Veera 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjeet asking Geet to support Baldev so that he likes her and not Veera. She says Veera will be going in school inauguration and you be with him in bhoomi pujan, then she can take Veera’s place in his life in one week. Geet says Veera is nice girl, Baldev is annoyed with her, but… Manjeet twists her hand and scolds her. Ranvi comes for his recording and a man sees him with Deepu and says he will love his children a lot. Ranvi gets sad and does not sing well thinking about Gunjan. The man asks is he fine, he is losing beats. Ranvi says he will take a break.

Manjeet tries to fill Baldev’s ears against Veera and asks him to take Geet along, she will manage all the puja items. Baldev says no, he will manage himself and Veera will come. She asks him to show down to Veera. He says fine, come. She asks him to buy some good clothes for himself and Geet. He says fine, I will take her to shopping after meeting pandit. Geet says I will just go and come changing dupatta. Manjeet smiles.

Veera cooks in kitchen. Geet tensely comes there. Veera asks is there any work. Geet says I was going to market, Baldev is taking me, shall I go. Veera smiles and asks her to go, and not ask small things, she will find it odd. Geet nods and leaves. Its night, Veera is glad seeing Gunjan. She asks how is she. Gunjan says Ranvi is taking good care of me. Veera says Baldev went out with Geet. Gunjan asks what. Veera says for shopping. Gunjan asks her not to let Geet spend time with Baldev. Veera asks why. Gunjan says I did not like Geet, she is my cousin Bhabhi, but I met him for the first time, Sukhdev died, whom I met in childhood, I don’t like Tai ji.

Veera says Geet is lovely, don’t worry. Gunjan goes to talk to Bansuri. She comes and closes the door. Bansuri asks whats the matter. She asks why did she let Manjeet do all this, why are you not telling her truth to everyone, you have to stop this, Geet went with Baldev to market and tomorrow she can go anywhere, stop her, else I will tell everyone. Bansuri says no, I will stop, give me some time. Gunjan says I just know Veera always saved my and Ranvi’s marriage, I can’t let anyone ruin Veera and Baldev’s marriage, stop Manjeet else I will tell everyone. She leaves.

Baldev comes and asks Veera to wear blue dress, as he also got blue kurta for himself. He says this is my last warning, if you try to go against me, the result will be bad. She says I will go where I wish, school is important for me. He says he will hold her and take if she refuses. She says those days are gone. He holds her and she falls on him. Music plays………….. He asks her to move off him and leaves. She thinks she has to tell Balwant, that she can’t manage Baldev now.

Deepu tells Geet that Ranvi sings well. Geet asks did she trouble him. Deepu says no, I m a good girl. Geet asks her to sleep. Deepu asks her to sing lullaby and she will sleep. Geet sings Chandaniya Chup jana re…………. and makes Deepu sleep. Veera hears it and comes to her smiling. Veera comes and says she sings so well, she felt like its playing on radio. Geet smiles.

Veera says music has power to heal all pains, and your song was very soothing, I should thank you. Geet asks why. Veera smiles and goes to Deepu, and caresses her. Deepu sleeps. Veera leaves. Geet says Veera makes strangers her loved ones so soon, and I m ashamed to do wrong with you, I don’t have any option that obeying Manjeet, don’t know what will she tell me to do tomorrow in bhoomi pujan. Manjeet comes and asks why did Veera come here. Geet says I was singing lullaby and Veera came to praise it. Manjeet says leave it, Veera is not coming in bhoomi pujan tomorrow, she is going in school inauguration, I will tell you what to do in bhoomi pujan.

Veera talks to Ratan and says she has done all the arrangements for school, please manage it, I want to go with Baldev to support him in bhoomi pujan. Manjeet hears this. Ratan asks Veera to go, as she understands her. Veera says she has told everything to Savita and she will later after Bhoomi pujan. Manjeet says this can’t happen. Its morning, Manjeet asks sweet to Veera and sends her to store room to bring gas cylinder. Veera goes there and gets it. Manjeet locks the door from outside and smiles. Veera calls out everyone asking them to open the door. Veera says did Tai ji did this intentionally, no, why will she do this.

Baldev waits for everyone. Bansuri says we have come. He asks about Veera, is she in kitchen. Manjeet says no, I saw her going out some time before. Baldev gets angry thinking this time he will not forgive her.

Manjeet makes Baldev against Veera. Veera thinks what to do now to go out of the storeroom. Manjeet asks Baldev how did he like Veera, he could have got someone good like Geet. He is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate manjeet!

  2. Too stupid

  3. its better to end this serial

  4. Allah Kal Veera puhuch jaye but I think WO nahi ponchi g and again Veeba mai fight hmmmmmmmmmm director kiry pary Teri ko in 2 ko separate kar k to serial k trp ko konsa 6 tak puhuncha raha hai Volta trp girta jaraha hai plz ye track ko change karo

  5. And plz yar sub commentators Veera ko end Kearny k bat mat karo its better k tum log is ko name dekho OK

  6. Manjeet is such a dirty guy

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