Uttaran 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 5th August 2013 Written Update

She tries to break free from the embrace while he holds her all the more tightly. He says I wont leave you for life….because you love me. Their heads touch for a moment but she realizes and instantly pulls herself away. He tells her to remember she is his only….mine! She closes her eyes in pain and Akash leaves. She doesn’t see it as she is looking the other way. Walking up to the dressing table she declines she isn’t his as he has cheated her. I am not Meethi Chatterjee. She throws the stuff angrily. I don’t love you go from my life. She breaks in to tears. Mukku comes looking for her. mukku looks at the mess in the room. How did it happen? Meethi attributes it to wind. Mukku tells her to go I will manage it. As Meethi leaves Mukku wonders why is she running away from herself. What do you

want Meethi?

Scene shifts to Damini saying Meethi too must feel this way. Would she accept Vishnu? tappu assures her she will. Did you not see today how she was taking Vishnu’s side today? I don’t know about her future but I will make her understand. Trust me. damini has full faith in her. She prays to God to do that only.

At Aatishgarh, Kajri is recalling the fear instilled in Surabhi about the kid. She agrees with what Surabhi fears. I will have to do something if I have to save the mom and the kid. If somehow her husband gets to know it then hopefully he will melt down hearing about the unborn child. He might forgive Surabhi as well. They should meet once but how. Nirbhay comes to have food. He asks her if Surabhi ate yet or not. She eats or not she will have to abort the baby. I have spoken with the doc as well. He leaves without his phone. She picks it up thinking will have to make her talk somehow.

Kanha is in the office. His moby rings but he disconnects without even looking at it. He finally picks it up. He disconnects the call as he realizes it is Surabhi. Kajri tells her to dial again as it is very important for her to speak to him. kanha is visibly stressed. He ends the meeting finally. Kajri tells her to talk asap. If he (Nirbhay) comes and wont find his phone then he would understand. Kanha’s phone rings again. He finally picks up the call rather angrily. Before she can say anything he tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her. Don’t call again. She keeps crying and mumbling but the Kanha disconnects the call.
Nirbhay comes to have food. He calls out to Kajri to serve food. He wonders where his phone is as he kept it here only. He calls out to Kajri again. Both kajri and Surabhi are shocked as they hear him shouting for Kajri. She rushes to him while Surabhi dials again but in vain. Nirabhay questions her if she couldn’t hear him and where is my phone. She fumbles I don’t know I don’t touch your phone. He pulls her by the elbow. You are lying right or are you calling someone secretly? She denies why I would. She is fumbling when Surabhi looks at them from behind the pillar. She quietly puts it on the table. Kajri notices her doing so while fumbling. He shouts at her again and she says he had kept it on table. He declines saying I did check everywhere but turns to show her and ta-da the phone is there. She sighs relieved. He is lost as it appeared in a split second. My mind has gone haywire while thinking about Surabhi.

Tappu is looking at some jewellery when Meethi comes. Tappu shows her the sets. She asks her to wear them. Tappu makes her wear reluctantly. Tappu says when a Thakur family’s daughter is to be married then she is made to wear these jewels only. Meethi has a straight face throughout. Tappu asks her what she is worried about. Meethi shares what Akash had told her….I cannot be anyone else’s except him. He still think I love him that I am his Meethi Chatterjee. He thinks that I will forgive his every mistake and go back to him. But what he did to me I can never forget. I only want that my name is taken away from his for forever. I don’t understand what to do. Tappu wants her to start afresh and very soon that is why I called you here. Would you want to marry? Meethi is appalled. How can I enter another relation just to end one? You please try to understand. Tappu shows the paper clipping to her. It feels your destiny has already taken some decision for you. Meethi points out she is mistaken. This all happened by some mistake. Tappu stays put with her point. You think it is a mistake to save you from the goons to fight with them? Meethi says it was a mistake made by the journalist. Plus whatever Vishnu did he would he do it for any other girl as well. He would do it for you or Mukku too. Tappu brings the Iccha concept. She had agreed for this relation as for her Akash was Vishnu only. She had agreed for your alliance with Vishnu if that fake Vishnu (Akash) wouldn’t have come here. Why has real Vishnu returned in our lives? This is surely some signal from God / your destiny. What have you thought about your future? Don’t you think you should give yourself another chance? You should re-marry! Your Anni too wants the same. I too want you to get married to Vishnu. Iccha too wanted this. She got you married with Vishnu only right as for her Akash was Vishnu only. If she would have been here she would have said the same to you. You must marry Vishnu. you only said you want to be free from this relation. She recalls Akash’s words to her. you only said you don’t love Akash anymore. You only want that your name is separated from Akash Chatterjee’s name. Another flashback of Akash calling her his Meethi…Meethi Akash Chatterjee. Tappu wants to know what the problem is if she doesn’t want to be associated with him. another flashback of Akash telling her she wont be able to forget even if she would want to. Tappu asks her to give one chance to her life as it will give her / Anni so much happiness. The decision is in your hand. If you wont start afresh then you wouldn’t have any option other than returning to Akash. Meethi is thinking hard. Tappu’s and Akash’s words echo in her head. She agrees with her Massi and a new chant plays. She agrees for this wedding. Tappu is super happy (SCREAM…from me). She hugs her elated. I know Vishnu too wont say no. he will keep you very happy. She wants Ammo to be the first one to know of this good news. Your Anni will be super happy.

Damini hugs Meethi happily as Kanha and Tappu look on. I was so waiting to hear this good news from you. Meethi tries to say something but Damini gets on excited. I understood everything. Its good you want to come out of your past. It has given immense peace to know you don’t love Akash. Vishnu is a very good guy. Icchki / our family know him well. Baby ji (Tappu) you talk to him. he will agree for this marriage right? Meethi in her mind is wondering what to do now. I agreed for it in anger now I cant understand.

Precap: Vishnu says (to Meethi) mine and yours wedding…..what are you saying? She feels relieved knowing he wont agree for this alliance ever. He is stunned. You are good but love / marriage with you….I cannot even think of this!

Update Credit to: pooja

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