Uttaran 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Rathore and Damini are taking Meethi to their car. Akash watches them from a distance and is shocked to see Meethi on a wheelchair. He runs to their car, but it’s too late. Rathore has already driven away. Akash looks at the sky and screams, this is not what I asked. I asked to make Meethi fine in return of leaving her. I asked for her happiness and you made her paralyze. I fulfilled my promise, but you didn’t. Why?

Nani calls Maiyya. Maiyya gives her a good news that she called Ambika home so Akash cannot go to meet Meethi. Nani is very happy and tells Maiyya that she can be a good student of her. Maiyya gets bored from Nani’s talk and says she has some work and asks her to call her if anything important. After the call ends, Nani says she couldn’t save Mukta from Vishnu, but she

separated Meethi and Akash.

In car, Damini and Rathore are worried for Meethi. Rathore says, I know you’re very hurt and I am very sorry for that. Meethi tells him that she is fine and it’s not his or Damini’s fault. It’s her own mistake that she trusted Akash and came here. She then asks Rathore if he can do something for her. Rathore says he will get her whatever she wants. Meethi then says she wants Mukta and Vishnu’s marriage to be done tomorrow before she leaves. Rathore is shocked and stopped the car.

At Meethi’s home, everyone is excited, especially Mukta, to welcome Akash and Meethi.

Rathore asks Meethi what she’s saying. Meethi says that she has decided to shift elsewhere with Damini. Rathore says, I know you’re very hurt, and he tries to explain to her that he has also gone through the same, and he also left the city, but he later realized that it was a wrong decision. Meethi requests him not to stop her saying she has already become paralyzed with her legs and she doesn’t want to become paralyzed with her mind now as everything here reminds her of Akash. Rathore is speechless.

Akash returns home in a shocked state where Maiyya is telling Ambika’s father that she sent her with Akash for shopping. Maiyya asks Akash about Ambika as she is not with Akash. Akash says, who Ambika? Ambika and Maiyya are shocked. Ambika’s father gets angry. Maiyya tells him that Akash is just joking. She asks Akash again. This time Akash says that he left her in the market as he got some urgent work. Ambika’s father gets furious. Maiyya asks him what important work. Akash doesn’t say anything and is leaving from there. Ambika’s father holds his hand and stops him. He then calls Ambika who is at police station. She tells him that she is fine. Ambika’s father then leaves Akash’s hand and lets him go.

At police station, Ambika drags an auto driver and files a complaint against him as he refused to go with her. She says, no one can refuse for anything to her.

Back to Akash’s house, Ambika’s father tells Maiyya to make Akash understand else it won’t be good for Akash or Maiyya. Maiyya tries to change the topic by offering him sweets, but he refuses and leaves from there.

Meethi, Rathore, Damini return home with sad faces. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see Akash with Meethi. Smile slowly disappears from everyone’s faces as they don’t see Akash. Damini takes Meethi with her and they go in. Mukta looks at Rathore and cries and hugs him.

Akash is recalling what he just saw and is looking at his engagement rings. Maiyya enters and is angry at Akash. Akash returns the ring and says he cannot marry Ambika or anyone else. Maiyya is shocked.

Precap: Mukta and Vishnu are with Meethi. Vishnu asks her, you will leave your own for Akash? Meethi says, you’re my own that is why I am requesting to you all. Other side, Maiyya, in anger, tells Akash, you will waste your life for that paralyzed girl? Akash is shocked and asks her, you knew about her being paralyzed? Maiyya tries to ignore his question.

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