Veera 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with bansari says to herself that now ratan is making fame of her son’s name. Bansari ji give sweets to baldev and says, you can sing better than ranveer. Baldev says, biji, are you OK? My father didnt sing a song in whole life. Bansari ji says, show your talent, you get it from me. I will sing a song for you.
Ranveer says to chaiji says, i dont know, why will gunjan say this. Chaiji says, you are newly married and you have to fulfil your responsibility. She cannot get love from your side. She cannot understand your and veera’s relation.
bansari give rupees to baldev but baldev denies about it and says, i cant sing. I will not do it. You take your money. Bansari ji says, i will call pandit ji for solution. Bansari ji calls pandit ji. bansari ji says to pandit ji, you make pure to home. Biji calls veera and says, where are you going? Veera says, i am going to say sorry to gunjan bhabi. Biji says, dont go right now. veera says, i also want to see happy to gunjan bhabi. Biji says, i know, you are right but she didnt get attention from you and ranveer. But you have to understand one thing that now ranveer is married and gunjan is his wife. Now dont cry.
Bansari ji sings a song. balwant tayaji gets disturbed due to this. Balwant tayaji laugh on bansari ji. bansari ji says, i will become gud singer than ranveer.
Ranveer knock the door and says, i really hurted you and i know you will relieved from my sorry. But i want to say something to you and with this letter, may be you will forgive me. i wrote this poem for you but i couldnt tell you. Its not only a poem, its my complete feeling and now i want to share with you.
ranveer tells gunjan’s speciality and i promised myself that i will not leave you. i will always remember you but i dont know how will i forget this time. Can you forget me only once. You can fight with me but please open the door. Gunjan close the window.

Precap:- Gunjan gone away from home and some kidnapped her.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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