Uttaran 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th April 2014 Written Update

Sankrant comes to the jail to meet Ambika. Ambika refuses to hear anything, but he says she will have to. He then says he started seeing dreams, he was happy that he became a father, he loved her, but she only gave him lies. He’s disgusted at women like her. He’s leaving. Ambika stops him and insults him. She says servant in their house has more respect than him, why would she keep his child. She has no regret for what she did. Sankrant feels angry and cries. He walks off. Ambika laughs.

Everyone welcomes Meethi at home. Nani says she scared them. Tapasya says who has mother’s blessings, nothing can happen to him/her. Thakur agrees. Tapasya asks Meethi to take blessings from her mother. They all go to Iccha’s photo. Meethi says she had to go to jail so she understands from what Iccha went through. She asks her for the blessings so she can become like her.

At Vishnu’s home, he feels dizzy. Mukta asks him if he’s okay. He says he’s fine, but he’s having headache. Mukta tells him to sleep for while and after that they will go to meet Meethi. Vishnu says it’s just stress and he didn’t get to sleep properly. Mukta asks him again if he’s okay. He again lies that he’s okay. Mukta hugs him while he’s still feeling dizzy.

Tapasya tells Meethi about Ambika’s promise to Akash, but she didn’t fulfill her promise. In end, all truth came out and she got punishment that she deserved. Meethi asks her about Rathore. Tapasya says he’s very regretted for what he did. Meethi says it’s not his fault, he did the right thing, don’t know what he would be going through, Ambika is his daughter. Akash comes there. Tapasya leaves two alone. Both have eyelock. Akash progresses towards her. Both smile at each other. He takes her hand and kisses it. Meethi hugs him. She says she felt like she was dreaming. Akash tells her it’s not a dream, and then tells about the divorce papers. Meethi says she knows everything, he doesn’t need to say anything. Akash says their love won, no matter what, goodness is always a step ahead. Now there won’t be any more problem in their lives. He then kisses her forehead and both hug again.

Mukta’s family comes at Vishnu’s house. Nani runs to Vishnu and asks how he is. He says he’s fine. Mukta asks everyone to sit down first and they will tell everything. Mukta tells everything that happened. Nani says all are worried about Meethi only, they are happy as she came back. No one cares about Vishnu getting shot. All ask Nani to calm down, but she keeps going on and on. She lectures Damini.

Rathore comes to the jail. Ambika tells him to leave if he came to lecture. She is not his daughter, nor he’s her father. She asks where he was when her mother burned alive. Rathore says it would have been better if she had gone with her mum instead seeing this day. And if she was born, then it would have been better if he never found out about it. Ambika says she’s not proud either that he’s her father. Rathore says she’s actually Chaubey’s daughter because she has no values of Rathore or Malvika. Ambika says it’s possible that she has Chaubey’s sanskaar, but blood is of Rathore’s. He had too much deewangi in him and that is why she loved Akash with same deewangi. Rathore asks if she even knows what is love. This is not love. This is craziness. True love is between Meethi and Akash which she cant see. When there’s love, you make sacrifices for your love’s happiness. Love is not obsession. Ambika asks if him running away from her mum, when she was burning, was his love. Rathore says even if he tells her the truth, she won’t believe it because Chaubey has brain washed her with fake stories. He asks her if she realizes what she has done to her life. She will stay in the jail her entire life, and she can be happy with others hating her outside as she destroyed their lives, or tried her best to destroy. Meethi, Akash, Vishnu, Mukta, Sarika’s husband and even he himself. He says he’s disgusted that there is a relationship between him and Ambika. He’s disgusted that he cried for her. He further says, she will never be able to become anyone’s daughter, wife, or mother. Ambika says no one should get father like him either. She’s ashamed of such useless father. She asks him to leave. He came to her after 25 years. She doesn’t need his love. He leaves.

Precap: Mukta suddenly becomes unconscious. Nani calls Rathore who is with Meethi. Meethi then calls Akash. Akash asks what happened and then he’s shocked.

Update Credit to: priyaa

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