A Vampire & His Hidden kingdom (Episode 4)

In pranu’s room
Maid,princess can i know the kind of frock that u like to wear
Pragya said some thing to her maid and tanu said to her maid.

After few mins..
Abhi & came out from the room by wearing royal costumes..(like prince charming)with matching apaulets,belt to hold his razor sharp sword,..

Pragya came to there with widen eyes… p,omg abhi..is this you.unbeliveble.u r like prince charming…

Then only abhi noticed pragya.she is wearing blue colour aurora costume with matching gloves,clear glass princess slippers,with white gold tiara on her hair made by wight gems.

Within a half second abhi drags pragya to him and lift her and begins to rotate with her slowly..
In bg..lovely flute music is playing..

A,i have no words to explain your beauty fuggy.
Pragya is blushing.
A,blushing na..now this rosy cheeks add more beauty to you..
Abhi is about to kiss her but this time.. tankhil came out from the rooms wearing prince and princes wears..

A,uff bad timing again..
T,dont be naughty too much.it wont suit for a to be king..(teasing manner)

P,ah he is not that much noughty than ur nicky.lets go guys.i cant wait to see that dragon.

Maid,come and stand on this mat my lord.

P,oho..this time a magic mat.these thing always make me pinch my self to test wether i am dreaming.hahaha.

Abhi drags pragyas hand and make her stand on a mat.tankhil followed them..
Mat begings to fly and it gose to downwords..
P,maid why cant u use this,without stairs to climb up too.
These magic mats are only for comming down..that magic based on gravity.thats why

P,thanx but no need of p6.(physics)
They all came down by magic mat.
At the flor..

Q,oh meri beta..you are a handsm prince na.if ur ma & dad see you like this they’ll be happy more than me
P,dadi dont complement him too much.he’ll become a swollen headed fellow..
A,dadi where is dragon now..

Q,lets go to the royal garden..
Guards,did u organize the things that i asked.

A guards,yes my highness.your carts are ready there.

Q,lets get in to your carts.while going u can observe the environment too..
Queen get on to a cart which was made by black feathers and which was dragging by black two horses.

Guard,sir both of u can use this cart.
Then a cart which is made by oak wood and dragging by brown colour two horses came to infront of them.
Upper part of cart is covered by golden plated woods.
When abhi and nikhil get on to it.. it starts to move..

Guard,my princess.. now your cart is comming.
A cart made by multicolour flowers(flower cart) came to pranu.maids help pranu to get in.after they sat inside… upper part of cart get covered by blue and white butterflys..
And they showered flower petals on pranu for few seconds..
Seat of the cart was made by silk tread.and the fragrance inside is strong enough to give the feeling of heaven..and the most wonderfull thing in their cart is..it is dragging by two unicorns..

G,my highness.. can we move.

P,(with attitude) why not.

Pragya streached
Her hand towards the roof of cart.

T,pragu what r u going to do .they’ll heart.don’t touch them yaar.

P,no wolfy.just let me frist..

A blue colour butterfly came to pragya’s hand..

P,see that. Nice na.

T,ha pragu.now leave it.it will hurt na.
P,arey chup silly.i am going to send him to meet my prince.with this flower.
Pragya took a shining red rose from her hair.
T,hey from where did u pick it..wow.its shining yaar.how it smells.let me check.
P,arey sorry meri wolfy.this is only for abhi.i picked it from garden.
T,oh ok(paut)

Pragya kept red rose on her palm and whispered some thing to butterfly.then it lift the read rose and fly out from the cart…

Abhi’s cart..

N,what a comfortable cart na.i love this
A,we have to come here early na.then we can use these facilities from childhood.
N,itz better to froget childhood.abhi look at your side.something is out there open the glass

Abhi opens the glass and the butterfly sent by his fuggy came and places on his palm with the red rose.

N,what a wonderfull flower is that.(he is about to take it.but butterfly widen its feathers and stops him

N,oh itz only for you na.sorry sorry butterfly ji.
A,this fuggi na. i’ll keep it with me. You can leave.
Abhi let butterfly to leave and smells the rose.abhi heard”this is for my sweet prince,love you abhishek..(a kissing sound)

A,how this happens.itz her voice.
N,what are u blabbering boy.are u fine
A,haan but i heard fuggi’s voice from this
N,itz the result of being over romantic.this is a flower.it cant talk like ur chatterbox.

Guard who drives the cart, my lord actually those flowers are for communicating among lovers.

A,woow thatz better than calling and sending massgs.but how fuggy new this…

In pragya’s cart.
Tanu is askimg same question from pragya

P.fb is shown

Pragya walking here and there untill dadi,abhikil leave.then she is about a pick a shining red rose..
Maid,princess are you going to send a kiss to ur prince(in friendly manner)
P,i didnt got it.
Maid,sorry i frogot.u r new to here na.wait i’ll explain.
These red roses are for lovers.yoy have to whisper your massage to flower and send it to your lover.when he smell it he can hear your massege.
Pragya huggs the maid while thanking her and went to tanu.
Fb ends..

Soo sorry friends…
01.for late updates
02.not writting upto precap two times.
03,make u feel booring.

this will be lil bit booring and next time u swear dragon will introdused.sorry again.sorry fr those three mistakes.
I ll end this asap bcz less cmnts i felt ur interest is getting down.so i am going to end this within few epis & cntnue love of a goddess..

  1. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome episode dii and dii how can u say that this episode is not interesting i think u forgot my punishment it seems well dii surely u r gng to get a high dose frm me yaad hai na dii be careless… and dii sry fr not commenting over ur previous episodes dii so so so sorry dii forgive me pls( with puppy eyes) love u dii obviously waiting fr ur next episode dii love u loadzzzz

  2. Arshifan

    Wowww suha sis…this epi is awesome…its nt at all boring and who can dare to say it boring while the writter is my sis…dont end it as i love this epi but the sad thing is from tomorrow i dnt knw when i will read ur ff but i will surely read it when i m free and comment…keep rocking sis…love u

  3. Superb episode!! It’s not at all boring suha it’s really interesting…….keep rocking…love u…

  4. Fantastic episode.yaar it is amazing story.it is not at all boring rather it is totally diff from other ffs n it is really interesting.pls don’t stop it pls……!! Soon update the nxt part.

  5. Prathi

    Awesome epi yaar! Don’t end it.. I loved that rose scene??

  6. Oh my cute princess di I am imagining you in this dress what you said but you make me to cry by saying ending this ff. You are a awesome writer di can’t you see that how can you do this. If my di doing wrong then I will not be as your choti I will be as mom. Now I am changed as mom you can’t understand your creativity how can you do this to ur choti, di, friends, and you crazy fans. If you are busy with studies no problem you can update when you are free but what is this di. And for what you said sorry. You gave the reason right it’s all are your imagination. We didn’t feel like that. You itself thinking something and telling sorry this is not fair di. If you again do that same then I don’t know what I will do got it di. This is your choti strict order. You don’t know about yourself and your creativity. Don’t talk like this then I will become more angry but my love will never decrease my love will always increase. I think you will follow this. I think you understood your value if you understood I will be the first person to be happy di. First you console all your choti, friends, di and bro. Don’t do like this or talk like this. This is my request di. I love you a lotttttt, lotttttt of huggggggs and kisses to u di ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  8. Krish

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  16. Angita

    Aww today’s episode was choo sweet as sweet as you you know.anyways is there a rose we can use to communicate with froends pls

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