Veera 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera coming to Geet. She asks why is she doing all the work. Geet says I don’t have anything to do. Veera says you can make new friends here, I can make you meet some girls. Manjeet comes there and Geet says she did not come to make friends, we are different. Manjeet keeps an eye on them. Geet says I m happy in what I m doing, you can do what you feel good. Geet thanks her. Manjeet asks Veera about Deepu. Veera says she did not wish to come, she is playing with Ranvi, she will come back. Manjeet says she is doing her wish, explain her Geet. She leaves angrily.

Veera asks Geet not to feel bad about Tai ji, and Deepu is very nice. Gunjan tells everything to Bansuri, about hiding about the secret that she can’t become mother now. Bansuri asks her not to tell this to anyone. Gunjan praises Ranvi for being supportive. Bansuri says sometimes we have to hide secrets all the life to make relations fine. Veera comes and asks why is she crying. Bansuri asks why is she interfering. Gunjan makes excuses and asks Veera not to feel bad. She leaves.

Veera thinks what can be the matter. Ranvi asks Deepu to sleep. Deepu says she wants to play more. Ranvi says she will be strong if she sleeps. She says she is very strong. Ratan smiles and says she is like Veera. Ranvi says he will take toys for her, and she has to sleep. Deepu asks him to sing lullaby. Ranvi sings and makes her sleep. Ratan smiles seeing him sing the same lullaby which he used to sing for Veera. Ratan gets teary eyed and says I recalled your and Veera’s childhood. He smiles and says I will take Gunjan along to buy toys. Ratan asks him to call Gunjan. He says her phone is off. She says fine, go and bring toys before she wakes up. He leaves.

Veera sits thinking about Gunjan. Balwant comes and asks what is she thinking. Veera thinks she can’t tell him about Gunjan, and tells about the school arrangements, she does not know how to do. He smiles and says he wil help her. Baldev looks on. Balwant leaves. Veera sits thinking again. Baldev smiles and sees her worried. He keeps his foot on the table and calls Bansuri. He says he has a good news, he decided the bhoomi pujan date, on Monday. Bansuri says she did not talk to pandit. He says builder spoke to his pandit, but I need your help and also Veera’s help. She says Ratan has kept school inauguration on Monday, can’t you postone.

He says its about mall, bigger thing than school, everyone will come, ask Ratan to prepone her function. Bansuri says yes, and asks Veera to be with Baldev as big people will come, what will they think. Veera says fine, I will talk to Biji. Bansuri asks Baldev about the date. He smiles and says you know me very well. Bansuri gets glad. He asks about Gunjan, is she fine, I could not talk to her. She says yes, she is fine.

Gunjan comes home and keeps phone on charging. Ratan says Ranvi was calling her, he wanted to buy toys for Deepu, he wanted to take you also, he is bonding well with Deepu. Gunjan holds her head and gets angry. Ratan asks is she not well. Gunjan says she is tired. Ratan asks her to rest. Gunjan comes to her room and sees Deepu sleeping. She recalls Bansuri’s words and thinks of not getting angry, else everyone will ask her. She lies beside Deepu and recalls Ratan’s words. Gunjan cries.

Ratan asks a man to print the pamphlets and tells Veera that new computers are coming for the school. Veera says its good. She asks about changing the date. Ratan says it won’t be possible. Veera says fine. Baldev tells Veera to be with him on Monday. She says I know you want to trouble me. Veera thinks she has to talk to Ranvi about Gunjan. Ranvi comes home with toys. Veera calls him and says she wants to talk about Gunjan. He says where is she, do you know, what did she say. Veera says she came here, but did not say anything, she said there is nothing, but I know there is something.

He says she went to doctor, and she has some stress. She asks him did he say anything to her. He says no. She asks him to talk to her and know whats in her heart. He says fine, don’t worry. Deepu wakes up and leaves from the room. Ranvi shows the toys to her. He asks about Gunjan. Deepu says she is sleeping in room. He says he will meet her, and then drop her home. He goes to Gunjan and recalls Veera’s words. He thinks she is worried for something, but what…

Its night, Deepu wakes up Gunjan. Gunjan gets angry and scolds her, asking her to leave, as this is not her home.

Gunjan cries. Ranvi asks did Deepu say anything, why is she crying, tell me I have right to know what happened, I m your husband. Gunbjan says everything is over, I can’t become a mother now. Ranvi and Ratan are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. scared precap waitng 4 2mr

  2. I feel sorry for Gunjan, she doesn’t know how to react to what’s happening to her ??!!

  3. Nice episode.

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