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Ashfaque eyes Meethi curiously as he writes down Akash’s name and number for him on a piece of paper. He assures that he will make her meet her husband as per his promise. Don’t worry so much. Do me a favour by not shedding a single tear. She thanks him for his help. She prays that he picks his call. He might not talk if he hears my name. Ashfaque gets confused. Is he upset with you or is there some problem between you two? If there is something like that then tell me. why should I waste my time in searching for him then? You stay here. Think of it as your home. Ammi is getting old and needs a maid. I wont let you go through any troubles. She smiles at his logics. He is glad that he could make her smile. Keep smiling like this. You look good while you smile. Don’t feel bad about what Bhaijaan said. I apologize to you on his behalf. He has a good heart but speaks a little too much when angry. He has helped you a lot. She knows that. He turns to leave to make that call to India. Don’t feel bad about that maid thing. she tells him that she dint feel bad about it as her Anni was a maid in someone’s home too. No one becomes small by being addressed as a maid. We share a very good relation with that family. I call the owner of that house my Bade Papa. His granddaughter is my elder sister. Relations are formed where the hearts are pure. Rest is up to God. He nods. She tells him to bring good news for her. He shakes his head as he holds the paper in his hands.

Mukta has been brought to hospital by Damini. She is told to wait outside while they take Mukta inside for check up. Jogi reaches there. He is worried for Mukta. He asks about Akash and Kanha. She tells him that Kanha is back. Akash has gone to Pakistan to bring Meethi. This shocks Jogi. Meethi is alive? She affirms. She is alive and is in Pakistan. We don’t know anything else. He wants to know all the details and she tells it to him in mute. Jogi is worried for Akash as he has gone to Pakistan illegally. This is very dangerous. I will have to talk to Commissioner. He will find a way to bring Akash back to India. Doc comes there. She tells them that there is nothing to worry about. She is actually getting worried about her husband. The kid is also fine. You might get the good news in a day or two. They are relieved. Jogi tells Damini not to worry as Akash and Meethi will be back soon. Nothing will happen to them. they will come back safely. Divya is with Vishnu. He goes to meet Mukta.

Ashfaque looks at the paper in his hand. You are very lucky AKash. I am near her (Meethi) yet very far from her. you are so far yet you are so close to her heart every then. Asfaque comes to PCO to make an ISD call. Akash calls Damini from the same PCO. He tells her that he has reached Pakistan. My phone fell somewhere while reaching here which is why it is not reachable. Don’t worry I will stay in touch with you. She is worried for him as he has reached there illegally. He tells her that no law can stop him from meeting Meethi. Ashfaque cannot hear him as someone greets him at the exact moment. Akash is ready to break any rule or law to find his Meethi. damini wishes him well. He asks about Mukta. She tells him that she is fine. I will pray to God for Mukta’s child. This time I wont return alone. I will bring my wife with me. he ends the call, promising to call tomorrow.

Ashfaque takes the phone to call Akash’s number. Akash tries to pay the vendor but he doesn’t have change. Akash asks Ashfaque for change. He is holding out his purse which has Meethi’s photo but Ashfaque doesn’t see it. Ashfaque doesn’t have change for that big amount but he pays it for him. ashfaque offers to take him to his home from where they can get change. Akash suggests going to a nearby coffee shop to get change. Ashfaque is surprised to know Akash’a name. He tells him how he was trying to call a guy named Akash just now but his phone is unreachable. Life is a riddle. Who knows why, when and where you meet someone! They head for the coffee shop.

Meethi is feeling restless. She cannot understand what’s happening to her. I feel like Akash is trying to reach out to me.

Ashfaque and Akash come in the cafe. Ashfaque thinks him to be a tourist. Where are you staying? Akash decides against telling him everything as he has come here illegally. What if he tells Pakistani Police? Akash tells him that he has come to Pakistan today only. Is there a hotel nearby where I can stay? Ashfaque tells him about a guest house of some Khan Sahab. He also tells him about a famour food joint of Manawar. Akash gets up to buy coffee for them. he collides with a man on the way and his purse falls on the floor. Ashfaque bends down to pick it but cannot look at the photo in the purse as two women come to talk to him just then. Akash places the order. He comes back to his seat and hums a tune while looking at Meethi’s photo. Ashfaque hears it and compliments him. akash tells him that it is his wife’s favourite song. I hum it whenever I miss her. But I laugh like anything whenever I try to sing it as she thinks that I can never sing. Ashfaque asks about his wife’s name. Akash answers but Ashfaque is distracted by the guy at the counter (another wrong timing). Ashfaque requests Akash to sing the song once.

Divya is on phone with Mukta who is very much concerned about Vishnu. Divya notices Vishnu some movements in Vishnu. she feels something is wrong with Vishnu. She calls the doc for help.

Ashfaque has brought Akash to his home. He makes him wait while he goes to get change from his Ammi. Meethi is feeling restless in her room. What’s happening to me? why is my heart beating so fast? Akash looks around the house. Meethi goes out of his room. Meanwhile, Akash notices a frame on the wall. He is drawn to it as he notices the design. He is lost in Meethi’s thoughts all the while as he caresses it. Meethi is heading downstairs. Ashfaque comes back with the change. Akash says he cannot read or understand it but felt like touching it once. Ashfaque tells him that it is a gift from his friend which says, Thank God that I got such a friend! Ashfaque gives him the change for which Akash thanks him. Akash takes his leave. Ashfaque goes to drop him till the gate. Come here whenever you miss your home or your loved ones. Ammi Abbu will be glad to meet you. He directs him towards Khan Sahab’s guest house. They say Allah hafiz to each other. Meethi comes there just then and looks at something in shock.

Precap: A guru tells Ekadish that his search for his life partner has taken him away from you to a place where everyone is his enemy. Maiyya gets worried. He tells that he can say anything conclusive about his future considering all the planets around him.

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