Uttaran 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 28th June 2013 Written Update

Damini is muttering to herself…….Ekadish! Meethi is shocked. Ekadish? Why did Anni take her name all of a sudden? Is this all because of her? What did she say that Anni got attack?
She has flashback of finding the receiver not kept properly. The episode ends on her wondering if it was Ekadish’s call that is responsible for Anni’s condition.
Damini repeats a lot many times…he is coming. Meethi bends down to listen but is unable to understand. The nurse comes and reprimands her for breaking the rules of ICU. Meethi tells her to let her stay for a little longer as she wants to say something. But the nurse tells her to leave sternly. She wonders who is coming and where. What did Anni want to day? Was she actually hinting at someone’s arrival or saying something else altogether? The

nurse tells her to go and she closes the door behind her as she walks out.

Someone walks inside Thakur House and stand in front of Iccha’s photo. IT IS AKASH (yayy yayy!). He folds his hands in front of her. He recalls a past incident where he had cooked breakfast for everyone and Iccha had said kind words about him. Next he spots a pic of Anni with Meethi. He caresses the photo. I have come for you Meethi. I will apologize to you and your family. But where are you? He walks around and notices the broken glass lying on floor. He wonders if all is well as the door was left open and the broken glass. Just then the landline rings. It is the person in whose daughter’s marriage Jogi Thakur had gone. He asks about Damini’s condition. Have you reached city hospital yet? Akash takes the clue.

Mukku gets coffee for Divya and Jogi. They ask for Meethi. Mukku tells them that Vishnu has gone to the ICU to get her.

Meethi again enters the ICU. The doc gets upset with her. Do you want her to get infected? Meethi denies. I just want to know what she is trying to say. Damini again repeats….he is coming. Meethi tries to assure her that she is here with her. But doc cuts her off. She is not in a condition to talk. This is my last warning to you. If you come here again then I will take strict action against you.
Meethi begs him to let her stay in the corner. Vishnu comes there. He makes her see sense. Try to understand that the rules are for a patient’s speedy recovery. She can catch infection this way. Lets go. Damini looks at both of them leaving (hazy vision). She passes out again.

Vishnu has his arms around Meethi and they are heading to the cafeteria. Akash walks inside the hospital. He checks at the reception. The nurse directs him to room no. 109. He walks in that corridor just as Meethi and Vishnu step out of vision. He looks through the hole in Damini’s ward’s room. She gets super shocked to see him. Ekadish’s words haunt her again. My son is coming to take your granddaughter with him. Save her if you can. If you want to keep her safe then keep her away from him or else if she comes here then I will make her life hell. She removes her oxygen mask. Her face reflects pain, hurt and anger as she puts raises her hand towards the door (Akash). Blood starts coming out of her nose and ear (eerie….). akash moves aside just as her vision becomes hazy again.

Maiyya is sleeping peacefully in her rocking chair when Agarth walks in. He looks at her and drapes a blanket around her. Sleep peacefully as much as you want. It is I who has lost all the sleep. You forgot your brother when it came to your son. I am done with your ruling the house. The stars will soon turn in my favour. Sleep peacefully till then.

Mukku and everyone try to make Meethi drink coffee as she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. But she declines everyone. The doc comes and interrupts their discussion. We have an emergency here. The patient has got internal bleeding. It happens in very rare cases though. Her blood group is O- which is very rare to find. We need to find a donor asap as it isn’t available in our hospital. The staff is also trying their best but you too should try. They are shocked and Vishnu again stops Meethi from going to the ICU again. It is more important to find a donor right now.
The doc leaves telling them to take the blood banks’ numbers from them and try to call them all. Vishnu, Jogi and Mukku get to work. Meethi cries helplessly. I cannot understand what to do. Divya assures her that nothing will happen to her. We all are here to take care of her. They share a hug.


All three of them are searching for the donor but to no use. Finally, Vishnu calls one of his friends Rahul who turns out to be an O-. He is asked to reach in half an hour. He shares the news with all. They feel relieved and thanks God. Now Damini will be alright. Meethi cries with happiness.

Jogi tells doc about finding a donor. The doc in turn surprises him. We have found a donor here in the hospital itself. Blood transfusion has begun already.


Jogi is elated and shares the good news with Divya, Meethi and Mukta. Everyone smiles relieved. Meethi wants to know about the donor who will save her Anni. She goes to see him. She peeps in through the ward to look at the donor but the nurse is standing in between. She thanks God for sending an angel to save her Anni’s life. I will meet him for sure. I will pray to God to give him all the happiness that he deserves. The nurse and doc finally move away revealing Akash. They both notice each other and a chant plays. She is shocked to see him there. Akash! There is a tear at the corner of Akash’s eye (I love his corner-eye tear).

Precap: Meethi walks in and removes the blood transfusion strips angrily. This guy wouldn’t give blood to my Anni. His blood is actually poison with which he will kill my Anni. It cannot go in her veins. The doc tells her to go out as it is ICU. Akash watches her sadly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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