Veera 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan seeing cylinder gas got over. She calls Rnvi for help, but he is not at home. Ratan pulls the heavy cylinder and Chai ji comes and scolds her. Chai ji asks her not to do heavy work, and asks her to marry, start a new life. Ratan is shocked. Ratan says what are you saying, this is not the age. Chai ji explains and says when your duties end, you will feel loneliness. She says even Veera will go, Ranvi and Gunjan will go city, and I will go to Lord. Ranvi hears them talking and is shocked. Chai ji says you will alone when we all go. Ranvi says what are you saying Chai ji, I can’t leave my Biji alone. Ratan says Chai ji is joking. I m not alone, I have my diamond and pearls with me, I m sad Chai ji as my diamond and pearl are annoyed and not talking to each other.

Ranvi says don’t worry, I will solve everything, don’t think I will leave you alone, I worry for you more than myself, I will always love you. Ratan smiles. Chai ji gets sad. Veera cries being at Machaan. Baldev comes to her and says he tried finding her in all the Pind, I had to know you will be here and crying. She starts beating him with the stick and says you did not care for me, you stayed with your friends and not me, you did not call me. I called you so many times and even messaged. Baldev says stop it, I did not beaten up even in jail. She says did they beat you, show me, are you hurt.

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He smiles and says you are asking me to show wounds. He says I m sorry. He holds her and says did she miss him. She asks do you need to ask this, do you have any doubt. He says what to say, you were enjoying with Rajveer in Dandiya party and you went with him at night. She asks why did you not meet me. He says he was angry. She says she will go back to city, he was guest at home, why did he get angry, no one understands me, not you, not Ranvi. He asks her not to cry. She says she thinks to make Ranvi agree, and if he gets annoyed, she will die.

She says she can’t bear it anymore, how can he think she does not care for him. He takes the stick and gives her, asking her to beat him. He says beat me and get happy, like you did in childhood. Music plays…………….. She smiles and throws the stick. She hugs him. He says he will never make her cry now. She says I can’t believe that you got jealous seeing me with inspector. She says she did not even dance, if you saw me dancing, what would you do. He gets angry and says I would have beaten him then. She pulls his cheek. Happy shappy wala ishq hai………………..plays…………He hugs her.

The girls come to meet Gunjan and greet Ratan and Chai ji. Ratan says its fine, Gunjan is busy with them. Chai ji says she should do household work. Ratan says leave it, she is happy. Chai ji asks what about your happiness, you are not their Biji, but also Ratan, what about your likes and dislikes. Chai ji says when you married and come in this house, you liked pickles and ate it, then Ranvi was born, then you left the pickles as Ranvi did not like it. Ratan says do you still remember this. Chai ji says yes, I remember you used to say when you got tired, you asked someone to make tea and take blessings.

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Ratan laughs and says you have known me always. Nihaal comes and brings tea for them. He asks Ratan to have tea, as she is tired, and asks her to give blessings after having tea. Ratan and Chai ji are shocked seeing he knows so much about Ratan, and those same things. Chai ji looks at him as he looks at Ratan. Kaka tells Rajveer that food is ready and asks him to have food fast. Rajveer says he does not gave time. He asks about his things moved from place. Kaka says then why did you change cities every year. Rajveer says leave what happened, I will stay here, I like people here.

Veera and Baldev talk till when will this go on. Baldev says I did not know it will be so tough, why does Ranvi think about me. Veera says he is against you, he is not agreeing, we all tried hard. He says we have to show him something big. She asks like what. He says I told you to run, then he will accept us. He says he has an idea, shall we threaten him of suicide, else we will kidnap Ranvi and I will save him to become a hero. Veera says I feel Ranvi is right, you can’t even give any good idea. She gets an idea and smiles. She says she has an idea. He signs what.

Bansuri and Balwant talk about Veera and argue. She says she won’t let Veera come in this house and got an idea. He asks what idea. She says leave it. The man says he has made room ready. Balwant asks whats going on. She says nothing, I told you my friend is coming with her daughter. He asks fine, but why so much things done for her. She says she has a respect now, she is rockstar’s mum in law, and should show standard. He says Veera will come in this house as bahu and will manage everything. He leaves. She says she will come when I allow her to come.

Gunjan plays cards with the girls. Chai ji comes and is shocked seeing this. She asks what is she doing, playing with money. Gunjan says its card party as Diwali is coming, its auspicious. Chai ji asks her not to do this. The girls get tensed and leave. She says its good to learn new things, but not all new things are good, if Ranvi sees this, he will be annoyed. Ranvi comes and Chai ji hides the money. Gunjan is tensed. Chai ji covers up Gunjan’s act. He hears the door bell and goes to see. He opens the door and gets shocked seeing Veera and Baldev wearing the garlands. Everyone looks on shocked. Ratan and Chai ji look at each other. Veera and Baldev look at Ranvi.

Ranvi breaks the garland and holds Baldev’s collar saying I don’t accept this marriage. He raises hand to beat Baldev and Veera comes in between saying no Veer ji. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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