Vani Rani 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Vani Rani 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parkash says I need to do something for ma as well.
That girl comes to Sid and says take my app please. You are so lucky to work with vani madam. She forgets her phone. He comes after her and says your phone. She says thanks and leaves. A guy says Sid you look so pink. She says is it written in some notebook that you can only wear some colors? She leaves.

At night, Kaviaya says I will be so late today. She calls Mishti and says is there anything wrong? dadi said something? I just have an audition. Mishti says I will keep the back door open. So dadi doesn’t seen you coming. Kaviya says please handle everything. Kaviya says to rickshaw driver drive fast I am getting late.

Adi says to Rani she took gas out of my bike. When sartak told her its his bike she was so shocked. Mishti laughs. Adi says why are you laughing? Dadi says where is kaviya? didn’t she come back? Mishti says she is in room. She was taking shower. Dadi says at this hour.
Kaviya comes home and sees the window open. She puts the ladder. Bijlli comes there. She hides. Bijli takes the ladder from there. Kaviya says I think i will have to go from dadi’s room.
Dadi says can someone bring my glasses? Vani comes in her room. Kaviya jumps in front the window and hides. Vani takes the glasses. She says why was the lamp on? I don’t know. Vani leaves.
Vani gives the glasses to dadi. Sartak saays to rani that girl is nice. Adi keeps messing with her. Kaviya comes and says she might be nice. Its adi. kaviya says ma you are so nice.

Prabha says to Vani don’t you dislike all this? your kids being with rani all the time? Vani says she gives them time. Kids love her too. Prabha says yes because you are always busy.

Precap-Parkash says mom I brought the most expensive sari for you. Prabha says but this is red in color. I would give this to my daughter in law rani. Parkash is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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