Vani Rani 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidi falls in her own trap

Vani Rani 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidi says where could he be? Where has he gone. Sartak says he was in garden. Now only his toys are there. Someone took him. I think these people did it. Vidi comes downstairs and says where is my father.
She runs and looks everywhere. Vidid says you stooped so low. I am sure you people did this. Where is Kaviya did she take him? Kaviya comes and says I am here. Vidi looks everywhere in the house for him.

Sid and Anjali go somewhere. Prabha says I will keep an eye on everything.
Someone comes to Niti and takes her ventilation off. Adhi comes to someone and says lets go home.

Scene 2
Vidi says where is my father. Tell me where he is. I am your enemy not him. Don’t punish him. At least think about his situation. Adi says there was no mistake of my mom and ma either. Did you listen? She says sartak call police. I will see how they don’t tell. Adi says what proof do you have? Adi says who are you exactly who is in our house and blaming us? She says are you crazy. This house is mine. i am the owner of this house. Your father gave me all this. Adi says really? I don’t agree. I have a proof. See those family photos this house is mine. Vidi says I will show you the proof. She goes upstairs and takes our the property files. She gives the file to adi and says read this. Adi says these are domicile papers. She says shut up these are property papers, This house is mine.
Adi says are you not educated? Read these papers. Vidi reads the papers and is dazed. She says how is this possible. This is a game by yoou all. Prabha says we used your medicine to treat you. Today is not a good day for you. Now you see what happens with you.

Vidi says what proof you have that I did all this? Adi says I have proof. Niti comes in and says I am the proof. Vidi is dazed. Sid says she did all this for you and you left her in hospital to die? You didn’t do right. You will pay for this. No one can save you. She says okay I did all this. I fooled your father. Do whatever you want. I have all this. She takes out another paper. She says where are my papers. You stole them. Prabha says wait we will show you. She says Bijli come here. Bijli comes in with Bhaskar. Vidi says you didn’t do right. Prabha says we kept him in this house with care. We are not like you. Now you know how it feels when you lose someone close. Vidi says shut up. Tell me where are my papers. Sid says who are you? Parkash’s wife? Prove it.

Precap-Sid says do you have any paper? Show it that you are Parkash’s wife. these are the papers.
I am the owner of this house. Vidi sees Vani and is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Jhanvi sharma

    Plzzz don’t end the show?? its my fav show??

  2. Jhanvi sharma

    Please clear adi anjali misunderstanding ? show more adi anjali❤ scenes together??

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