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Veera 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev telling everyone that the third round will happen soon, the show is getting popular and every contestant will talk to media directly in conference and we will keep a party for the show’s success with a masquerade theme. Ranvi and Gunjan smile. Baldev makes a heart and Veera’s pic inside. She does not respond when he shows her. He asks her why is she upset. Baldev asks Veera to come with him, but she is looking upset. She says she is feeling tensed and worried for Ranvi. She feels something is wrong.She says she will call him. Ranvi and everyone have a talk in the party. Ranvi gives all credit to Megha. Anmol says Ranvi is lucky to get mentor like Megha. Isha says yes, we would have performed well if anyone supported her, but its his fate. Rishabh says it’s a game of fate, else Ranvi would have not been here.

Rishabh tells the media that Megha is supporting Ranvi. Everyone say then its unfair with us. Dev asks them not to discuss this small issues to media, our show will get bad publicity. They say we will boycott this contest if this happens. Ranvi asks whats all this. The media asks Megha is she giving special treatment to Ranvi. Megha says she will not answer this. Ranvi is very talented and he sings so well, I gave him a direction. They taunt on her comeback through Ranvi. Ranvi defends Megha and praises her. He says if he goes ahead, he can’t get more successful than her. He says she means a lot to me, don’t spoil mentor student relation. He says she is like a teacher to me.

He says he is getting benefit as he is here because of her. He says but I m qualified and wining by my talent. They ask Megha why did she choose him. Megha says as Ranvi is the best, he is honest, hardworking and talented, I knew he will get successful. Its true I helped him to make a comeback. Ranvi is shocked. Megha says I m sure Ranvi will win this competition and my name will also be in news, now I m leaving, as I know he will go ahead on his own, his talent does not need me, he is a good person and Lord blesses him. She declares that she is not Ranvi’s mentor from now on. Everyone smile.

Megha says I will be his biggest fan and be with him always. They ask why did she take such a big decision suddenly. Megha leaves. Ranvi is tensed. Dev asks Rishabh not to be happy as Megha left with taking the blame and made Ranvi a hero, its his strong point now. Veera calls Ranvi and asks about competition. He says nothing is fine here and tells her everything. She says it’s a small thing. Ranvi says its not a small thing. Megha has left him, how should I go ahead now, I m unable to do anything. Veera says but her best wishes are with you, she left as no one should point on you, she wants you to prove your talent. She says all the best and ends the call.

Baldev plans a surprise date for Veera. He says its great, she will be glad. He sees the time and says I got late, I can’t get her now, I can’t let my efforts get waste. Ranvi is in the party. Rishabh looks at him angrily and everyone wears the masks. Ranvi thinks he is feeling scared as nothing is fine, I should call Veera and ask is everything fine. Baldev calls Veera and says he met with a accident, come fast. Veera is shocked and says she is coming. He smiles and says I will give her shocks and make her happy. She rides her bike and reaches the place. She calls out Baldev and sees his jeep.

He comes to her and she sees he is fine. He smiles. She says you lied to me. He says shhh…… did you have food, will you have now, will you make me have food, come. He lifts her and she smiles. Yaara ve……………….plays……………. He shows his surprise. She smiles seeing the decorations in the field. She says wow, great, why all this. He says one min and takes her pic. He says for her and shows her pic. She hugs him. Baldev says he loves her a lot, but he is feeling very hungry now and can die. She keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him not to say this. They go and have food.

Anmol and Vishnu talk to Ranvi. Ranvi says Gunjan will come. Anmol asks did he talk to Megha. Ranvi says no, she is not taking my call, I m feeling this journey is incomplete. Vishnu says she left you as she believes in your talent and wants you to prove your talent. She did not come here, but will come to see your performace. Anmol asks Ranvi to have a cold drink. Veera says I m very lucky to get Baldev. He says yes, right. She smiles. He says he is more lucky to have her. He says he loves her a lot and can’t live without her. She says control, if I don’t be. He says you are not going anywhere, if you are going, will I let you go, I will pull you back. She says I m not going.

Veera says she has to go home now and she is feeling since morning that something bad is going to happen. He says wait for sometime, I will think you don’t love me if you go. She says whats this to test love, I have to go. He follows her and she says you are mad, don’t follow me, let me go home. He says he will follow her always and laughs. She rides the bike more speedy and smiles. They sort of race and a truck comes from opposite direction. Baldev says Veera and turns his jeep. Veera falls and gets hurt. Baldev is shocked.

Baldev takes Veera in his arms and asks her to open her eyes. He says nothing will happen to you, open your eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think anmol is the one who is troubling ranvi….

    1. Don’t think so….

  2. what happened to veera???

  3. it will be the finals when ranvi will know about veera…..wink wink…..SISTER or CAREER!?!?!?kya karega ranvi???…..dhay dhay dhay!!!!making it to more love and care for sister…..veerji ne mere khatir apna sapna chad diya…but then megha will come and make him reach the finals…..

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