Uttaran 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th August 2013 Written Update

Meethi comes downstairs. I cannot bear this anymore. Akash comes there and tells them that Vishnu is coming. Vishnu joins them. Divya asks Jogi to ask him whatever he wants to. Akash is confused. Jogi says I have called you (Vishnu) here as I want to talk to you. I want you to answer me without fealing any pressure. Would you like to marry Meethi? Akash is shocked! Marry Meethi? Vishnu and Meethi look at each other while Meethi looks away before Akash can look at her. tappu tries talking to Vishnu about when he told her he would do anything for Iccha’s family but Jogi tells her not to speak in between. I don’t want Vishnu to be under any pressure while answering. He looks at Iccha’s photo….especially under any favours of Iccha. What is your answer Vishnu? damini adds no one here would want you

to answer thinking about what Iccha has done for you. This wont be liked by either me or Iccha. Meethi wipes her tears. Damini tells him to answer without any worry he loves Meethi right? You want to marry her right? Tappu again speaks but is warded off by Jogi. It will be his decision. Akash interrupts….what question are you asking? Forgive me Thakur sahab but my 23 days time is still not over. Its been only 5 days. You thought about Meethi’s remarriage in 5 days only? Knowing well that she is my wife? What are you all doing? Here I am trying to win her love and you all are after her 2nd marriage. Tappu interrupts saying she doesn’t take you as her husband. Plus what is the problem if she wants to start her life all over again? Akash calls it wrong as she still loves me. she is doing all this so that I go out of this house. She cant see me here. Jogi tells Tappu and Akash not to speak in between. Jogi asks Vishnu to reply truthfully if you will marry Meethi. Vishnu recalls a past incident where he and Iccha had sow a small plant. When it will grow kids will play under its shade while elders can rest under it. Every person should be like a tree when they grow up. Vishnu had agreed to be like it plus offer support to kids like him. I will take care of you as well after growing up. I will give you anything which you will ask for your gurudakshina. He made a promise to her I will do anything for you or your family. I will take any responsibility of yours. Meethi’s words echo in his head next about her thinking Akash will leave as soon as he will hear about it. I will tell everyone about the drama. Jogi says I will accept your yes or no equally. Akash interrupts. How can this be? She loves me and Vishnu knows it very well. After knowing this Vishnu….Vishnu agrees shocking everyone including Mukku who was standing behind him to hear it out. New chant plays! I am ready to marry Meethi. tappu hugs her mother out of happiness. Divya, Damini and Tappu go to Meethi whereas Akash looks on at them with pain and tears in his eyes. The ladies are happy for Meethi. Jogi says hope you dint take this decision being under pressure of something. Akash and Mukku look at their lovers sadly / hurt.


Kajri is standing holding a plate of food for Surabhi. Nirbhay asks her to have something at least even as Agarth and Ekadish watch it standing by the door. He asks her what he can do for her as he is her brother. Surabhi begs him to let her child live. One sister is begging her brother. Let my child live. Ekadish thinks of something. Enough! I cannot see her tears anymore. I know that life will become hell but what to do she wants the child. Let it happen. Think Nirbhay the child will play with you happily. nirbhay asks his sister to think of something else. Ask my life will give but the child is going to love for a mere 2-4 days only. Say to dad to check the stars. He has ample interest as him he will tell the date of the kid’s death. Surabhi literally begs him to let her child live. Ekadish thanks the Lord for blessing her well. Son has become his dad’s enemy Surabhi will abort the child now only Akash should come back to me without Meethi. Don’t want anything else.

Vishnu is about to go out in his car when Akash comes running after him. What are you doing? You are going to marry Meethi? You very well know she is my wife and I came here to win her back. How can you even think of this? Vishnu asks him to question himself as to why Meethi has agreed to marry me.


Vishnu tells him to understand she doesn’t want to love with him. She doesn’t even want your shadow in her life but you are stuck after her. You respect her decision and go from here. Akash declines. I cannot go from here (surprising Vishnu). I came here to take my wife back. I respect her a lot but what you are doing is wrong. Meethi shouts out at him. What is this? (She comes and stands next to Vishnu) Stay in your limits! He counters…which limit are you talking about? You did it by trying to throw me out of your life which isn’t possible…which I wont let happen. She replies staying near / next to each other in the same house doesn’t mean you are a part of my life. I left that Meethi who used to love you in that Banjara’s basti. The one standing in front of you here wants to marry as per her wish. And yes, if you want to come at your wife’s wedding….Akash says heard Vishnu ji she herself admitted to being my wife. Tadeva lagnam plays. This only means that she still takes me as her husband. You go your proof right? Meehti tries to clear the point. I meant who was your wife once but isn’t now. He says what came out first was the truth. Vishnu excuses himself for some work. Meethi too wants to come. There is no point staying here talking to him. She sits in the car even as Akash tries to talk to her. mukku watches everything standing by the window. Akash tries to keep pace with the car but fails. He shouts telling her she is doing wrong. Meethi! Jaane Tu song begins playing. The car drives off. Neither of the four are happy.

Akash is washing his face. Mukku looks on. He senses someone standing behind him and turns to look at her. He calls it all a drama. My Meethi cannot do this. She will never do this…but is tearful. Meethi and Vishnu are in the car. Akash recalls how she was holding Vishnu’s hands when he had gone to call Vishnu. He is crying now. Mukku wonders as to how Vishnu can do this. What I felt was wrong? But how can it be? I can understand she agreed to hurt Akash but Vishnu….how did he agree? Akash says don’t do this Meehti. Mukku is in tears too.

Precap: Akash agrees to let Meethi marry Vishnu but 23 days are mine. Still 18 days are left. I will sign the divorce papers on 19th day. She wonders what this madness is all about. He tells her to start the preps of her second marriage with all pomp and show….in the presence of your husband!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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