Veera 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 11th March 2013 Written Update

Chaiji is trying to feed Veera. She says that Ranvi is not angry on her as she lost her rakhi. Veera then asks for what reason her Veerji is upset. She is sure that her Veerji is upset on her because she lost the rakhi. Veera refuses to eat in spite of Chaiji telling her many times. Ratan comes forward to feed but Veera is stubborn to have food only when her Veerji feeds.

Ranvi is thinking about Baldev’s and Ratan’s words. Veera comes calling her Veerji to have food. Ranvi pretends to sleep. Veera also lies down. She keeps her hands on Ranvi’s but removes when he doesn’t respond. Veera says to herself that she is feeling hungry. Ranvi is listening but doesn’t say anything. Veera sings lohri for herself. Ranvi, Ratan and Chaiji are in tears when they hear Veera singing.

Veera comes to wake up her Veerji dressed as a Master. But Ranvi refuses to accompany her to school and asks her to go alone. Veera says ‘Sorry’ once again as she couldn’t find the lost rakhi. Chaiji tells Veera to get ready. She asks Ratan not to force anything on Ranvi as he himself will understand everything sooner.

Chaiji is dressing up Veera for school. Ratan feeds but she pushes her hand aside slowly. Chaiji asks Veera to have food as she didn’t have anything since yesterday night. She tells Veera its not a good habit if we refuse food. Veera says she is hungry but only wishes to have food when her Veerji feeds. Chaiji tells that her Veerji is hurt so only he is upset. Veera starts to be herself and asks why anyone didn’t tie anything on her Veerji’s wound. She says she will take leave and look after her Veerji. Chaiji asks her to go as they are here to look after Ranvi. Veera keeps on looking at the door of their room but Ranvi doesn’t turn up.

Veera goes to take bag from their room. She smiles at Ranvi but he turns the other way round. Veera keeps the lunch box and her books inside the bag. She purposely keeps the Pencil box outside so that Ranvi will talk to her in the pretext of reminding. But he notices Veera watching him through window and doesn’t respond. Veera comes back to take the box and leaves. She is very much upset and keeps on looking at their room. Title song plays in the background. Ratan and Chaiji are also upset on seeing the condition of kids.

Veera is at a deserted place. Baldev is wearing a mask and using a pipe to threaten Veera. He says ‘whom you call Veerji is not your real’. Video stops.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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