Uttaran 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th April 2013 Written Update

Meethi is sitting lost in front of the mirror. She recalls her convo on phone. Next she recalls meeting Iccha in Satara Jail for the first time.
Akash comes from behind and kisses her on her head. He asks why she looks worried. He is noticing that she is looking lost since yesterday. Meethi replies she doesn’t know but has some weird feeling inside. She is feeling very restless she cant explain this feeling. You know I dint even wanted to wear this red saree either but still wore it. This has never happened with her in the past.
He smiles at her and turns her around. Red is your favourite colour and you look beautiful in this saree. Your sadness is reducing its look.
Maiyya was standing outside listening to their convo. She agrees with Akash. She adds that at times red colour suffocates people. Even she hates red. When you fee restless then only one colour seems peaceful and that is white. She goes and gets a white saree from Meethi’s wardrobe. She thinks that Iccha’s daughter will now wear a widow’s attire.

She hands it to Meethi and asks her to change. Meethi obliges and goes. Akash says they did a mistake. Pavitra massi said the wrong thing in excitement. She says her sister gets excited at times and her tongue slips.
Maiyya apologizes from Akash saying she made his wife wear a widow’s attire even when he is alive. He hugs her telling not to worry so much…they are doing it for revenge only.
Meethi comes out wearing the white saree and both mother & son feel quite at peace seeing her that way. Maiyya compliments her that she looks beautiful in white and takes her balaiyan. She leaves asking both of them to join everyone downstairs for breakfast as Meethi hasn’t even eaten dinner yesterday.

Everyone is gathered to pay their respects to Iccha. Her photo is adorned with a garland and is kept near her body. Veer comes with vermilion and puts it on her photo. His reflection can be seen in the photo.
Everyone is sitting in white except Damini. Uttaran tune is playing in the background. Everyone…Jogi, even Mai (she is crying for Iccha!) has flashback of their happy moments spent with Iccha. Damini is sitting all blank. Veer kisses Iccha’s forehead and goes to sit with his dad.
He recalls Iccha asking him to stay back with her for some time. He had said that he would be back in 2 hours for he has some important work at office. After that he will be with her forever. She smiles and asks him to go.

Veer cries….if I would have stayed back with her then my Iccha would have been alive now. My Iccha. How I wish I would have stayed back with you. I wish!
Umed consoles him and asks him to control himself. No one can change what’s written in the destiny. Veer continues to cry my Iccha has left me papa.
He cries inconsolably and Kanha too bursts into tears looking at him. Jogi asks him to be strong.

Anjum Nani (thanks to Sriti) enters with a few other ladies from the chawl. She sees Iccha’s photo and gasps in shock and then at Damini and is left wondering. She comes and pats her shoulder. Damini tells her that Iccha has gone to temple. She is waiting for her return only. I had told her not to go too far but she hasn’t come back still. Is she angry with me nani?
She replies that she wont be. She is a very mature person. She cant be angry with you.
Damini counters saying no she sometimes does get angry at her. You remember her birthday (flashback when small Iccha had wanted her birthday with all pomp, cake & new clothes).
Anjum nani says she does remember…everything. Kismet mein ji…
Damini cuts her she was asking for her kismet / destiny. How could I give it to her nani? (flashback when iccha had said that Ammo you said you will give me anything. Give me my kismet na). She was so stubborn that she got it tattooed on her hand. You remember right?
She says yes I do. But you wont be able to stop her with your tears. Whatever is written in one’s destiny it is bound to happen? We cant change it. But we will never be able to forget iccha. She is very much alive in Meethi…who looks exactly like Iccha. She will be here for the last rites?

Jogi is at a loss of words. Umed Singh goes to a tearful Mai. She rues that whatever happened is not right. Veer comes to them and asks for Yuvraj.
Umed replies that he had gone to the jail but Yuvi declined to come. Veer says its not his fault. Whatever he has been taught since his childhood he will think alike only. How I wish he would have grown up with Iccha’s love and teachings. He would have been a different person then. A sad Veer goes away. Mai is sad and agrees that Veer said the right thing. I have done so wrong with Iccha by keeping her away from her family.

Rathore enters. Jogi enquires about Meethi & Vishnu. He replies that they are untraceable. Kanha says they wont come now. Rathore says if they are in any hotel of Switzerland then he will get to know it in next 4 hours. The worry is that their phones are not reachable. Plus, it is weird that they don’t have Vishnu’s phone number.


Umed Singh says they cant till Meethi comes. We will have to do Iccha’s last rites now.
Jogi asks for Yuvi and gets a negative reply from Umed. Jogi tells Kanha to do it. Kanha cries and Jogi asks him to be strong. They all go to take the dead body.
Surabhi smirks and goes in a corner to dial her home and inform them about the good news.


Surabhi is not able to reach anyone at home. She wants to share the news with them but wonders why their phones are not reachable.

Damini looks at Iccha and slowly comes to reality and her eyes swell up with tears.
Kanha, Jogi, Rathore & Umed take hold of the body. Veer leads them and utters…Ram Naam Satya Hai. Surabhi sees this and disconnects the call.

Everyone gets up to bid her adieu. Damini recalls the small Iccha…smiling. She gets up and runs after them and finally cries her heart out. All the ladies try to console her and Mai is standing at the back all sad.

Precap: Dr. Murthy is with Tappu who opens her eyes. He congratulates her that she is absolutely fine now. He will call her home and inform them. Rathore tells Jogi that Tappu is awake and conscious now. jogi sadly breathes in and nods..

Update Credit to: Pooja

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