Uttaran 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini goes to sleep and by setting her clock on time. The next morning Meethi wakes up and wakes Akash up as he has to go with Rani as well. Nandini keeps on sleeping and misses the clock. Rani is getting ready and Meethi tells her to work quickly as she has to do breakfast as well. Meethi come to the table dressed in uniform and greets Maiya. Maiya says to Meethi that she has started to talk like you. Meethi tells Rani to eat breakfast and tells her that she has put her lunch box on her bag.
Nandini wakes up late and Meethi tells Rani and Akash to go school. Nandini comes down and Meethi tells her that they have gone and shows her the payal. She gives Nandini the payal back and mocks her and leaves. Akash is going with Jogi and is worried about work, Jogi gives him advice about business while Akash says that Khana is using a personal issue. Jogi says that you should use your mind to keep an eye on Khana. Akash says that he can keep an eye Khana by keeping someone close to him. Jogi asks if he knows anyone like this.

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Malvika comes to room where Nandini is and tries to persuade her about the position of her in this house and family. Nandini says that she doesn’t wants any advice and tells her to leave. Gumpti comes to the room and tells Malvika to work as well. She leaves a piece behind and it’s Akash’s shirt. Nandini sees the shirt and hallucinates about Akash again. Maiya walking by sees Nandini with the shirt and slaps her and takes her down.
Khana is with Vishnu and says that I need a man like you who can do anything for money. Vishnu asks if you want to him to kill someone. Khana says that I want to destroy someone by taking everything they have. He takes Vishnu to meet the man and when Akash turns around both are surprised. Khana introduces Vishnu as his P.A and they meet each other as they don’t know one another.
Maiya comes and throws Nandini down and keeps on scolding her. She tells Meethi to not to help her and explains what has happened. Maiya says that she won’t have another glass of water till Nandini is gone. Maiya says that she won’t stay here and will leave while Meethi says that you don’t have to leave and will do as you say. Maiya is surprised and tells Meethi to that this is the first time that she has said something intelligent. Meethi says that she only needs Nandini to meet Rani for one last time and Maiya gives the timeline of 10 o’clock the next day, otherwise she will throw her out herself.
Maiya leaves with Gumpti while Meethi comes to Nandini and apologizes and says that I didn’t do anything as all of this is your doing. She tells Nandini to stop dreaming about Akash as he is only hers. Meethi is leaving when Nandini says that the game hasn’t ended and from now on things in her favor will happen. She says that Maiya will stop me from going and the time of your destruction has started.
Nandini is sitting in the garden thinking about what had happened earlier and says that my fate is just the same. Malvika comes and says that it was bad to see as Maiya scolded you a lot and Meethi was also not on your side. She says that I think that it was your fault as you are not claiming your right and you must everything does earn your right and fight and use anything necessary. Nandini apologizes and says that I was angry before and you showed me the right way. Malivka says that she is doing to what she thinks is right as AKash is yours.
Malvika leaves saying that Nandini must do something otherwise Maiya will throw her out. Nandini on the other hand grins saying that we will see who leaves tomorrow me or Nandini.

Precap: Rani comes and hits Nandini who, then goes and mixes something in the food.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Deserves u right nandini Rani well done for hitting her

    1. Actualy, Rani dindn’t hit her on purpose, she kinda bumped on her only….

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