Veera 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan apologizing to Ranvi. O rabba…………plays………….. Ranvi is still annoyed and leaves. Balwant tells Baldev that Bansuri came home. Baldev comes home and sees Bansuri. He tells Balwant to leave it on him now. Bansuri asks Baldev to have food. She asks till when will he not talk. He says you won’t need to make my fav food. She asks why. He says its your condition that you won’t stay under one roof with Veera, I m your son, I can’t take roof from you and I have to marry Veera, so I decided I will become their ghar jamai and stay at Veera’s house, I came to take my items, I m leaving. She is shocked and asks what is he saying. He says he does not have any option, he can’t marry anyone, he can’t let her leave home, he can’t die, so this option is left. She scolds him.

She says Veera came to meet you, as I told you if you don’t bless us, I will leave home, and she refused me, she did not wish me to leave my parents, she wanted to have elders and family always with us, she is really good. She says you always find her wrong, so I got this solution that I can keep family together, I m become ghar jamai. He goes to his room. Bansuri gets worried. Balwant smiles seeing this and hides seeing Bansuri come. Baldev smiles and leaves. Balwant reads the book. Bansuri angrily tells him that Baldev is marrying and going to become ghar jamai, to stay at Veera’s house. He says really, its good decision, our situation is tensed at home. She says when he did good work, you scolded him, and when he is being foolish, you are saying its right.

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He asks Baldev loves Veera and you did not accept her, so you should be happy that he decided to leave home, it was my dream to have our son here, and welcome her bahu, I have my grand children playing here, but this is not happening because of you. He says he can’t go against her and it’s the only option, we will do Baldev’s vidaai and then leave him on Lord. Bansuri cries. Balwant says don’t worry, he will be happy there. He reads the book again and smiles.

Its morning, Baldev tells Veera that Bansuri will surely agree now. Veera says you gave her a shock. He calls her and the ringtone plays I love you Veera. He holds her and asks for a sweet start. She says fine, and says no, go now. He says I m asking for a little kiss, not Taj mahal. She kisses him and the phone rings I love you Baldev. She laughs. Jaggi calls him and says consignment is leaving. Baldev says let it go. Veera asks him to go and they will complete this work later. He asks promise. She says sure, and sends him. He smiles and leaves. Baldev goes to the truck and checks it.

He says take the truck and thinks about Nihaal’s words. He stops the truck and says he wants to check it again. He gets inside the truck. He looks at the big bags. Ranvi chooses invitation cards. He gets the manager’s call and asks is he coming in concert. Ranvi says its my sister’s marriage. The manager says you can get 3 days time for us. Ranvi says it will be tough, fix dates from next month. He says I have half cash last time, Gunjan took it and said she will manage, and took half amount cheque, this time take 100 % cash and tell IT people it as charity concert. Ranvi is shocked and gets angry.

Gunjan irons the clothes. Ranvi comes to her and she smiles. She asks what happened. He asks did she did regret of her mistake and she said there is nothing she is hiding. She says yes. He says you are my wife and I m hurt that you love me so much and hidden this from me, you are still hiding after swearing to me. He asks about manager, and she took money from him for his concert. She is shocked. He says you know I don’t take cash, I take cheques as I pay tax, you used my name to play cards. She cries. He says now I understand why you always told me to go for recording, you wanted money to play cards. She says no, for people not forgetting you, and I took money once. He says you used my name, you would have told me. He scolds her and says this is all yours, and asks why did she break his trust.

Ranvi says our relation got less. Gunjan says don’t say this, its not your mistake, its my mistake, I will rectify it. He says he can love her a lot, but she should not talk about love, else he will doubt on his love. O rabba ve…………….plays…………… She cries as he leaves. Rajveer stops the truck at checkpost and He thinks this time Baldev will be stuck in narcotics case aand go to jail for min 10 years. Rajveer is shocked as there are just grains and not Ganja bag. The driver says its Baldev’s truck and his dad has much name and respect in pind. Rajveer gets angry and thinks how did the bag disappear. The truck leaves.

Bansuri tells Baldev that Veera wants us to get apart. He says no, you always took care of me, and praises her to be a good mum. He says he can’t live without her. Bansuri melts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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