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Veera 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan telling Ranvi about the manager’s offer of combined performance of singing and dance performance. He refuses for it and she asks him to think about their career. They then argue on the child and she gets annoyed. He says you lied to me before. She says you are adamant too, if I m adamant. She leaves. Baldev thinks about Nihaal and any link in between. Jaggi and Billa come and ask did he get any proof. Baldev says yes, I m Karamchand and got all proof, I m still thinking, everything is unclear. He says how to prove I m innocent, I did not kill Nihaal. They look at him. Baldev gets angry and ask them not to see him with pity, he has seen this in his wife’s eyes daily, you both spare me please. They think about Veera’s words.

He laughs and says no need to think this, lets party and forget all this. Jaggi says that dhaba is not good. Billa says it won’t look good. Baldev says so I want to go. Billa asks him to think about Veera. Baldev says she can do anything and I will do what I want. Rajveer says Ranvi will give statement against Baldev and I will marry you Veera. I have laid a big trap for you, and even then you married Baldev. He says its fine, you have to come to me finally, if anyone comes in between, I will not think to kill him. He turns and is shocked to see Veera. He hides her pic and asks when did she come.

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She asks is the pic of his GF. He says the one I love the most. He says I know we are not good friends, but you don’t need to lie, I can’t imagine what you are going through, your brother and family are annoyed, and your husband has murder blame. She says I know everything will be fine soon. He asks do you think Baldev did not kill Nihaal. She says no, and law says the crime has to be proved to call someone a culprit. He asks how can I help him. She says did he not get any proof of someone else there. He says no, we got all proof against Baldev. He says proof does not lie, She thinks if she shows the button to him, he can tell me about it. Someone comes and talks to Rajveer. He gets a suit from the tailor. The man says master ji said the jacket’s matching button is not found and its nowhere, we can try to get it. Veera hears this and hides the button.

Rajveer asks what was she saying. She says nothing, inform me if you know something. She leaves. Ranvi comes to Gunjan and says Biji is calling for dinner. She says I m not hungry. He asks why, as we fought. She says why do you care. He says I m your husband, it matters to me. He apologizes to her. She says I know you are worried about Veera, but Baldev is my brother, he has murder blame, think so many lives will be ruined if its proved, I m worried. He says no need to argue on it, I will try not to argue on anything. She says we don’t have anything to talk. She says it will be better if we don’t talk.

Veera thinks is this coincidence, about Rajveer’s button, he has fought with Baldev and wanted to marry me, can he frame Baldev in murder blame or anyone else, only Baldev can tell me, and I can’t talk to me. Bansuri comes and Veera asks her about Baldev. Bansuri asks the same saying you are his wife and should know. Veera says I m worried too. Bansuri says then find him. Veera says I will find Jaggi and Billa. Jaggi tells her the address. Veera comes there and asks Baldev to stop drinking. Baldev says its great, my wife has come to such place to take me home.

He says you have any problem if I stay here, you feel you can control me. He says try and see, and asks all the men to see Veera, she is my wife, she loves me a lot, that she came to such place to see am I fine or not, she can’t live without me, do you have such wife who can come anywhere. He says she does everything for me, she cooks food, bears my attitude and she married me to save my life. Veera says enough, no need to repeat it, come home, Bansuri is worried.

He says the woman who hated her life, she is worrying for her. He laughs. He says if she loves me, its not big to worry for my mum. Jaggi and Billa ask him to come home. Baldev says shut up, I can’t believe my wife is giving such big sacrifices and can do anything to me. He asks Veera to dance for him and everyone, to show she loves him, as they have to sure he is saying right. Veera cries being shocked. Baldev says now my wife will dance for all of us. Billa and Jaggi are shocked too. Baldev asks what happened, come on dance.

Veera scolds Baldev and she should be habitual to this insult now, fine, i don’t have any respect as my husband wants me to dance between men.

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