Uttaran 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th April 2014 Written Update

Everyone goes quiet when Akash walks in. He is confused. You (Meethi) called me home saying there is something important but everyone is celebrating here. Meethi nods that there is something important to tell. This idea is Nani’s. She too scared us like this only. Akash is curious now. Nani gives him the good news. He takes Meethi with him and runs upstairs to congratulate the couple.

Nani is making kheer for Mukta. Keep all the dry fruits here in containers as that Vishnu is not fit enough to get her all that. My MUkta will have a son. There are so many girls in this home already. Damini says there is no difference between a girl and boy but if you will wish with a pure heart then that will definitely happen. I am very happy for Mukta that she is going to be a mom. Nani is happy that Mukta came first in something this time. She is going to become a mom before Meethi. Damini nods.

Meethi and Akash congratulate the couple.

Yuvi is holding Mukta’s photo. I miss you so much. I want to see you, talk to you and spend time with you but I am scared if your husband dint instigate you against me. He remembers how angry Vishnu was upon knowing that the injured labor has received compensation. Vishnu was still stuck on the idea of helping the labors in these 30 days time. Flashback ends. Yuvi calls Mukta. Her phone is on vibration mode and she is busy talking to Meethi and Akash. Vishnu sees it and then ends the call. Yuvi calls again but there is no reply.

It is night. Yuvi calls on Mukta’s phone again. Vishnu suggests to talk to him in the morning but Mukta says there might be something important. He never calls this late. She takes the call and they exchange pleasantries. He asks her as to when is joining office again. She replies I and Vishnu will join in 2-3 days time. Vishnu is all ears. Yuvi is surprised that Vishnu hasn’t told her anything at all. I wont interfere in between a husband and wife. Ask Vishnu yourself. I only called to tell you that if everything is normal at home then you should join soon as there is so much work to do. They end the call. Mukta asks Vishnu what happened on the job. He tells her that he has been fired. I have lost my job I am on 30 days notice. She is taken aback. Why dint you tell me anything? He is in dilemma as to how to tell her all this. She has just got a good news. I shouldn’t tell her anything that can complicate things. He tells her that he is with the labors while Yuvi is against them. Things heated up and Yuvaan Sir gave me notice. She understands him. You will only do what is right. You wont compromise with your values for your job. Maybe Yuvaan Sir couldn’t understand you and the fact that it will be a loss to company if you are suspended from your job. He asks her what will she do now. She cannot leave the job now as the situation demands otherwise. I will go to work as long as I can for our kid’s sake. You will get a good job soon enough. Everything will be fine. They share a hug.

Meethi brings Akash to Damini’s paathshala. They go inside but are sad to see the state it is in. It was mom’s dream. Akash promises not to let this dream break. We will give it a new look. She says we grew up but never turned back to see who all have been here. I want to give my maximum time to this paathshala. He is more than happy to oblige. The teacher notices Meethi and is amazed to see how much she looks like Iccha. She speaks well for Iccha.

Meethi gets a call from Mukta who tells her that all the arrangements have been done. Both the sisters are excited about some plan of theirs. She ends the call. Vishnu comes there asking her if she is ready to go. She is confused. Where are you going? You said you have got a notice on the worker’s issue. He nods. Can I have not other things to do? You think I am lying or making up excuses? You think only you a have a job and not me? I don’t go to pass my time. Mukta recalls doc’s words regarding Vishnu’s health. It is important to get some tests done if he feels giddy. Vishnu had those symptoms. She asks him why is he reacting this way. It is our responsibility to handle our home. When we will have our kid then I will stay at home while you will go to office. This is our mutual understanding. You have to go see a doc in the evening to get some tests done. He wants to go with her. She nods and then leaves.

Tappu reaches a hotel. There is a table booked for her by Mukta. She sits down and tries calling someone. Meanwhile, Rathore too comes looking for the table which Mukta has booked. He is surprised to find Tappu there. He deduces Mukta’s plan while she is confused. He explains it to her. Table is booked for two people only.

Yuvi is talking to the on site manager about Vishnu. Hope everything is fine by now. The manager declines. Vishnu is ruling the workers like some politician. Yuvi looks around and notices Mukta. He comments that he would have taught a lesson to Vishnu if he wasn’t Mukta’s husband. The manager is sure Mukta knows nothing about what happened. He leaves to do his work while Yuvi approaches Mukta. They talk about the pending work and then about Meethi’s case. She asks him to make her leaves without pay. He reminds her she is a senior employee. She has already finished her pending work. He excuses himself for he has some work but she wants to talk to him about something important. He doesn’t have time if she wants to talk about Vishnu. You tell me if I dint help Vishnu by giving him a good job, position and responsibility? Yet labors matter more for him than us. I am sorry I cannot do anything more than this. It would be good if our personal relationship doesn’t clash with our professional relationship. She apologizes promising not to talk about this matter again. Epi ends on Mukta’s face.

Precap: Yuvi texts Hi to Mukta. Vishnu replies to his text. Yuvi again sends her a message inviting her for dinner. Vishnu replies in affirmation. I will come wherever you ask me to.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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