Veera 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera explaining Ranvi about Nihaal. She asks will it be right to punish him for the mistake he did not do. Ranvi leaves with Gunjan. Veera and Baldev are tensed. Nihaal hugs Balwant as he is ready to go. Balwant says its good you came to stay here, but why are you going so soon. Nihaal says I m glad to stay with you, thanks. Veera asks Nihaal won’t he meet Ratan and Chaiji once. Nihaal says no, Baldev lets go fast. Veera cries and sits in the jeep with them. Nihaal gets the taxi and Veera hugs him asking him to please stay back. Nihaal sits in the taxi and leaves. Ranvi comes infornt of the taxi and stops it.

Veera and Baldev see him and are shocked. Nihaal too is surprised and says Ranvi. He gets down the taxi. Nihaal comes to Ranvi and looks at him. Ranvi says I thought you are my dad’s murderer and hated you till now. Ranvi says but Veera made me realize that you just did the mistake. He says you have left us for this, you went far from everyone, spend life alone and punished yourself.

Ranvi says we all were together here but you were alone, don’t know how you lived alone, it was so tough for you. He says I never understood this, and today I got the point. He says mistakes are not of person but by situation. Veera and Baldev smile. Ranvi says I won’t let you go back to your lonely life, you will be here with us, I won’t let you go anywhere Nihaal Chachu. Nihaal looks at him. Ranvi says you have to be with us for everyone and me. Nihaal hugs Ranvi crying. Baldev holds Veera and she smiles. Ranvi says forgive me, I have hurt you a lot and spoke badly.

Nihaal says you don’t know how much happy I m today. He asks Veera to come. Veera hugs him. She says Nihaal Chachu, this is best moment of my life and thanks Lord. Nihaal says no, thanks to you too along with Lord, your try has filled colors in my life, I felt happiness today after many hyears, I can’t tell you happiness when you hug some loved one. Veera says but this tears does not suit you, please don’t cry. Ranvi says Veera has given me happiness. Veera hugs Ranvi. Ranvi hugs Nihaal and they smile.

Ranvi and Veera bring Nihaal home. Ratan, Chaiji and Gunjan smile. Chaiji hugs Nihaal as he touches her feet. Gunjan greets Nihaal. Nihaal looks at Ratan. He looks at the home and sees Sampooran’s pic. Baldev dances and makes Nihaal dance. Ranvi too joins them. Veera and Gunjan also dance. The elders smile as a man plays the dhol arranged by Baldev. Ratan says I m glad that everyone forgot past. Nihaal says me too. He says congrats I heard you became sarpanch. She says yes, I did not want to but. Veera takes them to dance.

Balwant and Bansuri come to share their happiness. Nihaal is surprised seeing the cake. He says great arrangements. Baldev says we thought to do something different. Gunjan says I made pizza on paratha, as Baldev suggested. Nihaal says he will eat extra today as he is eating with them. Chaiji apologizes to them. She says you lived alone all your life, away from loved one, don’t know what you have bear. Nihaal says many times we can’t control life, and see I got all this back. Bansuri says yes food too. Everyone smile.

Ranvi says lets eat now. Chaiji serves much to Nihaal with love. Nihaal likes the food as its fav. Chaiji says Ratan made it. He looks at Ratan. Veera asks him to cut the cake. He says fine, but on one condition, that I won’t eat it, I will have Chaiji’s kheer. Chaiji says I told you he won’t have eat. Chaiji says I will make kheer for you. Bansuri says she will also help her and leaves. Veera says we missed you a lot, welcome back. Nihaal cuts the cake and everyone claps for him.

Its night, Baldev comes and hugs Veera while she is looking at the moon. She says anyone can see. He says no one will see, everyone is happy. Ranvi looks for Veera and sees she is not in her room. Baldev and Veera are together. Ranvi comes on the terrace looking for her. Baldev says he can’t make kheer and can make her eat. Veera eats the kheer and makes him eat. She sees Ranvi coming and Baldev hides. Veera says she was having kheer in the cold air. Baldev hangs at the wall.

Veera says sorry to Baldev and he smiles. Baldev comes back to Veera after Ranvi leaves. They meet in the kitchen. Nihaal comes to them and asks Baldev what he thought about this relation. Veera says we want to know each other by spending time. Nihaal says good, but remember trust, patience and compatibility. Baldev says great knowledge, we will do this. Nihaal says your parents are waiting, come. Baldev leaves.

Balwant and Bansuri are happy. Nihaal is leaving with them. Baldev thinks he had to give special tthing to Veera, but could not, now its time to leave. Bansuri asks him to sit in the jeep. Baldev says you all go, I will come. Bansuri says I will come with you. Baldev says you go, I will come. She says you come, we will go together. She asks Balwant to go. Balwant and Nihaal leave. Ranvi hugs Gunjan and says he is very happy patching up with Nihaal. Gunjan says I know, your eyes show it, I also misunderstood him, but I realized he is not wrong. Ranvi and Gunjan have a romantic moment.

She says sleep now. He says one thing to do before sleeping. She asks what. He smiles looking at her. Chaiji comes to Ratan. Chaiji says your smile is not going, as you are very happy. Ratan says its because of Ranvi’s happiness. Ratan says she is very happy seeing Ranvi get rid of his hatred and have a light heart. She says he was so happy. She says happiness is coming our home. Chaiji thanks the Lord.

Baldev hugs Veera in her room. Ranvi knocks the door and Veera acts like she was sleeping. Ranvi says sorry I came to thank you. She says she has to tell him something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think veera is going to tell ranvi that baldev is her boyfriend

    1. I don’t think so something will happen and she will not be able to tell him

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