Veera 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 12th November 2013 Written Update

In the courtyard, Veera, Ratan and Chaiji are waiting Ranvi. Balwant comes to pick Ranveera up. Ranvi comes and everyone is stunned to see him dressed all like Sampooran. Ranvi takes Sampooran’s blessings as everyone looks on. Ratan and Ranveera share a hug. Chaiji pulls Veera’s leg and then bless Ranveera. Veera asks about Gunjan when he informs them that Gunjan has denied to study in the school at Delhi. Veera doubts Baldev over Gunjan’s refusal and says if her Veerji wasn’t accompanying her she would never go. Chaiji and Ratan share worried looks. They leave for Delhi.

Chaiji and Ratan share an emotional moment, on seeing Ranvi dressed as Sampooran and Chaiji asserts that when Ranvi grows up, he’ll be a responsible man who will take care of everyone like his father. Ratan consents but is worried for his future as she wants him to make an identity for himself too and not just Veera. Chaiji assures her that like now Ranvi is fulfilling Veera’s dreams, one day, Veera will fulfill all his dreams.

Bansuri is acting all sweet with Gunjan to ensure she doesn’t complain anything to Balwant.

Balwant, Ranveera, Baldev and Ashok reach the school in Delhi. Ranvi wishes Veera luck for her admission test. Veera asks Ranvi where will he appear his test paper, to which he replies he’ll appear for his paper after he has a word with Ashok regarding some admission processes. Ranvi and Balwant goes on to fill admission form while Baldev and Veera appear for their test. Baldev tries to outsmart Veera by exchanging papers with her but when she realizes she’s given a wrong question paper she complains and the examiner gets the paper changed. Baldev is confused about his paper while Veera solves her and in between she spots Ranvi filling up the admission form in another class and thinks that he’s appearing for his test.

After the test Veera is a bit dejected as she couldn’t complete her test as most questions were in English. Ranvi tries to cheer her up saying she’ll do fine in interview but Baldev discourages her for which Balwant scolds him. Baldev informs Bansuri his paper was really good when in reality he hardly knew answer of any question.

Veera is crying and hugs Ranvi as she informs him that the principal and teacher have denied her admission into the school.

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