Uttaran 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 3rd April 2013 Written Update

IDamini’s phone rings and she picks it up and says Hello.
Meethi becomes emotional & is moved to tears to hear her. Damini continues to ask for the caller while Meethi savours the moment happily.
Damini cant hear her because if the background noise. Meethi is disappointed and calls her three more times but to no use. The nurse requests her not to use phone in the ICU area and she switches it off.

Mukta goes to Rathore and asks if ma will be fine. He tells her not this time. I wont let her go this time. Dr. Malhotra comes out and asks Rathore to go and sign on the consent form.
Rathore asks if everything is fine inside. The doctor assures him and goes back inside. Rathore was about to leave when Veer asks him to stay back. He will go and do it. Mukta goes along.


is miffed with Vishnu that he was uselessly saying that the booth is far. It is nearby their home only. She thinks of calling Veer now. Right then Nirbhay comes and spots Meethi from the back. He thinks if she speaks with anyone then everything will be over.
She dials Veer’s number but he disconnects as it is an unknown number. She calls again and Mukta tells him to pick up as it can be Iccha ma as well. He immediately picks up but before Meethi can say anything, Nirbhay disconnects the phone.
Veer tells Mukta that it was not from Mumbai…maybe it was some client, he will call back later.
Meethi glares at him.

Nirbhay goes to the PCO owner….holds him by collar and slaps him. He tells her that he makes fool of people as his phone doesn’t work. Why else would Vishnu go to 20kms then? If not for the fair then Vishnu would have definitely taken her to the booth today itself.
She shouts at him that the phone did got connected and she was about to speak to her papa but he disconnected it. She is respecting him for he is elder to her but warns him that she isn’t Kajri didi who would watch everything meekly. And I wont move from here today until and unless I speak to my family…however much I have to try calling them.
She redials Veer’s number and Nirbhay thinks if she calls and tells anyone that she is in Aatishgarh, the game would be over.
He shows knife to the owner and signals him to disconnect. The guy obliges and Meethi’s call again gets disconnected. She wonders how the line got dead.
She tries again but in vain and cries that she would have spoken with them if he wouldn’t have come. He says you would have heard nothing but your own echo even if it had got connected. He introduces her to the owner and asks him to never forget that she is her bhabhi.
They both sit in the jeep and leave.

Iccha is being taken to the morgue. Jogi asks about Tappu.
The doc assures them that they have Dr. Murthy here with them so they need not worry. He credits it to the young lady (Iccha) who had wished to donate her heart in her last minutes. The lady is standing there only. She wonders how she will find out about Iccha’s family.
Damini tells her to have faith in God. Her family must be searching for her too.
The family is thankful to her for forever and both Jogi and Rathore agree that they will find out about her family though they cant repay her or her family in any way. Sad uttaran music is playing in the background.
Jogi is sad that she lost her life and yet saved their daughter’s life. They will be indebted to her for eternity and she will hold a very special place in their hearts.

The lady leaves from there to collect the belongings of Iccha.
Damini says…sahab, we couldn’t even see the face of that lady who has saved our baby ji’s life. I want to go and see her once. I want to pray for her too. Jogi nods and she heads towards the morgue.


Mukta tells Veer…Iccha ma would be happy to hear that we have found a donor.
Veer smiles yes and gets down to fill the form. The lady asks for the belongings from the nurse who is putting together in a plastic bag.

She shares her worried as to where will she search for that lady’s (Iccha’s) family. Veer tells her not to lose hope and to inform them as well if she gets to know about them as they too want to meet them. The lady nods. The nurse hands her the saree of Iccha while Veer is filling a form. The lady turns to leave and the saree touches Veer’s shoulder. He looks up all of a sudden. The lady leaves and he watches her. When Mukta asks him what happened he brushes it away and again focuses on the form.


The ward boy leads Damini inside the morgue and shows her the dead body. She is standing at the door with folded hands. Jogi walks in and stands next to the stretcher.

He thanks her with folded hands. It is destiny that God has taken your life and given our daughter a new lease of life. Your heart will stay with her now and your memories in our heart. We pray to God that your family comes here to meet you soon. We will do your last rights with all due respect.
All the while Damini is there at the door only with stoned expressions.
Twamev maata is playing in the background.
Jogi turns to leave and glances at Damini and then at the body and finally exits.
Episode ends on Damini’s face.

Precap: The lady accidentally drops the belongings of Iccha on floor and a bangle goes rolling in Damini’s feet. She picks it up….looks carefully and says….this is Icchki’s bangle.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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