Uttaran 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 29th April 2014 Written Update

Kajri runs off in a different direction. Akash tells Meethi to go towards their car while he will get Kajri bhabhi. Meethi goes reluctantly. Akash runs after Kajri. Maharani’s men are looking for Kajri too and go in the same direction as Akash. Akash meets Kajri and they both hide in the jungle. Maharani’s guys continue with their search. Akash assures Kajri they had come here to look for her only. We have to reach Meethi somehow. Don’t make any noise. She nods and they both run in the opposite direction so as to reach their car.

Mukta is pacing worriedly in her home. She looks at Meethi-Akash’s marriage picture. Nani asks her what she is thinking. Mukta is sure someone has cast an evil eye on their friendship. I had become a good friend of Akash before his wedding with Meethi. Don’t

know what has happened to him now! Nani tells her that men change after wedding. They follow what their wives say. Mukta makes it clear that she dint have any fight with Meethi We still are very good friends. Nani calls Meethi a clever wife. She will never come in the front. She will make the men fight. However much the world changes the truth inside people never changes. Ram hi Rakhey two women can be very good friends when one of them is pregnant while the other is not then jealousy is born. This is a truth which will never change. Don’t know what all will Meethi’s jealousy of being not pregnant will bring for them. Mukta is indeed worried now.

Akash finally reaches where Meethi is. He tells her to sit in the car but she is concerned for Vishnu. What will we say to Mukta? What if these people Kajri tells them that this place is very dangerous. They can do anything. He tells Meethi to take Kajri bhabhi home with her while he will go back to look for Vishnu. She tells him to be careful.

Maharani asks his men about Kajri. She is very angry over what has happened for the first time here. She asks Munna to step forward. She cuts his hand with blade. Fear is the most important thing in our occupation. Today one person has run away it can happen tomorrow again. No this cannot be. I want Kajri at any cost. Go and get her.

Pavitra opens the door and is surprised to find Kajri. Kajri has covered her head with her saree. Pavitra welcomes her inside. Maiyya is surprised to see Kajri. Kajri too is scared to see her but Meethi nods at her assuringly. Maiyya wonders how come Kajri has come with Meethi. You had taken her pic with you while you were leaving home. What’s the matter? Maiyya points out that Kajri is in colourful clothes. You are a widow then what’s all this? Did you marry again? Meethi tells Maiyya to let Kajri didi rest as she is tired. We will talk about this tomorrow. Pavitra asks Kajri if she has come alone. They both leave. Pavitra is sure Meethi is hiding something from us.

Akash carefully comes back to the room where he had a fight with Vishnu but he is not there. Yuvi’s guy meets him and asks him what is he doing here. He lies to Akash that that guy has left from here long back. You too go now. Akash wonders about Vishnu’s whereabouts. Yuvi smiles evilly as he sees Akash going back home. He calls up someone. I am sending some photos. Take out their prints and send them at that address right now. Munna asks him to come with him to meet Maharani. She is in a very bad mood today. You too will get a line of fate in her hand (just like me). Yuvi follows him.

Mukta tells Nani that she is trying to reach Vishnu, Meethi but they both are unreachable. We all were to meet tonight. nani is upset that she still trusts them. You think everything will be fine if you sit and talk? Anyone can make mistakes, says Mukta. I should give them a chance. Plus I cannot end mine and Meethi’s friendship because of Akash. I cannot lose Meethi. Tappu asks her if she has spoken to either Meethi or Vishnu. Mukta has been unable to reach either of them. Nani points out that she must not take so much stress in this condition. Don’t think about them at all. Don’t trust this drama of forgiveness. Tappu requests her not to sow any seed of doubt in Mukta’s mind. You always twist things in a different manner altogether. Nani agrees not to. Mukta wants to drop a message to Meethi. She might be stuck in some work. She writes a message to Meethi asking her to get back to her urgently.

Maharani tells Munna to return Yuvi’s money. I couldn’t do your work. Plus I lost one of my birdies because of your work. Do you know how much I had paid for her? Yuvi offers to pay more than that but Mahrani is not interested. She has insulted me in the market. If one can run then others can try it too. This will mean that my game will be over. I don’t want money but Kajri.If I don’t get her back then see what I will do. I will make her (Kajri) dance openly in the market and make her wear ghungroos. She asks Munna to lock Yuvi inside. He will not go anywhere till I get Kajri. He stops Munna. If you will keep me here then how will I find Kajri? I only want two days. Trust me I will bring her to you. Munna is ordered to keep a close watch on Yuvi. He leaves for home.

Akash comes home. Meethi asks him if he dropped her home. He replies that they dint find Vishnu there. She is worried what will they tell Mukta. I have 15 missed calls and message from her. What to tell her? Akash is angry with Vishnu for they found him in a brothel with Kajri bhabhi. Meethi is against it. She had thought to talk to Kajri didi but she was not in a state to talk. Akash wonders what has happened to Vishnu. He fought with me twice and it is good that we reached there on time or God knows what would he have done with kajri bhabhi. Meethi again gets Mukta’s call. this time she picks it up. Mukta shares with Meethi that she is not able to reach Vishnu. She talks to Akash about it. Akash lies that he has not seen or met Vishnu today. Akash recalls his encounter with Vishnu today. Mukta is very much worried for Vishnu. He did not drop any message or anything today. Please inform me if you get to know anything. He promises.Take care of yourself. He is upset as he ends the call.

Damini tells Mutka not to worry. Vishnu will come. If you will continue to worry like this then you will fall ill. Door bell rings. Mukta opens the envelope and is shocked to see the photos. A tear comes out of the corner of her eyes.

Precap: Mukta confronts Akash about his fight with Vishnu. She shows them (Akash-Meethi) the photos. Why did you lie to me? Akash tries to tell her but she is in no mood to listen to him now.

Update Credit to: pooja

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