Uttaran 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Akash saying I know you love Vishnu and I love Meethi. Once she returns to me then Vishnu can be yours. I will get my love and you will get yours. Join hands with me to fulfill this one mission. He has stretched out his hand in front of her and she looks at him confused. Maybe you don’t know this but Meethi wanted to come out of this relation but it was Vishnu who is adamant to fulfill all traditions and rituals. She turns away from him in a huff. I don’t want to know if they both are happy with this relation or not or what Meethi or Vishnu wants. I don’t care at all. Right now I want to why that one person who stood up with you against everyone; fought with everyone for your sake, my dad…why is he behind the bars today? Akash didn’t know any of it. She asks him if

he dint knew her dad is in jail because of his mother. You very well know he is innocent. He dint do anything. I only want to know if you can do anything to get him out or not. And if you cannot, then I am not interested to hear anything which you have to say. She starts walking away from him and Akash is thinking hard.

Kanha, Jogi and Damini have brought Surabhi to the hospital as she is in pain. Kanha is worried for her. She keeps her hand on his. He is hesitant for a second but then asks her to say what she wants to. She tells him to call her dad. She is taken inside the OT and Kanha stands outside wondering about her dad. Jogi tells him to be strong.

Damini is very much worried and so is everyone else. Mukta notices Kanha standing all lost. She gives him coffee or water or something. She assures Ammo Nani too that nothing will happen to Surabhi bhabhi. Damini nods in a way to reassure herself that she will be fine. Jogi goes to Kanha. We should at times listen to our heart too…the decisions shouldn’t be taken from the mind only. Your wife wants to meet her dad. Looking at the condition she is in, don’t you think you must call him? Kanha counters….Rathore Uncle is in the jail because of him. Jogi very calmly replies they are her family. Plus in times like this all that doesn’t matter. Your Ammo had taught you that one forgives by actions not by words. Call them. Kanha nods. He goes aside to make the call.

Just then Meethi and Vishnu make an entry. Damini says (to Meethi) don’t know what happened to Surabhi all of a sudden. She had called up at Aatishgarh and her health deteriorated. We called the doc, she was anyways weak and suddenly started having pains. Vishnu asks them what the doc said. Jogi says nothing so far. Meethi confirms that it is the 7th month of pregnancy. Damini nods. Meethi assures her all will be well. You must not take so much tension.

Mukta looks at Vishnu and he too looks at her. Everyone is waiting anxiously for any news. Damini is silently praying to God. Kanha comes back after making the call. I have called them…they are coming. Vishnu asks if anyone needs anything. They all deny.

Doc comes out and wants to meet the patient’s husband. Kanha comes forward. Doc tells them he doesn’t want to hide anything. Your wife’s condition is critical. She has lost a lot of blood. Everyone is shocked. Jogi asks him if she will be fine. Damini gets hyper. What are you saying? You are like God do something. You can do something right? Do something how can you say like this? Tappu wonders how she got so weak so soon. She was fine in the morning. Doc says any stress can be dangerous in pregnancy. We don’t have time to discuss all this right now. We don’t have that much time. Right now you will have to make a decision. We can either save the mother or the baby. Everyone is stunned. They want both of them to be saved. Doc assures them they will try their best save both of them but situation can turn the other way round too. We might have to make a decision in split second as to who to save. And you (Kanha) have to make this decision for that case – who to save…your wife or your baby? Nurse gives him the form to sign a declaration. Kanha’s hand is shivering as he holds the pen in his hand. Jogi watches in horror. Doc tells them they don’t have time. Kanha somehow signs those papers. All the happy moments of his and Surabhi flash before his eyes in that moment. The pen slips from his fingers and he says – save my Surabhi (yayyy 🙂 ). Everyone gets emotional as they hear him say that. Please save my wife….any which way. The doc goes back to resume the operation. Jogi comforts Kanha. Damini is crying now. How can one make such a decision….how tough it is to decide what to choose out of the baby or wife? Meethi tries to calm her down assuring her nothing bad will happen. Kanha is repeating to himself to save his wife. Vishnu tries to calm him down. All will be fine. Kanha shakes his head. I made a very big mistake. I wont be able to forgive myself ever if something happens to her. Vishnu assures him nothing bad will happen. You have to be strong. Jogi thinks….at times fate pushes us to make such decisions in front of which we stand helpless. Kanha is crying desperately.

Meethi recalls her vidai moments when she had hugged Surabhi before leaving. Surabhi had said, I feel if Maiyya hadn’t come here today then things would have happened differently. And I know this very well too that no one can love you like my brother does. Still I will pray that you and Vishnu stay happy together. She is standing somewhere in the corridor all alone lost in thoughts when she remembers Akash. No one would have told him as no one knows he is here. Anni’s health will deteriorate after seeing him here. No, my Anni is intelligent she will understand it. After all they both are brother and sister. He must be with her. I should call him here. She calls home and tells everything to him. She turns and stops shocked as Vishnu is standing there. He keeps looking at her. She mumbles…I was talking to Akash. I thought that he must be with his sister right now as they are brother and sister that’s why I called him. Vishnu says why you are so worried. Did I say anything? It was important to tell Akash. You did right. I have this much trust on you. She thanks him. He turns to go but she stops him. I have a request to make. I don’t want anyone to know that Akash is staying in our house and is now a legal owner of half of the Bundela House. He replies we have seen the result of hiding the truth already. If we would have told everything to everyone then things wouldn’t have gone that far. Try to speak truth at times. She asks him what benefit telling this truth now would bring. Anni too will get admitted in this hospital. Do you want that? You can see the state she is in. Everyone will be all the more worried and it will just worsen the situation that’s why I am requesting you. He too is worried about Anni’s health. Mukku who was passing by notices them and stops to listen to their convo. We have been quiet so far only because of her. Vishnu notices Mukku who looks hurt. Meethi says I know I am wrong this time as well. I don’t want to increase their tensions. They are worried already. I only request you to understand the situation. I am going to Anni and bhaiya. Vishnu keeps looking at both the ladies one by one. Meethi leaves. Mukku recalls Akash’s words.


Damini checks with kanha if he called over Surabhi’s family. He nods. She likes it. He says there is so much unsaid and unheard between us. Time changes quickly. Once she wanted to talk and apologize to me but I dint give her even one chance and now. Damini makes him understand that at times there is only silence between a husband and a wife. But if you look deeper then you can clearly hear that silence as to who is to be blamed for that. Kanha is in tears again. Meethi replays the words in her mind.

Mukku stops seeing Vishnu. She keeps going after a minute but he asks her if they can talk for a minute. She stays put in her place. He says whatever had to happen, has happened. She retorts he isn’t saying this for the first time then corrects herself saying you. He says I know you are upset with me and you have every right to be. But after this whenever we will come face to face with each other then would we face each other with the same anger? We are one family only. Would we ignore each other always? Can we not be friends? We were friends earlier too. She says Mr. Vishnu Kashyap who are you trying to sympathize with by trying to be friends? Why are you acting all great? We can never be friends. You know why? As however much angry I would be on you or curse you or tell you that I hate you (being angry over you) but the truth is – I loved you, love you today as well and would always do.

Precap: Everyone rushes up to the doc. Kanha asks him about the noise. Is everything alright? Doc apologizes to them. We couldn’t save them / her / the baby (not clear). Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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