Veera 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 15th April 2014 Written Update

Gunjan’s health is not well and she vomit then ranveer stops the bus and conductor throw their bag on road and says, take another bus, we are getting late. ranveer encourage gunjan. ranveer ask from gunjan, are you feeling good.
Gunjan says, yes. Its all happen due to bus, it is jumping regularly. I cannot travel of far distance. Ranveer says, then how could you travel to cannada. Gunjan says, but plane doesnt jump.
Chaiji ask from veera about her baisakhi preparation then biji gives suit to veera and veera gives thanks to biji. Baldev reaches at veera home and says, it is really great suit. Veera says, are you mad so that you always came to our home. Baldev says, this chunni is so short. veera says, shut your mouth, all is of same size. Baldev says, i will show you that this chunni is short for you. Baldev put chunni on veera’s head and says, i will bring you at my home one day. Veera again says, all chunnis is of same size.
baldev says to chaiji that i came here to talk about veera’s marriage. She is grown up now. Veera says, he is mad, dont listen him. Baldev says, there is one relation for her. Chaiji says, i dont what are you saying? who is he? Baldev gives compliment about his family. biji says, we are just listening. Chaiji says, how much is he earning? baldev says, he is only eating, make fun of his life. Biji says, i will not give veera’s hand of that boy, if he will earn. Baldev says, boy looks like hero. Biji says, it doesnt matter. Biji and chaiji moves into kitchen.
Veera says, now biji and chaiji will not accept you. Baldev says, now you are laughing. Now tell me second challenge. veera says, now you will follow biji’s wordings, you have to earn money without cheating anybody.
Here ranveer and gunjan tries to take lift then three man stop their car and says,, we will drop you. Ranveer says to them, no thanks, we will arrange something else. All three men moves towards ranveer and gunjan.
Ranveer says, just run away when i say. Gunjan says, we are also two. ranveer says, just do what i said. Ranveer then take lift from jeep in which newly couple sit. gunjan thinks themselves in newly couple. ranveer and gunjan reaches near to mataji’s temple. Ranveer moves into jungle and again reaches at same place. Ranveer says, you are not frightend. Gunjan says, no i am not, actually you are with me.

Precap:- Gunjan awake and finds that ranveer is not present there. Gunjan calls ranveer.

Update Credit to: tushar

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