Uttaran 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 4th June 2013 Written Update

Tears run down Meethi’s cheeks as Divya tells her to sign the papers. Meethi looks over the names written in the papers and starts walking towards the table. Maula mere le le meri jaan plays as she advances towards the papers reliving her wedding rituals in reverse.
Nani’s comment echoes in her mind. Poor Damini, she lost her husband when she was young. Then her daughter Iccha – her whole life, she not only was worried for her kids but her husband too. And when she finally got the happiness she passed away. Then Iccha’s daughter married. Even her wedding memories wouldn’t have turned old today when the time to break that relation has come already. Meethi has a fainting spell. She bangs her head against the table as she falls down. Everyone rushes to her aid. Nani comments to Damini (looking at the wound in Meethi’s forehead – where married women put vermilion) I told you but you only wanted the relation to end. God has given his word by filling her forehead with her very own blood giving out the sign.
Damini goes to get ointment for her while everyone else helps her sit on the couch. Nani thinks that chuhiya (Iccha) had the same destiny. Now even her daughter’s life isn’t going to flourish either. Like mother the daughter has been stuck here too and will try to do something about Jogi’s will & property (she is back to playing a vamp). Baki to Ram Hi Rakhey.

Sankrant is banging the door of Ekadish’s room urging her to allow him to take his brother to the hospital. Gomti and Pavitra mock him. Whatever you might do, jiji will not come out.
Sankrant tries to make her see sense (did I hear it right o_O ). Don’t act stubborn Maiyya. You will regret it for your entire life. The one who had to go is no more and you became a widow because of that I know. But save Akash now. You shouldn’t burden yourself with the death of your own son. There is no mother who can ignore her son’s deteriorating health.
Maiyya comes out finally. He gets on his feet begging her to them to take his brother to the hospital. Mama and Nirbhay are not allowing me to do so. You can lose your son but I cannot lose my brother.

Everyone is sad to see Meethi hurt. Veer recalls how he and Iccha had done their daughter’s kanyadan (the ritual where the parents give their daughter’s hand in their son-in-law’s hand freeing her of her past relations). He is sad as he can still visualize that scene. You wouldn’t understand how tough it is for me to say something like this.
He tells her to be strong. I can understand the pain you are in but its important…..very important. Sign these papers. Meethi hesitantly picks up the pen and Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu chant begins to play. She looks at the papers and a sad Jana Jogi De Naal breaks in.
She has flashback of when Akash had confessed it that he wasn’t Vishnu but Akash how she had made fun of him calling herself Jhansi ki Rani. She recalls how many times he tried to save her (from the thorn; from the snake when he had thrown the dagger to save her and when she was unconscious because of the effect of the poison).

Maiyya rushes to Akash with Sankrant in tow.

Kanha lends his support to his sister. These memories only make us weak. But this is the right time. Tell yourself that you are doing the right thing. Whatever happened with both of us was wrong.
Meethi again picks up the pen with shaking hands. Her own words echo in her head. I don’t even know if his name if Vishnu or Akash or something else.

Sankrant shares that Akash’s pulse is dropping. They must take him to the hospital here like the doc has suggested. Maiyya sits by Akash and again tells him to get up (not again!). The doc warns them that if they delay it anymore then they will certainly lose him forever. Maiyya admonishes him for speaking so. He wants to leave for he will not be able to forgive himself if something happens to the patient. Sankrant requests him to stay. He then turns to maiyya asking for his permission…asap.

Meethi is thinking. Divya says, don’t think too much or you wont be able to do it. Just sign them.
Sankrant puts Maiyya’s hand on Akash’s head thus making her swear in his name. Give me permission or you will see both your sons’ dead. She pushes him clearly hurt by his statement. She tells Nirbhay to get him hospitalised. Sankrant becomes happy and asks others to help him. akash stirs and all notice it.

Meethi’s hands are shaking. Veer tells her to sign the papers. Don’t stop yourself today.

Maiyya affectionately asks Akash what he wants. He tells that he wont go. Everyone is surprised. She says why not? The doc is here to take you to the hospital for your better treatment. You will be alright then. He declines to go. She asks him if she gave birth to him to let him die. You are my strength. Till you are alive, I am alive too. And till I am alive I wont let anything happen to you.
No one else likes the convo. Akash agrees to go but on one condition. She tells him to speak up for his Maiyya wont deny him anything.

Meethi finally signs the paper but the ink has spread all over the paper leaving the sign of no use. All look in wonder and Tadeva Lagnam chant plays. Nani points out is it so that God doesn’t want this relation to break?

Akash says, you want me to go to the hospital. But you have to choose one thing. Your hate wont give you anything. You will have to choose what you want – your son or your revenge? She is completely shocked by his words and is in tears. Agarth and Nirbhay seem angry.

Meethi looks at the ink mark and apologizes to everyone. Maybe I was angry so this happened. I am sorry. Damini consoles her. Veer tells the lawyer to make another fresh divorce paper for Meethi. Mr. Kriplani tells he will get it by tomorrow itself and excuses himself.
Nani tells Damini to think over her decision. First Meethi got hurt in her hand, then head and now this. Meethi closes her eyes in pain as Nani continues adding 2 and 2 together. Its as if that chuhiya, then corrects herself, Iccha doesn’t want it to happen. Maybe she isn’t happy about this?
Everyone is taken aback and thinking about her words. Jogi turns to look at Iccha’s photo. Divya sides with nani. Maybe she is right. Damini, we should first concentrate on the asthi visarjan rest all we will deal later. Damini has tears in her eyes. She too agrees with this idea. Veer, I too think we should do this first for the pandit ji had suggested 3 days for the visarjan. First we should free Iccha’s soul then we will take care of this divorce matter. Veer nods back in agreement. Damini leaves along with Meethi.

Agarth wants to know what Akash is saying. Maiyya tells him that he is asking me to choose one – either he or my revenge. All wait for her answer. She wipes her tears. The son will hold his place while the revenge its own. I cant weigh both in the same category. Neither will my son lose his life for that Meethi nor will my hatred be over. She tells Sankrant and Nirbhay to take him to the hospital. Akash denies. I will die but wont go to the hospital.
Sad piya o re piya songs break in as on one side we see Akash standing firm in his decision for he thinks his life doesn’t hold any value for him, while on the other Meethi is shown standing nearby the tulsi plant holding the pot in her hand wondering what to choose. The epi ends on split screen.

Precap: Akash has locked himself in Ekadish’s room and is walking towards the table where his and Maiyya’s photo is kept. Suddenly he falls flat on the floor hurting himself on the head very badly. Outside Maiyya and Sankrant are getting restless and wonder what he is trying to prove by this. You shouldn’t delay going to the hospital now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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