Vampire war (2 shots)last part

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Recap -sahil and rajat being killed
Sanskar is searching swara but fails as he gets tired of searching .. he sit somewhere in ground. ..priest words were running in his mind. ….. swara is seeing him from distance …..suddenly sanskar feels her presence
Sanskar -Swaraaaaaaa I know you are here….plzzz come out
Swara not give any response
Sanskar -i know you are angry with me
Swara not give any response

Sanskar -plzzz don’t give me such punishment
Swara goes from their. …but stops seeing sanskar standing in front of her… swara runs faster but this time sanskar catch her……..seeing her angrily
Sanskar -it’s My determination to find my love
Swara -I am nothing then bad luck for you
Sanskar-it’s not u who decides …plzzz come back
Swara-oh it will be you all who decides when to keep me close or throw me out
Sanskar -it’s because
Swara- lucky saw the future bla bla
Sanskar -how you about it
Swara -non of your business
Sanskar holds swara shoulder tightly
Sanskar -how you know
Swara-ap maa told me. …..
Sanskar -what….but she didn’t like you na
Swara-she is my secret guru she teach me too win over 7 things of nature……air,
Sanskar -it’s only 6

Swara -oh seventh in forget
Sanskar -but mom never told me..
Swara-did you’re father told you he also thought me to control over speed and time
Sanskar -anyone remaining
Swara -okay bye
Sanskar -no you can’t go
Swara-i have to or tomorrow
Sanskar slap her
Sanskar – never dare to say it again
Swara-by not saying does reality change
Sanskar angrily kiss her lips he takes out all his anger on her rosey soft lips
Swara stood their shocked
Sanskar -never dare to leave me. …soon after this war I will marry you and I want 2 children both should be girls. ..and their names should be sanskriti and shivanya
Swara -you decided the name also…then what will I do
Sanskar -corporate with me
Swara -no i will not
Sanskar -then I will do forcefully
Swara-i will complain to dad
Swara-yes I will tell him
Sanskar -don’t feel shy
Swara-why he is my father
Sanskar -oh God is she really a arhaan

They start their nok jhok….suddenly kavita and kavya comes kavya is holding knife near sumi’s neck from one hand all were standing Helplessly
Kavita-swara if u touch us kavya will kill you’re mother
Then kavita beats swara very much All tried their level best to save sumi….sumi can’t see her daughter like this so herself cut her neck which is placed on her neck. ..she falls down Sanskar rush toward her …and hell in the meanwhile swara kill both kk
All became happy
Ragini -swara i love you. ..Let’s go i will make your favourite chicken tomato
Sumi-i will make palak panner
Suddenly light comes from moon and falls on Swara. …swara turns as a princess with her crown……beautiful white horses came like in fairy tales. .. a way open from atmosphere. …
All understand its time to say goodbye. ..swara smiles painfully
Swara-i have to go back
Sanskar -you can’t go back by leaving me alone
Swara-try to understand….I can’t
Ragini -you can’t go …if you have to go then why you came to our life
Many emotional talk continues it make swara week….then the way opened for swara from their lord brahma comes
Brahma ji- beta your work have finish. .you have to come back with me to our world
Sanskar -please god don’t take my love
Brahma ji-you both are not fit for each other
Sumi-god you have given me the vardan of becoming mother of arhaan. yourself taking my child back
Shekhar -plzzz I beg you
Sanskar -plzzz I want only Swara give her back as human I will protect her from external danger never let her sad
Brahma -you will save her from external terror but how will you save her from yourself
Sanskar -i will never allow the beast me to haunt her….
Brahma ji- i can’t send my daughter here….
Sanskar -then take me with u…i can’t stay with her
Brahma ji -it is also not possible
Sanskar -then kill me it’s better to die without her
Brahma dev get impress with sanskar. ..and also see the love for sanskar in swara’s eyes….
Brahma dev-okay I am giving you my daughter. ..but remember the moment my daughter get sad for this decision of staying her…I will take her back
All-ji brahma dev
Brahma dev-i am taking her powers back …she will has those power which she have with her hard work ….she is name sake vampire for safety. .rest she will be same as before
Brahma dev bless them and dissappear. ..same as horse and way also close send swara convert as before
After 1yrs
Swaragini delivery is taking place. ..outside
Sanskar -Laksh I know I will have to daughters and their names should be sanskriti and shivanya
Laksh -bhai for protecting my two princess they should have one brother. .I have decided his name should be roshan
Sumi and ap comes out holding 3 babes
Sumi- sanskar you have became father of two twin boys
Ap-and you Laksh have became father of a little princess
Sanlak looks at each other shockingly
Sanskar -sanskrit and shivay

Laksh -roshni
Dp-we know what you both wanted….better next tym
After year same hospital
Sanskar -this tym I am sure I will get a girl…and her name should be vanshika
Laksh -I am also sure this time Ragini is having twins so I will become father of two boys who will be buddies of vanshika. ..kartik and vishal
Uttra and Pari comes out
Uttra-sanskar bhai …boy
Pari-twin sisters
Sanskar -vansh
Laksh -kartika and vishali
Both sit on the floor and started crying like babies
Sanskar -mummy I wanted one girl child. .and she made me father of three son
Laksh -I will not talk to Ragini. .she promised me …I want boy so that we will play football …and go out with them and flirt
Sanskar -swara also promised me…mummmmmy ….
After 9 months
Sanskar -Laksh what you decided name for your boy
Laksh -no bhai this tym let see then decide the name
Sumi Ap comes out and give baby girl to sanskar and baby boy to Laksh. ..both became happy and dance like a mad
Sanskar -gives his daughter name as muskan sanskar maheshwari
Laksh -aryan Laksh maheshwari
After that they live happily
The end

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    Khrisssss.. what is this ? shit..i’m laughing like mad person..
    i just want to beat those 2 idiot fathers.. demanding on their own, don’t they have pity to their wives with the labor pain…..*hammer in rite hand, rod in left hand

  5. Arshaanya

    Omg wat was dat m laughing like hell??? mum askd wat hpnd sudnly ??? so many baies omg poor swaragini…. dat was so funny ROFL

  6. Wow wat sanlak are, amazing

  7. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Only one word”Hilarious”?????..keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    Excellent part

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