Uttaran 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 30th September 2013 Written Update

Mukku says we can never be friends. You know why? As however much angry I would be on you or even curse you or tell you that I hate you (being angry over you) but the truth is – I loved you, love you today as well and would always do. Do you have the slightest idea of the pain I feel when I see you with Meethi? She runs off from there almost moved to tears. He says…even you don’t have the idea of what I am going through.

Everyone is anxious to get some news about Surabhi. Suddenly they hear someone screaming…leave me. Akash has been tightly held by the 2 security guards and he is yelling at them. How can you stop me from meeting my sister? I have to meet my sister. The nurse tries to tell him he cannot go but he continues trying to get free. Jogi goes to his rescue. He is with

me. Nurse says visiting hours are over that’s why we stopped him. Jogi says he will do all the formalities. Kanha tells him that Surabhi’s condition is very critical. Doc said they might not be able to save the baby. Jogi tries to comfort Akash who looks worried thinking about his sister and her baby. Akash looks at the light out OT’s room and thinks of his sister. Meethi sees the pain he is in. a song plays in the background as Meethi looks at him; Mukku comes there and is surprised to see Akash here…she looks at Meethi who is thinking something by now. Vishnu comes there too.

The doc comes out finally. Kanha asks him about Surabhi. Doc tells him he got a baby boy. Everyone is a little relived but Kanha says it was critical to save the baby. Doc reminds him that the other doc had told you we will try to save both of them. Thank God the baby is saved. Premature baby, C-section so will have to keep the baby under observation. Akash and Kanha ask for Surabhi. He tells them she lost a lot of blood while operation. Everything is in God’s hands now. Akash says I will give you any amount of money but save my sister. The doc calmly replies if we could save lives by money then life would have been easier. Akash pulls him by his collar warning him to save his sister. Meethi is shocked. Jogi tries to calm him down. Akash begs him now to save his sister. She is my only sister. She is there because of me. Do anything but save her. Jogi assures him nothing will happen to her. Kanha wants to meet her. Doc says you can, when we will shift her to ICU….but only one person at a time. He goes off followed by the other doc. Meethi is feeling bad for Akash.

Kanha goes to meet Surabhi. Sad Kal Ho Na Ho begins playing in the background as he looks at her with tears in his eyes. One of his tear falls on her hand and she stirs / wakes up. She asks about their baby. Have you seen him? Nurse was saying he looks like me. Kanha keeps on crying. Don’t let him be like me. He will be a good human being if he follows you. Kanha shakes his head. You are very good…even more than me. Nothing will happen to you. Doc said all will be well. She says…have hurt you a lot. Whether God forgives me or not, you please forgive me or I wont be at peace. He denies. I should be the one apologizing. I took a lot of time in understanding you. I wouldn’t let you go. You wont go anywhere. She wipes his tears. Has anyone come from my home? Kanha tells her about Akash. He wants to meet you. Outside, Jogi tells Akash to go meet his sister.

Akash is sad to see her sister like this. He goes to the other side of her bed and takes her hand in his. Kanha goes out of the room. Everyone is worried to see him crying. They tell him to be strong. Nothing will happen to her. Akash too tells his sister he wont let anything happen to his sister. If something happens to you then I will ruin everything. She tells him no more revenge now. Everyone took care of me. She starts breathing hard and Akash shouts for doc. Everyone outside is alarmed.


Surabhi starts speaking in between short breaths….I want you and Meethi to be together always. He assures her nothing will happen to her. He calls out for doc again. The monitor bleeps again and she passes away. Doc comes there with the nurse. He sends Akash out but he stays put. Doc checks her pulse and goes out. Akash wonders why he went outside. Nurse closes Surabhi’s eyes. He shouts at her and then for the doc. He shouts for his sister next. Everyone outside are shocked to hear it.

Everyone rushes up to the doc. Kanha asks him about the noise. Is everything alright? Doc apologizes to them. We couldn’t save her. Everyone is shocked. Kanha isn’t ready to believe his Surabhi is gone. He is lying! Doc leaves from there without saying anything. Jogi tries to calm Kanha but in vain. He breaks down. She left me all alone. They all go inside to see her. Akash looks at his sister from far…in shock. He walks out of the room.

Maiyya and Agarth are seen walking towards the room. They meet Akash. Agarth asks for Surabhi and simply follows his gaze to get his answer. Maiyya is emotional seeing him. You dint tell me and came here? He keeps looking towards the room without answering her.


Agarth rushes in to meet his daughter. He tries waking her up but in vain. Were you upset with your dad that you left us? Maiyya interrupts….she dint left us (shocking everyone). Your family has done ample favors on our family. First you killed our son and now our daughter. What has everyone done to you? Bhaiya, they all are killers of our daughter. They took revenge from our family. She (Surabhi) was thinking she would live happily at her husband’s place. They dint even let her live. You are all killers! And this Damini….you had so much trust on her….she ate her up. And this Kanha…she said I want to go to him he loves me a lot. If he would have loved her wouldn’t she be alive today? Why did you kill her? You could have sent her back. She would have been alive today if she was with us. Jogi tells her not to spread poison here when everyone is lamenting. She retorts…your maid’s daughter has poisoned my life. I lost my husband and my brother lost both of his kids. We wont let you live peacefully now. Jogi interrupts her. Our family lost its daughter-in-law just now and my grandson has lost his wife…don’t test our patience right now. It will be good for you. It’s a request.

Precap: Mukku says (to Vishnu) I came here in your wife’s absence. If you felt bad then please forgive me. I have come here for an answer….a question which is in my mind since last few days and I wont be at peace till I get the answer. Did you love me for real?

Update Credit to: pooja

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