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Sankrant plays the video clip on his laptop. They find Ambika calling Advocate Khatri. She talks about bailing her mother. She has been jailed for attempting to murder Ekadish Chatterjee. All the accusations are false. Don’t worry about money. Everyone is shocked to know that Mauli, Malvika Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, is actually Ambika’s mother. Sankrant tells Ambika that her game is over. Your truth is out in front of everyone now. I understand this much that you and your mother had come here to only plot against us. You thought that I am a very big fool. Maiyya is irked that one problem sorted and now another has come up. Sankrant tells her to think that the house is cleaning up. We are catching all our enemies red handed. You (Ambika) can give any (false) explanation right now if you want to. You may lie or be honest now but you will have to definitely leave this house now. I should have listened to you bhabhi. You were right. It is Ambika’s nature. This time also she came in the house only to cheat us or there can be no other reason for her mother to come to our house as Mauli. Why are you (Ambika) quiet now? Is this because you got caught or you are busy framing another story to tell us? You went to doc’s clinic directly from airport. I was worried that I should not have sent you there alone. But you dint go there, in fact doc was on off today. Where had you gone to?

She admits that she had gone to meet her mother as she is in jail. It is true that she came in this house as Mauli to create a place for me in this house. I agree that my intentions were not right. I wanted to seek revenge from all of you. maiyya is upset with herself for bringing Mauli and then Ambika back in the house. What has happened to me? Sankrant says you are your mother were only cheating us. She even tried to kill my mother. Ambika denies. nandini has trapped Ma in a false allegation. I don’t know why she has done that but I was only trying to get my mother bailed. Sankrant claps angrily. I fought with my brother, my bhabhi for her. I even insulted Maiyya for her! leave from here. She requests him not to do so. Where will I go? he suggests her to go to her mother in jail. He pushes her and Meethi holds Ambika. Meethi nods reassuringly at Ambika. Ambika recalls her mother’s words regarding Meethi. Sankrant tells his bhabhi not to stop Ambika. She doesn’t deserve to stay here. She will kill us only. I don’t even want to see her face.

Meethi asks Sankrant if he can only see Ambika’s mistake and not his. He is confused and so is Akash. Meethi says it was your decision to marry Akash. We all wanted you to marry Kajri didi but you broke relation with her because you loved Ambika. You love her which is why you are feeling hurt. Ambika has broken your heart and trust again. this is why you are feeling bad. Maiyya too is not able to understand anything. I know that Ambika is pregnant but I am worried that she will not stop plotting against you if she stays here. Meethi says what all Ambika has done is her karma. My karma is to stop things from going wrong in this house. I am doing that only. She turns to Sankrant. It is your personal matter if you both have a fight. But remember one thing, Ambika is pregnant with your child. You cannot ignore that. You both have made a mistake and not that baby. Why should it be punished? She tells Ambika that God has blessed them by giving them a baby. If you both want then you can forget the past and start afresh. You may not understand what it is to become a mother. Ask me, I cannot become a mother ever. I cannot describe that pain to anyone. but you can become a mother. I cannot express my happiness now that I have adopted Rani. You have everything Ambika, a good family, a nice life partner and a baby. Please change for good. Stop doing all this. Ambika says sorry to Meethi. I couldn’t understand you. ma is right you are very good, you have a really big heart. If it was someone else in your place then they wouldn’t have thought so much about me. She touches Meethi’s feet but Meethi stops her. she requests Sankrant to take care of his baby. Think about its future. She gives Ambika’s hand in Sankrant’s. The new year is about to come Maiyya. We should welcome it with an open heart. We should make a new beginning. A new life is about to come in this house in this new year. We should make preps to welcome it.

Maiyya calls her mad. You always think with your heart which is why your words become true. Meethi smiles. Maiyya warns Ambika not to do anything wrong now or I wont spare you. AMbika promises. She also apologizes to Sankrant. Akash compliments Meethi. this family is together just because of you. I am proud that you are my wife. Meethi points out that they still have to do two things. One, we will have to bail Malvika ji as she was not at fault. Nandini had lit the fire. Two, it is very important to tell someone else about Malvika ji.

Meethi, Ambika and Nani are at Mukta’s place. Meethi tells Mukta about Mauli being Malvika. Nani is irked. Maybe it is another drama of Ambika’s. Meethi denies. Ambika is saying the truth. She is regretting her past deeds now. I want Mukta to forgive AMbika. I know it will be really tough for Mukta to accept Ambika has her sister and Malvika as her mother. Mukta declines. I don’t need any step sister or step mother. Nani agrees with Mukta. I think Ambika is after Raghuvendra’s property. She will only feel happy once she gets money. Ambika refuses to take anything. Whatever belongs to Mukta will be hers only. I have made enough mistakes in the past. Meethi’s goodness has changed me. nani isn’t interested. You (Meethi) have been hurt in the past because of Ambika. Don’t trust her again. meethi points out that trust builds relations. We cannot change our past. Rathore uncle had a past. Ambika too has one! Mukta is taken aback. You are saying this? papa was living his life in guilt thinking that he couldn’t save his first wife. And here Malvika ji was busy plotting against us. These people are cheats, you know that. Papa is still searching for them around the world. Nani too refuses to trust Ambika again. meethi requests her not to say so. Everyone makes mistakes. Tell me about one person who has not made a single mistake in life. You too have made mistakes. Your thoughts about Uttaran that you still continue to believe in, has mixed poison in our lives. She reminds Mukta that they too have fought in the past. We had become each other’s arch enemies but everything has changed today. we love each other so much that we cannot stay away from each other. The best part is that we have become friends again. It is Ambika’s turn now. She is saying sorry to us and has been apologizing to everyone. She is regretting her mistakes. She is asking for a chance. We have seen love in Rathore uncle’s heart for Ambika. Can we not accept her for him? there is still some place for Malvika ji in Rathore Uncle that he has gone all the way to Dubai to look for her. why would he go otherwise? We have been trying to overlook the truth but can we not face it for him atleast? Think how happy he will be that you have accepted Ambika as your sister. Mukta asks her what she wants from her. papa too wanted me to accept Ambika. But I cannot do this. I cannot accept any step sister or step mother. I have only one mother and one sister. I cannot do this. I cannot accept anyone else, especially Ambika! She leaves from there. Nani is about to go after Mukta but Meethi requests her to wait here. I will talk to her.

Rani is playing with Manav. Vishnu says that Nandini has left from the house but Khanna is still a problem. Till the time we get any proof against him his threat stays. Akash cannot understand what can be the reason. I know Nandini and KHanna knew each other in the past but we don’t know anything else. How will we find it out? Vishnu knows that Khanna is tolerating Nandini for some reason. I guess she has some proof, Khanna’s weakness! We will have to find it out. Akash agrees but how to find out the reason. Vishnu wishes that they could somehow get hold of that pen drive. We would have got that Khanna arrested right away. rani over hears their convo. She recalls that lipstick shaped pen drive. She gives Manav to Akash and runs upstairs.

Akash compliments Vishnu that Manav has taken after him. Vishnu replies that he has taken after Mukta. Rani comes back with the pen drive. Vishnu jokes if he should put lipstick now. Rani shakes her head. meethi Ma has hidden pen drive in it. Vishnu and Akash get alert. Rani tells them that she had given it to Chameli. She had actually seen the photos inside it on laptop. Akash tells her to hold Manav. Akash finds the pen drive, switches on his laptop and plays the video. Vishnu and Akash see Aslam’s video.

Precap: Rani eats the poisonous one. Blood starts coming out of her nose immediately. She is shocked, tries to get up the apple starts showing its effect. She calls out for Meethi Ma but then falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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