Uttaran 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th August 2013 Written Update

Meethi tells Vishnu about Akash not leaving and asks him what to do now. She apologizes Vishnu for giving him all the troubles. Vishnu asks, so this means we will have to continue acting for 18 more days? No, you’re not getting it.. you have no clue what will be the result of this. Meethi says, I know what you’re trying to say. Everyone will start marriage preparation and I don’t know how we will act for 18 days. Vishnu says, if Akash doesn’t leave, then everyone will get into marriage preparation and it’s possible that we might need to marry as well. Meethi says, no. Marriage will never happen. You don’t worry, I will talk to Anni today and she will understand why we agreed for the marriage. Mukta is passing from there and sees them. Meethi thanks Vishnu for helping her. Mukta cries

and says in her mind, both secretly meet each other and are talking about their marriage. This means that mail really was not for me, it was for Meethi. Vishnu loves Meethi, not Mukta. She wipes her tears and leaves.

Akash receives a call from Kajri. She says, I am secretly calling you, no one shall find out about it here. She tells him about Nirbhay wanting Surabhi to abort her child. Akash says, how can he even think about it? Did you tell Maiyya about it? Kajri says, no one is going to do anything. You’re the only hope. Do something. Akash says, don’t worry, it’s my responsibility now. I won’t let anything happen to Surabhi and her child.

Damini is not feeling well, but still sewing Meethi’s wedding chundni. Meethi comes there to tell her that her and Vishnu are just acting. Damini puts chundni on Meethi and says, you are looking just like Iccha. And this will always remain with you as my memory. She then asks Meethi, you were telling me something, right? Meethi doesn’t know how to tell her the truth. She ends up telling that Akash will stay here 18 days more. Damini says, it bothers me so much seeing him day and night, I don’t know how you are enduring all these. But don’t worry, everything will be fine. It’s just a matter of few days. These days will pass too and everything will be fine. She tells Meethi to rest now. Meethi says in her mind, in which situation I am stuck now. She prays to God to help now and says, I just want Akash to leave from here.

Tappu tells Kanha to start legal formalities as soon as Akash signs the papers. Kanha tells her, don’t worry.. I also don’t want any Aatishgadh’s memory in Meethi’s life. Akash enters the room. Kanha asks him, why did you come here? Don’t act in front of me. Tappu asks Akash to leave. Akash says, I want to talk something important to Kanha bhaiya. Kanha gets furious and says, what do you want to talk about? You want me to tell Meethi to accept you? You want me to accept you and hug you in front of her? Listen to me carefully, we are happy with Meethi’s decision, so please spare Meethi and leave from here. By seeing you here, I remember all those betrayals. Akash says, I just came to say that my sister.. Kanha gets angry and says, I don’t to hear anything about Surabhi. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Akash continues, is pregnant. Your wife is going to become mother of your child, and she needs you the most right now. Tappu interferes and says, one more lie? How much will you lie to us? Kanha too says, you’re lying. You and your sister always come up with some plan. She came in my life only to make a way for you, and now this drama of a child. Have some shame. You two did a lot already. He doesn’t let Akash say anything and asks him to leave. Akash tells Tappu, you’re a woman and you must know that in this condition how much a wife needs her husband. Tappu says, I am a mother and I know very well what it is to be a mother. I had never thought that you will come down to this that you will use your sister to stay in this house. Akash says, I know no one will believe me, but both me and my sister are suffering. He looks at Kanha and says, it was my duty. I thought my sister’s husband should know about this. You can’t support your wife, but I will definitely fulfill a brother’s responsibilities. Her brother is alive. He leaves from there. Kanha is angry at himself.

Akash is packing his bag, and Meethi sees it. She wonders where Akash is going. Akash receives a call and he talks about a ticket to Aatishgadh. Meethi says, thank God he’s going back to Aatishgadh. I should tell Vishnu about this, he will be very happy and we won’t have to continue acting for our fake marriage. She leaves. Akash looks at the necklace that he bought for Meethi with disappointment.

Meethi comes to Vishnu and gives him the good news that Akash is leaving. She says, I just saw him packing his bag and confirming about his ticket. He is going back to Aatishgadh forever. Vishnu says, this is such a good news. We will tell the truth to everyone tomorrow morning. Meethi leaves.

Agarth gathers everyone and says, it’s my decision that Surabhi’s child will stay alive. Nirbhay claps and says, amazing.. late, but you finally took some decision. But from now only one person will make all the decisions in this house and that is me. Surabhi tries to ask Nirbhay how he can go against Agarth, but Nirbhay pushes her and she falls on the sofa. Agarth goes to slap Nirbhay, but he blocks and holds his hand. Everyone is shocked. Maiyya smiles. She then separates them and asks Nirbhay to respect his father. Nirbhay says, I won’t see my sister giving birth to that Kanha’s child in this house. Agarth shouts at him.

Akash is leaving. He opens the door and is about to put his feet out, but Rathore comes in the way. Akash says, you? Rathore says, whether I am around or no, I always know what’s happening with my family. You got answer to your question, now can I ask you a question? Where are going like a thief, hiding your face? Meethi is getting married to Vishnu. I know and understand who all took this decision and why. I am very shocked with your decision. You were talking big that you will do this and that, you gave up this fast in your fight for love? Akash says, maybe everyone will think like that, but today I have to do the duty of a brother. I will have to forget my duty for my love for a while. Both look at each other and episode ends.

Precap: In morning, everyone is the living room. Akash brings tea for Thakur. Meethi and Vishnu’s smile disappear seeing him and both are shocked.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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