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Veera 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev scolding Jaggi and Billa as he has checked the bags and got Gaanja. They say you did not give us any papers, we thought this checking is not needed. He recalls Nihaal’s words and realizes he is saved today, and would have gone to jail. He says whatever comes, we will do all paper work and then send the items. Billa says shall we give this to police. Baldev says no, I don’t trust Rajveer, just take this and burn it. Baldev thanks Nihaal and understands what Nihaal told him. Balwant packs Baldev’s bag and tells Bansuri that Baldev told me to pack his bag as he is busy. She asks why. He says he told he is going to Veera’s house today. She asks what is he doing, explain him, don’t pack the bag, if he leaves, the house will look lonely. He says yes, but Gunjan and Baldev will be together, and I will go four days every week to have lunch there.

She says no. He asks what. I know you don’t have to go for lunch there, I will go alone. She says everyone will laugh on us. He says yes, but we have to tell the truth, we will say why Baldev needed to become ghar jamai. She calls him her enemy and leaves. He smiles and says Baldev’s plan is great. Chai ji says I thought Veera will leave and I can take her room. Veera says you can take my room and jokes on her. Ratan smiles. They call each other fat. Veera says Baldev won’t come here, he is joking. Bansuri comes and scolds Ratan for making Baldev her ghar jamai and breaking her home. She asks what if she makes Ranvi her ghar jamai. Ratan says I did not wish it, I just want this marriage to happen with everyone’s acceptance. Bansuri warns her. Gunjan stops her and says she can’t talk like this.

Ranvi comes and looks on. Gunjan defends Ratan and says its Baldev’s decision to become ghar jamai, Ratan and Veera did not tell him. She asks what did she do that Baldev took this decision. Bansuri asks does she not respect her. Gunjan says I do, but you always come here and taunt Ratan, but I know to give an answer. She asks Bansuri to leave and ask Baldev. Bansuri says I know the exit way and scolds her. She says you are not my daughter now, you have become Ratan’s bahu now. Bansuri leaves. Ranvi looks at Gunjan. Veera apologizes to Gunjan for fighting with Bansuri because of her. Gunjan says no, I did not fight with my Biji, I fought for my Biji, this is my home now. Ranvi leaves.

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Balwant tells Baldev that Bansuri went in anger. Baldev says she will create a scene at Veera’s house. Balwant says Gunjan will manage. Baldev thanks him for helping him. He says I stay outside and you bear Biji at home. Balwant says I have power of experience and till you don’t do any wrong work, I will help you. Baldev apologizes to him and says you were right, I was being careless and Nihaal Chachu also stopped me for right thing, I insulted him. Balwant says its fine, you realized your mistake. Baldev says I should apologize to Nihaal, I m finding him, he is not here. Balwant says you can apologize later. They smile.

Bansuri comes home and sees its dark. She thinks where is everyone and recalls Baldev’s words. She recalls how Gunjan supported Ratan. She thinks Balwant’s words to visit Gunjan and Baldev and have lunch with them. She imagines all of them having lunch together at Veera’s house. She cries thinking Baldev will call Ratan his Biji. She imagines being alone and eating food. Baldev comes and she asks why did he come, no one needs me, you all like being with Veera. He says give her one chance, you will also like it. She says don’t know what she will do, I don’t like her since childhood. He says even we fought in childhood, and today we love each other, Gunjan did not like Ranvi when she married him, and today she loves him madly.

He says Veera will try her best that you love her. She asks why, you all don’t value me, why will she value me, she wants you to get away from me. He says no, can anyone separate mum and son, you always took care of me since childhood, you are an invisible umbrella who takes care, and my biggest support, I can’t live without you, its impossible. She smiles and says you respect me so much, then why are you marrying that girl I don’t like. He says I love her, and I have to stay where she can stay. She says fine then. He asks what fine?

She says she is ready for his and Veera’s marriage. He smiles and asks what. She says ys, but I have a condition, that marriage will happen as I want, don’t say you will become ghar jamai. He lifts her and says you are really great. He says you made me very happy. She says I don’t have anything imp than your happiness, you know this and taking advantage. She thinks Veera won now, but I will win the war. She says now hear my conditions, all rituals will be done as I want. He says I don’t know what you benefit you get by this, I promise I won’t say anything. He says he will give this good news to Veera, and thanks her. He hugs her smiling and leaves. Balwant kisses Bansuri and says you made me happy, you took the right decision, you will not regret in your life about this. He leaves.

She says Veera will regret thinking why did she accept to become my bahu. Everyone do planning for marriage. Chai ji asks Ratan to call Nihaal, he will help. Veera comes and Ratan asks her to say what she wants, as she is making list. Veera says Bansuri did not agree. Baldev comes and gives the good news that Bansuri gave her nod to marriage. They all get happy. Baldev requests Ratan to make him marry Veera soon. They do Bhaangra happily. Ratan and Chai ji laugh.

Baldev lifts Veera and Chai ji scolds him pulling his ears. He asks is he not ashamed. He says leave my ear. Veer assays leave Chai ji, he might have pain. Chai ji says see I m pulling his ear and she is feeling his pain. Chai ji asks Ratan when to keep their haldi mehndi. Baldev says tomorrow, I mean do it soon. Gunjan says she is from bride’s side. Baldev says you are from my side. Gunjan says I m Veera’s bhabhi. He says fine, and asks Ratan to keep haldi tomorrow. Chai ji agrees. They smile.

Ranvi applies haldi to Veera and blesses Lord should give his happiness to her and all her pain to him. She says you gave me everything since childhood, now I don’t need anything. They cry.

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