Vani Rani 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Parkash’s mom comes home

Vani Rani 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the kids hug parkash. kaviay says I am so happy. Thank you so much. he says thank your mom. She brought me back. Kaviya says thank you mummy. Rani says I was sure you wont’ say no to her. Kaviya says we missed you. Ajay says we missed you too. Mishti says we would have come to you if you didn’t.
Kaviya says how did you do this mom? She says I accpeted one condition. I mean he said some wish. He didn’t come alone. There is someone else who came with him too. Parkash’s mom comes in. Everyone is dazed.
Rani says wow thats such a good news. Where is she? Parkash says in the car. Rani says welcome ma. MA says so much has changed except a few things. Rani says come in. Ajay says I will bring your luggage in. she says no. Parksh says yes i will. Ma says yes you do.

All the kids welcome her. She only asks adi kaviya and sid to sit with her. adi says wow we missed you so much. Rani says how are you? She says good. Rani says we won’t let you go now. She says you are tlaking about me going? Rani says I didn’t meant that. She laughs nd says I was just joking. Ma says ajay you look so happy? Because you stay home all day?

Vani says all off us have been really tensed. Kids were worried too. I think issue between us is accepting mistakes. It was mine this time so I had to accept it. I am sorry. He says don’t say sorry. It was my mistaje too. I am sorry too.
Vani makes mishti sit with her. ma doesn’t like it. She doesn’t eat the sweets rani made. Rani says ma eat it. She says I don’t eat sweet at night. I am sleepy. Wanna sleep.

Ma says this room is just fine. Vani sets pillows for her. Rani guides her from outside the door. She gives her water. rani says I will serve you when jiji goes to court. Parkash says did you like the room? She says yes. She says give me med from my bag. AJay says should I? She says no my son will. Parkash takes it out. Rani says what should I make in dinner? ma says anything that keeps my digestion fine.
Parkash and vani look for her meds and their heads collide. They smile. Vani says I found it.

Precap-Ma says where are my glasses? vani comes in.
Ma thinks its rani. She says why are you here. You don’t understand I hate you and your husband. Vani is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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