Uttaran 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 31st January 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Vishnu retorting at Mukku to ask this question to your own self. Today my gifts have been replaced by his, tomorrow he can take my place. How much time does it take after all? Mukku is super shocked by his words. She makes him look at her. do you know what you are saying? He admits knowing it. I am telling the truth and the truth is always bitter. Mukku says if this is what you think of me and understand me then what’s the point in staying together. You will be hurt if I stay here. It would be better if I go from here. He agrees….who is stopping you after all? A chant plays as he walks away from her a little in a huff. She leaves from there.

Meethi apologizes to Akash as they descend the stairs together. He asks her not to apologize as it is his fault that he believed

her. she denies. you aren’t at fault. You did what every son does which is to trust his mother. I don’t want any hatred or anger in your heart towards Maiyya because of me. It might be that if we go from here for a few days then Maiyya will cool down. She might start to see the difference between right and wrong and forgive me. He nods. We will have to leave today only for I don’t want to risk your life anymore. Doorbell rings and they are surprised thinking who could be have come at this hour. Akash opens the door and they are taken aback to see Mukku standing there at their door. The bag loosens from her grip and falls on the floor. She gets emotional and hugs her sister tight. Meethi is worried for her as she is crying. Tell me what happened? Calm down! Meethi wipes her tears and takes her to her room so that they can talk. Akash is also confused to see the state that she is in.

Rathore is driving as he recalls the first time when he was told he was going to become a father. He was super excited when he heard the good news while Malvika wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a baby. He is sure that it would be a baby girl.

Next morning, Mukku checks her phone but there is no sms or call from Vishnu. Meethi gets her tea. Mukku is about to take her first sip when she stops. Don’t know if Vishnu would have drunk tea or not. meethi offers to call to check but Mukku declines. meethi says I thought a lot over what you said. Vishnu loves you a little too much maybe that’s why he couldn’t take it that someone does something for you. This is what Mukku cannot understand. I am only working so as to support him. it isn’t my fault that I am getting paid more than him. Why to feel jealous over it? Meethi points out that the bitter truth of life is that we can be however much advanced but a husband cannot bear it if his wife supersedes him. That’s the reality which we must accept. Meethi changes the topic. Freshen up then we will have breakfast together by then I will send Akash to office. She agrees not to tell anyone anything at home. Mukku thanks her. meethi has a condition. You have to tell at office that you wouldn’t come to office today as your little sister is very ill. Mukku smiles as she hears this. Meethi leaves. Mukku again feels sad as there is no text or call from Vishnu.

Vishnu in his office is wondering the same thing as he sits in an interview waiting for the interviewer. Don’t know where she would have gone. She hasn’t called yet. Shall I? But what will I say? God wish I get this job today then everything will be fine after which I can ask Mukku to leave this job. The interviewer asks Vishnu what work to give him here when he is so qualified. Vishnu is ok with anything. I wont give you any chance to complaint. The interviewer agrees to call him back with the details. Vishnu is somewhat relieved at the idea and leaves after thanking him.

Rathore continues driving. We see another flashback where Rathore is running after Malvika. She again tells him she doesn’t want this baby. I want to do modelling and get fame, money. He understands her dreams. I wont stop you ever. You can do whatever you want to. I will fulfil all the duties for our daughter. Another flashback where he is shown praying while Malvika looks sadly at her belly. Malvika lights a match and sets fire in the room where she is standing. He asks for his lunch and notices the fire and screams for her. Flashback ends! Rathore stops his car. He remembers how he had rushed her to the hospital. Her hand was all burnt and he kept shouting reassurances at her. he steps out of the car to feel better. He recalls how Dharamvir Chaubey had rushed in just then. He had told the doc that his sister (Malvika) dint want to be a mom but his husband made her do this and took her life. Rathore comes running with the medicines but doc declares her dead by then. Chaubey blames Rathore for everything that happened with his sister. Rathore had pushed him and fled from there. Back to present, Rathore announces that I am coming now ACP Dharamvir Chaubey.

Maiyya is thinking of finding some way so that she can stop Akash and Meethi from leaving this house. I will apologize and beg if need be but wont let him go. I know Ambika is behind all this. I will have to stop her asap or else she would ruin my home. Maiyya was passing by from their room when she stops as she hears them talking. Meethi suggests staying here only till Mukta is there. I don’t want her to know anything as she herself is in so much problem. She will get more tensed only. Akash agrees with her. mukta needs you right now. Once she is all fine then we will do what you will say. She asks him to go to office. He doesn’t want to leave her alone. She assures him nothing will happen to her as Mukta and Ambika are there for me. don’t worry till they both are there for me. He is still hesitant but she stays put. She goes to make breakfast for him asking him to get ready in the meanwhile. Maiyya is thankful that Mukta has come. Now Akash wont leave home. Even if its for 1-2 days but I got a chance to prove it that Ambika is behind all this. She is the real culprit, not me!

Mukku checks her phone but is sad as there is no message or anything till now from Vishnu. he dint even call me once. She dials his number but then disconnects it. Why to call him when he isn’t worried about me? She goes out of the room and is going downstairs when he hears Akash shouting for Meethi. he wants his towel. Mukku looks around for Meethi but cannot see her anywhere. She is going down to check on her when she notices Ambika approaching Akash’s room very carefully. Ambika makes sure that no one is around before she finally enters his room. Mukku is watching all this from far. She gets thinking. Why did Ambika go in Akash’s room?

Mukku goes to see what Ambika has gone inside for. Ambika asks Akash what he wants. Akash goes quiet as notices her. she tells him that Meethi must be busy downstairs tell me what you want. He asks for his towel. Mukku peeks in from outside. Ambika picks up the towel. She holds it out for him and her thumb rubs against his finger. She is happy as feels the touch. Akash says earlier Meethi used to be around only. Now that she has started walking she has taken over all the responsibilities of the house. Ambika says it is good that the wheelchair is gone now. Aren’t you happy about it? He is indeed very happy. he goes in to freshen up after thanking her. she looks at herself in the mirror and blushes as she looks at her hand. Mukku is observing everything from outside. Ambika looks at the bathroom door once again before she leaves from the room. Mukku comes out of her hiding place. I am not finding something right here with Ambika’s reactions. It feels like she is something else and is pretending to be something else altogether. I should talk to Meethi.

Precap: Nani has come to Vishnu’s house and calls for Mukku. Vishnu tells her she isn’t home. Nani is surprised. I called at her office and was told that she isn’t well. In this condition she isn’t home? Vishnu replies she might be coming home after paying a visit to the doc. Nani has caught his lie and asks him to speak out the truth.

Update Credit to: pooja

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