us in choosing it, don’t tell anything to Ranvi. Gunjan says its wrong. Ratan says leave it, I want her to be happy, if she is against Veera, it will be tough for Veera, I have to do this for Veera’s happiness. Chai ji says but how will you do this without telling Ranvi. Ratan says I have money and sell my jewelry, else take loan from bank and keep house as guarantee. Chai ji says no, even I have money and jewelry. Gunjan says no, you won’t do this, I will talk to Biji. Chai ji says no. Veera comes and asks what. Chai ji says something else. Veera says I will make any excuse and come here daily. Ratan says don’t do this. Veera jokes and laughs. Gunjan thinks Bansuri asked for dowry, I can’t believe this, I won’t let you do this, you will not get anything.

Gunjan comes to talk to Bansuri and asks how can she ask dowry, when Ratan and Ranvi did not ask anything for her marriage. Bansuri says you were not ready for this, I would have given you a lot I you married by my wish. Gunjan says you mean Ranvi was not deserving. Bansuri says I accepted him as my son in law by heart. Gunjan says then give me money, I will give it to Veera. Bansuri says everything will come here, don’t you want your brother to stay well. She scolds Gunjan. Gunjan says let dad come, I will talk to him. She leaves.

Ranvi sees Rajveer and stops him. Rajveer tries ignoring him, and then stops. He says sorry, I did not see you. Ranvi thanks him for helping Gunjan, he was shocked that day, and left, sorry. Rajveer says don’t say thanks for small things, how are they alone here on highway. Ranvi says I was coming from bus stop. I went to take some items, and names places and Gurdaspur. Rajveer thinks Ranvi went there, maybe he was finding about me. He says he will drop him home. Ranvi thanks him and sits in the jeep. Rajveer asks whom did he meet there, did you go Dhaba. Ranvi says yes, I went. Rajveer sees the gun and thinks its lonely road, if I kill him, no one will know it.

Baldev tells Veera that he knows she is restless to come to him. She says no, who told you. He holds her close and asks no? She says no? He gets close to kiss her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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