Veera 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi being shocked knowing about Gunjan’s abortion appointment. He says no, it might be confusion. She shows him the form and her sign. He is shaken up and asks did she undergo the abortion. She says just doctor can say this. He is shocked seeing Gunjan there and asks Dhingra what happened. Dhingra says she was leaving for home and she fell. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen. He thanks Gunjan for bringing her. Dhingra says take care of her, everything will be fine. Ranvi gets Chai ji’s call.

Even Bansuri gets the news and she tells Balwant to come soon, they have to go hospital, as Gunjan is in hospital. She says Chai ji called and said Gunjan fell doing rehearsals. Veera is shocked and goes with them. Manjeet says she fell a lot of times and she did not go to hospital. Ranvi tells Chai ji that Gunjan is pregnant. The doctor comes and Ranvi asks her about Gunjan. The doctor says she is fine, but she lost the baby as she fell on her stomach. She says you all can see her.

Everyone come and ask Ranvi what happened to Gunjan. Chai ji says Gunjan is fine, but she lost her baby. They all are shocked. Bansuri asks what, was she pregnant, she came home in morning, she did not tell me. Chai ji says she did not tell us, I just guessed it, she did not say anything, don’t know why. Bansuri says she stayed with you all, she will have some reason to hide this. Ranvi says Gunjan did not want this child. The nurse says Gunjan wants to meet Ranvijay. Ranvi goes to meet Gunjan. Gunjan cries and hugs him.

She says our child, forgive me, I did not wish this child, so I came here for abortion, when I heard the heartbeat, I realized that I want to become a mother, and I was waiting for you to give you this good news. She asks why is he silent, scold her and shout on her, but say anything. She says she took this decision for him. He says take rest and leaves.

He tells everyone that Gunjan is fine. Balwant and Bansuri meet Gunjan. Bansuri says you did not tell us. Balwant asks Gunjan to take care. Baldev asks Chai ji to meet Gunjan. Veera cries. Baldev asks his parents to go home, he and Veera will stay here tonight. Bansuri says she has work at home. Balwant says there is no work, you guys stay here. Gunjan tells Chai ji that she wanted to have child later as she wanted to make career first, so she came here to abort the child. She says when she heard the baby’s heart beat, she changed her decision and she wanted to become mum, I wanted to tell Ranvi first so I did not tell you, I was afraid that I can’t manage baby and career.

She explains and Chai ji asks her why did she not ask her and Ranvi, maybe they could have helped her. Gunjan says its my mistake, I thought if I tell you, everyone will think of my decision wrong. Chai ji says the home where people disagree is not home, but house. Gunjan says I want to apologize to Ranvi, he did not tell me anything, I made Ranvi very far from me. Chai ji says I did not say anything to Ratan, I promise I will try my best to explain him.

Balwant comes home and says Gunjan did wrong, I can understand what shock Ranvi got. Bansuri defends Gunjan and argues. Manjeet says a wife should not hide anything from her husband, whatever the reason, the husband will feel she is lying. Balwant says yes, husband and wife should not have secret, else it breaks. He leaves. Manjeet says the same and scares Bansuri. Veera sees Ranvi in shock. Baldev takes the medicines and Ranvi goes.

Veera says she could have done something, Gunjan told me she is pregnant, and she does not want the child. Baldev asks why did you hide this. Veera says she made me vow, I wish I told this to Ranvi, he would have not left her alone. She is shocked seeing Ranvi. Ranvi gets angry and leaves. Ranvi cries in his room recalling Gunjan’s words.

Veera tells Ranvi that Gunjan was not sure of abortion, she told me in Holi that she will keep the baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One misunderstanding end and second started……

    1. Spoilers say that baldev would accept veera even after knowing that she gave him medicines secretly… But no clue about Ranvi and gunjan… What may happen.. Any clue

  2. i wish Ranvi should forgive Gunjan

  3. ranvi will be annoyed with gunjan.but don’t know whether he will forgive her

  4. But it was not gunjan’s mistake… Ratan must come back and solve…

  5. Did you notice ranvi’s expressions… I feel he may get mentally disturbed in coming days…

  6. Its stupid because the Episode is the same like the old one’s what happened to Gunjal its happens to ratan and also nihal lol something new plz

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