Uttaran 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Akash’s house & office
Meethi turns around and finds akash, and happily turns to him. but her leg wraps around in the carpet, and asksh saves her from falling. he asks her to take care from falling, and she is overwhelmed. she asks how can he love her so much, when people bad mouth her all the time. akash says that they shouldnt be bothered by what people say, as they know each other, and that this is their [art and he is waiting for the time when it comes to this world, and he gives her everything that he didnt give. meethi assures him and says that he would get all the happiness that he deserves. Akash asks her to promise not to stress herself over yuvaan, saying that he overheard her talk with Rathore. She agrees.

Akash receives a call from Sankrant who tells him about two employees, whom Akash fired, asking for money. Akash tells him that they insulted meethi and asks him to kick them out without giving any money. After the call, Sankrant beats the men up.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Tappu tells Rathore to go home and have some rest. He says he has to protect Mukta. Tappu is confused. He says he has to look after her. Tappu, Mukta, Nani all insist him to at least freshen up. He agrees. Seeing him going out, Yuvaan hides. Rathore senses a shadow and turns around, but by then Yuvaan has gone away. Rathore leaves. Yuvaan comes out and says Rathore won’t be able to stop him from doing what he wants to. Mukta sees him and he joins her.

He shows a holy place in Lonawala to Mukta, Tappu, and Nani. He suggests Mukta should go there to pray for Vishnu. Mukta agrees, but Tappu is hesitating. She tells Mukta it’s important for her to stay with Vishnu, but Mukta says Tappu and Rathore are with him and she is sure that they will take care of him. Tappu says she will call Rathore and ask him to send a car. Yuvaan says there is no need for that, he has a meeting in Lonawala, so he can take Mukta with him. Nani agrees with him. Mukta says she will need to talk to Rathore first, but all convince her to let Mukta go. Mukta goes to meet Vishnu before leaving.

She comes to his room and kisses on his cheek. She gets emotional seeing him. Yuvaan knocks the door and Mukta turns to leave. Her saree’s pallu is stuck in Vishnu’s hand. Mukta tells him to let her go, she’s going to pray for him. She removes her pallu and goes out of the room. Yuvaan smiles looking at Vishnu and waves his hand to him.

Scene 3:
Location: Akash’s house
Everyone is gathered for dinner when the two employees come to Akash’s house with police. Police say there’s a FIR against Akash. Meethi asks them what he did. Akash tells Meethi, it’s just some formalities, he will go and come back in couple of minutes. He tells Sankrant to come to police station with their lawyer as he doesn’t want any scene in their house. When they were about to leave, Maiyya asks what’s Akash’s crime? Police say Akash beat the men up and threatened them to kill. Akash’s family asks why he would do that. One of the employees says they just spoke the truth that Meethi spent two nights in the brothel. He further says if it was his wife, then he wouldn’t even let her enter the house, who knows whose child would be inside her. Meethi and others are shocked. Akash loses his temper and grabs his collar. Everyone tries to stop him. He stops when Meethi asks him to leave him. Akash tells her not to listen to them, he doesn’t trust them, he trusts his wife. He tells her to take care of herself and their child, he will be back soon after formalities. He leaves with police and the employees. Sankrant tells Kajri to take care of Meethi and he will go to police station with their lawyer. He too leaves.

Meethi says nothing should happen to Akash. Akash’s family members say they knew this would happen from start. People found a topic to raise a finger at them. Even maiyya is influenced by what just happened and she too says that she told and explained Akash a lot to abort the child. This completely shocks meethi and Kajri.

Precap: Akash is back home and is sitting with Meethi. Meethi is talking with Tappu on the phone. She asks her to give phone to Mukta. Tappu says she has gone to Lonawala to pray for Vishnu. Meethi says Rathore must with her then. Tappu says no, she went with her friend Yuvaan. Meethi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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