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Veera 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera not telling Baldev about Rajveer doing the road permission work. She asks him to smile. He says lets go now, I will come with you, as I can’t let you go alone and always take care. She says Ranvi won’t pass you with less marks. Baldev says he will get 100 on 100 this time and asks about Ranvi’s friend’s name. She does not say. The girls ask Gunjan to keep card party. Gunjan says sure, tomorrow at home. She comes to Balwant and surprises him. She laughs scaring him. He hugs her. He says about Bansuri getting food processor. She asks why did she get it. He says her friend is coming. Bansuri meets Gunjan.

She asks about the drama of Baldev and Veera. Gunjan says they are mad in their love. She says Ranvi said he will think about Baldev. Balwant says don’t get happy, your mum is angry knowing Veera will become her bahu. Gunjan says its good. Balwant asks Gunjan to explain Bansuri. He leaves. Gunjan asks Bansuri to solve her problem and tell her how to get Ranvi back to Mumbai. Bansuri gets angry and scolds her. Bansuri says she won’t tell her anything, as she also keeps things secrets. Gunjan says why are you taunting me.

Rajveer is at Ranvi’s home having food. Ranvi says I know you like homemade food. He asks Ratan did Veera call, I will call her. Veera comes home with Baldev. She is shocked seeing Rajveer. She thinks if Baldev knows Rajveer got the road permission, he will be angry. Rajveer greets Veera. She stops Ranvi from saying anything. Veera says she is going out with Baldev for some work. Ratan says have food on the way and come back soon.

Ranvi asks Veera to thank Rajveer for the road permission. Baldev looks at Veera and says is this Ranvi;s friend. Rajveer says no need Ranvi. Veera thanks Rajveer. Rajveer says he had meeting in that department, and he got the file, you can ask me for any help, I will be proud to contribute in this great work. Baldev says what else did you do to get this work done, you might have used wrong way too. Rajveer says I did not raise voice too, I did work being in law limits. Ranvi says yes, it proves that wrong way is not necessary. Rajveer says why are you saying this, did anyone try to do this work by threatening. Ranvi says nothing, have food, I will tell later.

Baldev gets angry and leaves. Veera says she will come and goes after him. She stops Baldev. He asks Veera to go with Rajveer, as she has lied to him. He leaves. Gunjan plays cards again with the girls. She says no one will stop me when I go to Mumbai. The girl asks her to give Rs 10000 as Gunjan is losing. Gunjan says Ranvi is old fashioned, he does not let me spend money. Veera comes to Baldev at polyhouse office and he sits annoyed. She smiles seeing he is reading magazine holding it upside down and says this plant is growing in wrong way.

She tries to make him smile and they start arguing with love. He says I love you, so I get angry. She laughs. He says I thought you will come and make up to me. She says yes, your anger gone now. Baldev says I get angry seeing that inspector. She says I know, so I did not tell you about him. He says fine, leave it, lets go now. She asks where. He says Ludhiana to get seeds. She says yes, I will go with you. He hugs her. Ratan tells Chai ji that she was worried when Veera and Baldev wearing garlands. Chai ji says what does Ranvi think, he will stop Veera and Baldev from loving, no, its tough.

Ratan says she is worried that our house can break by this. Chai ji says don’t think this, everything will be fine. She says Ranvi should realize that its age for Veera to marry. Ranvi hears them and says I m also thinking this, but I want Veera to get a good guy. Chai ji says even we want this. Ranvi says what do you think about Rajveer for Veera. They are shocked. Ratan says what are you saying. Ranvi says he just thought this, he agreed to give a chance to Baldev, but he won’t agree that there is no one better than Bladev for Veera. He leaves. Chai ji says how to explain him now.

Baldev and Veera get the seeds. She says we have to test them now. They come back to polyhouse. He says Veera, there is something else for you. He gives her a rose. She asks when did you take it. He says when you were buying seeds. She thanks smiling and sees a ring. Baldev says he does not know to express love with great words, he just knows that since he loved her, he is just hers, he is alive thinking she is his, wear this ring to show me you are ready. She says who told you that you don’t know great words of love. She gives the ring to him and he makes her wear it. They smile. She hugs him. She says I m only yours, forever, no one else’ She says so this is a promise ring. He says yes. She says she will still fight as he showers love on her. He says yes and smiles.

Veera sees the ring gone and looks for it. Rajveer asks is it special. She says yes, Baldev gave me yesterday and I lost it. He says relax, I m sure Baldev will understand. He smiles.

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