Veera 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 16th April 2014 Written Update

Veera says, who the damn is playing song very loudly. baldev does excercise and says to tayaji give me 100 rs then i will go to my home. Veera reaches there then baldev says, tayaji give this rupees by his own. Veera says to tayaji, you go, i will sent him.
Veera says, you have to earn money by working hard otherwise you will be fail. Gunjan says, enough ranveer, now i cannot move on. Gunjan says, find some house so that we can stay at night. Ranveer says, this is not your shahrukh’s movie. Gunjan says, i am not getting signal on my phone. Biji gets tensed that gunjan and ranveer didnt call us. CHaiji says, they are not kids, give some time. Veera reaches there and pray to god that gunjan bhabi and veerji will close to each other. Ranveer prepare bed for sleeping. Gunjan click ranveer’s photo. Ranveer says, now you go to sleep, we have to move alot tommorow. Gunjan feels fear then she sleeps near to ranveer. Raveer muffled his shirt. Gunjan wakes up and ranveer calls to gunjan. Ranveer finds that gunjan climbed on tree. Ranveer says, now you jump.Gunjan says, no i cant. rab ji please help me. Ranveer says, gunjan jump, there is snake on the tree. Gunjan climb on ranveer and shouts, Mujhe shaap ne kaat liya. Ranveer says, nobody bites you. Baldev says to everyone, anyone can hire me on 100 rs. Gunjan says, why you says lie to me. Ranveer gives berries to gunjan.
Gunjan goes into dream of ranveer then ranveer calls to gunjan. Baldev says, nobody wants my help. One lady came and says, i have some work for you. Baldev says no to lady then baldev shouts on one person that you have to give some work to me. Veera says, you dont show your power in earning. Then one person came and give 100 rs to him. Man says, i am going to outside from pind, so take care of my children.
Baldev says, i will take care of children . Veera says, you cannot take care yourself then how could you take care of children. Baldev goes with that man to see his children. Here ranveer bring some fruits for gunjan. Gunjan gives fruit to ranveer.

Precap:- Gunjan gets feared because she cant find ranveer. Here ranveer also gets tensed. Then gunjan and ranveer sees each other.

Update Credit to: tushar

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