Uttaran 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 5th April 2013 Written Update

All watch with bated breath as he removes the cloth from Iccha’s face revealing a blood soaked Iccha. Mukta and Divya close their eyes in pain.
Veer remembers Iccha asking him to stay back with her at the hospital. He says he will be back soon. The lady says…she was a Goddess. She saved my daughter’s life by jumping in front of the truck. She even gave her heart to your daughter. She too cries for Iccha while Tvamev vidya is playing in the background.

Mukta is very much scared and Divya is crying looking at Iccha. Nani just looks on with shock.
Jogi moves towards the body…takes her hand in his and sees the mark. Flashback is shown where Iccha was saying that she has brought her destiny in her hands. Jogi, Mukta & Divya are stunned and Mukta runs to her crying Iccha Ma get up please. She begs her to get up.
She cries in Divya’s arms and asks her to wake up her Iccha ma. Veer cries out loud for Iccha after looking at her hand. Nani stands stunned. Jogi consoles Veer.

Nani comes forward. She says…listen chuhiya, what is this new drama. Get up. Can you not hear me? Get up….get up now. How can you go like this? I have cursed you all my life. Have always doubted your intentions. All my life I have been telling you that you are the once who snatched all happiness from my Tappu’s life and have lived on her Uttaran forever. Remember how I had painted your face red in childhood. A flashback of younger Iccha is shown. Nani comes there on the pretext of getting her ready but overdoes her makeup and all laugh at her. She says chuhiya, I couldn’t understand you. What did you do? Even when you were leaving this world you gave your heart to Tappu. I am ashamed of myself for whatever I have done to you. You gave a new life to her. I am not able to face you today…how will I? She goes to her feet and speaks aloud…I have heard that a dead person’s soul roams around for 13 days after their death and can see everything. Wherever you are please see that I am holding your feet…forgive me BETA! Tell me once beta that you have forgiven me.
Jogi looks at her and understands her pain. He hugs her. She tells him to tell Iccha to forgive her. She listens to you na. Please tell her Jogi. Veer cannot believe his eyes and everyone else is crying.

Rathore comes to the Ganesha idol. He is holding Iccha’s saree in his hands.
He says…you have made a joke of everything…of my helplessness. I asked you to make Tappu healthy for she is doing penance for her misdeeds. I told you that people need her. For that you took Iccha ji’s life? She always prayed to you and her belief always strengthened in you whenever she was in some trouble. You took her life? Your hands are full of a pious soul’s blood now (holding the saree in front). Now I wont go in front of the so called God now. Whoever said or believed in you, I don’t care. Today, I am saying GOD IS DEAD. There is not God here, no justice will be done now.
He turns his back to the idol and closes his eyes in pain.

Meethi is tired of walking. She says that Vishnu (aka Akash) was right in saying that the route through jungle is not safe in the day time, let alone in the dark.
He replies that he had told her but she wasn’t ready to listen to anything. They finally reach Shankar’s PCO. She sees it close but he pays some money to the owner and she is elated. He dials the number and hands her the phone.


Meethi asks him why he disconnected the call. He replies that they have come here to talk to his long distanced aunt and not her mom. On sensing her angry, he tells her that he was kidding only. There was no dial tone. He redials the number.

Meethi waits and finally Vishnu hands her the phone. She goes on blabbering non-stop. She is fine here. They dint go to Switzerland but have come here to Aatishgarh where Vishnu has spent his childhood. Everyone here loves them so much. She is missing her so much….and Anni. You & Anni too come here and spend some time with us. We all will have so much fun together. Vishnu lovingly calls his Daima Maiyya just as Kanha bhaiya calls you Maiyya. Though it is a village and a bit odd still she likes staying here. I know I haven’t been good to you. Remember how rude I was when I had met you for the first time.

All this while the lady at the other end keeps on saying hmmm. This time she replies yes they had met at the temple for the first time.
Meethi apologizes for her rude behaviour. I have become your good daughter now. I have changed for good. I love you ma. She cant hear because there is disturbance in the phone.
Akash asks for the phone as he too wants to speak to his mother-in-law. He tells her not to cry as her mother too would be finding it very hard to control her tears.

She smiles and tells him to talk to ma. He tells her that everything is fine. Her daughter fights with him but she has grown up too. She gave up her Switzerland trip to come here to Aatishgarh with me.
Pavitra is shown holding her saree on the mouth piece and she says after all she is my daughter. I have taught her good values…..how to take care of husband and everything.


Pavitra tells him to take care of himself and Meethi. Akash too tells her to be relaxed as they are fine. He puts down the phone and asks her if she is happy now.
She smiles and nods back to him. He tells her that ma has said to spend as much time as they want to here. There is no hurry to return.
She thanks him with all her heart and says love you. He reminds her that this is not Mumbai’s Marine Drive but Aatishgarh. She smiles and starts walking towards home. He sarcastically remarks that he indeed loves her and her mother a lot. She calls out to him and he comes back to reality and says coming Meethi.

Pavitra is laughing at Meethi’s words and shares that Meethi finds the people here a bit odd but loves them a lot…Maiyya, Massi’s everyone.
Maiyya and Gomti Massi are there only. Maiyya comments that Iccha’s daughter doesn’t know who we are. She will die a painful death here and that iccha will die there waiting for her. Episode ends!

Precap: Meethi is telling Akash….do you remember when I told ma about where we met for the first time. You know what she replied….in a temple. How can it be Vishnu? I met ma for the first time in Satara Jail. Akash is alarmed.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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