Uttaran 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meethi stops in her tracks as she finds Rani dancing in her room. She stops the music. She questions Rani what she is up to. Malvika steps forward. Rani was telling me how well she dances. Rani asks Malvika if she liked her dance. I dance like an item, right? Malvika smiles and appreciates her. meethi wonders who did this makeup. Rani takes the credit. I know how to do it. I look fab right? Malvika nods. Meethi wipes the extra makeup. No one puts this much makeup at home. Your skin will deteriorate. My Rani needs no makeup as she is so pretty. Malvika is sure Meethi is hiding something. Rani’s makeup, clothes and now this dance, everything indicates Rani’s background. Once I get to know the complete truth then it will be real fun. Malvika heads to the kitchen to help Gomti. She stops to tell Meethi to get Rani enrolled in a dance class. she is very brilliant. Meethi checks with Rani if she said something about her mother. Rani denies. I know it well so I wont do a mistake like that. I know where I have to say it and where I have to shoo away people. But why to hide about Chameli? Meethi replies that in their society people think and understand differently. There is no point in explaining it to them even. we cannot tell about your mother to anyone till we find her. rani agrees to talk to her only about this. she is hungry. Meethi takes her to washroom first so that she can clean Rani’s face first after which they will go downstairs.

Chameli caresses Rani’s photo. She is in tears. Her friend tells her to eat something but Chameli shakes her head. ratna Bai wants Chameli to eat once. I have intoxicated her food. She will start speaking under its influence. Chameli’s friend feels guilty as she notices Chameli picking up food. She tells her the truth. Ratna Bai comes there and scolds that girl. chameli calls her a black spot on the name of women. You live on the earnings that we get from giving our nights to people. You should be scared from God. Ratna Bai is not scared. You very well know what all I can do. Tell me where is Rani. Chameli denies. do whatever you want to but I wont tell you anything. Ratna Bai takes out her knife to scare Chameli. If you don’t tell me before tonight’s puja then you will be finishes. Chameli is unmoved. I wont sell my daughter to you I swear. I wont let anything happen to her. I can even die to save her. ratna Bai leaves.

Sankrant has brought clothes and necessary stuff for Ambika. She wonders how someone can be so foolish. I only have to tell him that I am pregnant and everything will turn easy for me. he finds her lost in thoughts and gets curious. She says, if I had not made so many mistakes then my life’s precious moments wouldn’t have gone waste without you. He tells her not to go back in the past. Why are you thinking about it? there will be no distance or misunderstanding between us. She wants to see him and his family very happy. he is sad as no one at his home is ready to forgive her. she asks about Meethi. she has a big heart! He answers in negative. She wants to garner sympathy in one of the member of his house. I will take my revenge from Meethi before everyone else. She wants to know how Maiyya will be pleased. He knows Maiyya wont melt down with gifts. She only prays for a heir day and night. She doesn’t want anything else. She likes what she hears but then diverts the topic.

Meethi and Rani join Akash and Maiyya. Rani tells her Gori Didi not to worry for her. Maiyya corrects her manners. Rani gives it back to her nicely. Maiyya says I come from town. My language is like that. But you are from the city. How do you talk like this? have your parents not taught you how to talk to elders? Meethi is my elder DIL. Talk to her with respect. Rani imitates Maiyya. Akash coughs to cover up his smile. He takes Rani’s side. she has been brought up differently. Maiyya drops it. Akash asks Meethi to get Rani ready asap if they have to go in the party. Rani gets excited. She calls Meethi Gori Didi again and then calls her Bahuriya once again. Everyone smiles. Meethi is worried about Maiyya. She has started doubting Rani. I think I should tell her everything before she gets to know from someone else. She begins to tell when Sankrant reaches there.

Sankrant asks for some more money. Akash reminds him of the 2 lakhs that he had taken yesterday itself. Sankrant tells them that he had booked a room for Ambika in hotel. Maiyya cannot believe it. he repeats it. has anyone gone to see how she is living? Will you all kill me after knowing this? she gets up angrily. Kill me instead. Have you lost your mind? She has fooled you once. You will spend your money on that useless, cheater AMbika? He gestures her using his hand to stop right there. He shows her eyes and even points finger at her which doesn’t go down well with Akash and Meethi. sankrant warns Maiyya not to talk about Ambika like this again. I wont tolerate it again. akash cannot take it anymore. He holds his brother’s finger / hand and slaps him tightly. Everyone is shocked. Rani ducks under the table and enjoys her food there only.

Akash reminds Sankrant of how to talk to Maiyya. Next time I will break your finger. Meethi tries to calm them down. She agrees that Sankrant will get whatever he wants but this isn’t the way to talk to Maiyya. She thinks well for you. He apologizes to Maiyya immediately. But I am saying one thing for the last time. I can help, support Ambika all I want but no one will stop me from doing this. she is my wife. I have torn the divorce papers. They are stunned to hear this. Her happiness and sadness are my responsibility now. He heads upstairs. Maiyya is miffed at him. did I give birth to him? That Ambika lured him somehow to spend one night with him and see how he is behaving. The woman who can use her body to make / build / continue / earn money relations is not dependable. Meethi is taken aback at her reaction. Rani lies down under the table itself to rest. Meethi worriedly recalls Rani’s words. I cannot tell Maiyya anything about Rani right now. I don’t know how she will react to it.

Precap: Meethi and Akash have come to the birthday party. The host talks about how kids bring complete happiness in family. meethi talks about Rani. She is not our baby but we have started to feel a deep connect with her. maiyya doesn’t like it. Rani comes there dressed in her typical style. Meethi and everyone is shocked to see her thus.

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