Veera 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with baldev and veera conversation. Baldev says, why you came at night? Veera says, i have some work, so meet me at 10 AM. baldev says, you spoiled my night thats why i will came after 12 PM then they decided 11:15 Am and have a moment!!!!!!!!
Gunjan tries to decorate clothes for his birthday. Ranveer comes into room. Gunjan does acting that she is sleeping. Ranveer says to himself that gunjan is not care for me. Veera comes with biji and chaiji. Everybody gives birthday wishes to him. Ranveer says, i didnt expect that you came at night and wish me for my birthday. Gunjan then again does acting of sleeping and as ranveer slept, gunjan again does her work. Gunjan says, let me forgive ranveer but i am doing for you.
In morning, everybody again gives birthday wishes. Chaiji pulling legs of ranveer and says, what are you searching in kitchen. Biji says, he is hungry thats why he seeing towards kitchen. Gunjan server parathe to ranveer.
Ranveer ask about veera then chaiji says, she is gone for some work. Biji says, her friends is coming.
Ranveer says loudly that i am going. Biji tells to gunjan that veera has organised birthday party for ranveer and we are also going there. Will you come there.
gunjan says, no. Gunjan gets happy. Balwant tayaji says to bansari that lets go to ranveer’s home for giving him birthday wishes. Bansari ji says, i will not go anywhere until i get an invitation. Gunjan does preparation for ranveer’s birthday and put his gift on sofa.
ranveer reaches at home and found that door is closed then gunjan opens the door and give rose to him.
gunjan says, happy birthday to ranveer and says, lets come inside i want to show you something. Chaiji calls ranveer and says, come fast at chopal. Everybody gives surprise to ranveer.
Veera says to ranveer that please forgive me but i want to make your birthday special.
Veera sings song for ranveer and ranveer says, this is my song’s wordings. Veera forget the wordings and everybody making fun of veera.

Precap:- Gunjan gets angry on veera and imprecate her.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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