Uttaran 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 4th December 2013 Written Update

Damini and Meethi are packing their bags. Rathore comes and gives their tickets to them. He says, flights don’t go there, so I got first class train tickets. He tells Damini that he has already talked with resort’s manager and they will get everything. He asks them to call him if they need anything. He leaves. Damini seems sad. Meethi puts fake smile on her face and tells Damini that they should be happy today as it’s Mukta’s marriage. She tells Damini to finish packing fast.

Mehendi function is going on at Ambika’s house. Before Akash’s name is written on her hand, Akash arrives there so she goes to meet him. Akash is constantly looking at his watch. Other girls stop Ambika for dance. Ambika finally comes to Akash. She’s very excited as Akash came

to her house for the first time. She asks him what’s the matter. Akash says he will talk once her dad arrives. A servant comes with snacks and juice. After the servant leaves, Ambika tells Akash that she is thirsty and asks him for water. Akash gives her the glass. Ambika says she has mehendi in her hand. Akash then makes her drink water. Ambika’s smile disappears when she doesn’t see engagement ring in Akash’s finger. She gets serious now and asks Akash what’s the matter. If he wants to postpone the marriage date. Akash says, no. She asks, then? Akash tells her, I can’t marry you. Ambika gets shocked and angry. Akash explains to her, an unexpected mode came in my life. Meethi, my first wife, got paralyzed after saving my life, and now I can’t leave her alone. She needs me. Ambika tells him to leave from there. Akash apologizes to her and leaves. Ambika gets angry and erases all the mehendi of her hands.

Sankrant comes to Meethi’s house. Nani opens the door and asks who he has come to see. Sankrant says, I want to give a letter to Meethi bhabhi. Nani gets worried thinking it may be Akash’s brother. She asks him who he is. Sankrant says he’s Akash’s younger brother and he sent him to Meethi to give a letter. Nani says Meethi is not at home and asks him to give letter to her. Sankrant says, no. I can only give it to Meethi bhabhi. I will wait for her. Nani calls Maiyya who is worried as Akash is not at home. Nani talks Maiyya with Meethi’s name and says everything and then gives phone to Sankrant. Maiyya changes her voice and says, “I will be late. Give letter to Nani”. She hangs. Sankrant gets confused a bit, but in end gives the letter to Nani.

Everyone has gathered in Mukta’s house for her and Vishnu’s register marriage. They sign some papers and then exchange garlands and marriage is done. They take blessings from everyone. Meethi tells Vishnu that Mukta is her dear sister and tells him to take care of her. Vishnu jokes with Meethi and says that he’s going to bother and hurt Mukta a lot. Meethi tells him not to forget that she is daughter of Rathore. Vishnu gets serious and says he will try to give world’s all happiness to Mukta.

Akash calls Sankrant. Sankrant tells him that he gave letter to Nani. Akash says, I told you to give it to Meethi. Sankrant says, bhabhi told me on phone to give it to her. Akash says, Nani fooled you.. if it was Meethi, then she would talk with you. He then tells Sankrant to go home and he will go to Meethi’s house. He tries to call Meethi, but Meethi has left her phone in a room. Akash then says, I am coming to take you, Meethi.

Damini and Meethi are getting ready to leave. Meethi is lost in some thoughts. While everyone is busy talking to Damini, Nani goes to Meethi and gives Akash’s letter to her saying otherwise everyone would blame her that she didn’t give letter to her. Meethi was about to open it, but Nani says, it must be wedding invitation. Some people just love to hurt people. Meethi changes her mind and throws the letter away. Nani is happy. Meethi tells Damini that they should leave now. Everyone goes outside to drop them.

Ambika’s father returns home. The servant tells him that Akash came here to talk to Ambika. He gets happy thinking Akash already can’t live without Ambika. He joins the girls and starts dancing. He sees Ambika standing on a side. He goes to her and pulls her for the dance as well. Ambika screams, stop this music. Her father asked her what happened. Ambika tells him that Akash came to say no for marriage and left. Her father is shocked.

Precap: Akash comes to a train station in search of Meethi. He sees Meethi and Damini getting into a train. He runs to them, but in his way, he clashes with a guy and all his drinks bottles get destroyed. Akash apologizes to him, but is stopped by other people there.

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