Uttaran 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th March 2013 Written Update

The doctors are rushing in to take care of Tappu as she is critical. He shares with the family that Tappu’s heart is very weak now as blood circulation is happening to only 15% of her body. He asks them for the blood. Mukta says that papa has gone to get that only.
He again reassures them that they haven’t given up on Tappu. The operation wasn’t as successful as they had wanted it to be. And now only one last option is left…Heart Transplant.
Everyone is shocked to hear this. Iccha hears this and asks Damini that she had told her that Tappu had regained consciousness.
Kanha wants to know why they need to do heart transplant. He explains that if they don’t supply blood immediately then her organs might stop working one by one. They are just hoping that they find a donor for her. There is no other way to save her now…we have 24 hours and we need to find the person asap.

Iccha wants to meet Tappu. The doctor stops her initially but on Jogi’s insistence, he lets her go in. All watch them from outside.

Iccha holds her hand in hers. She says….how can you do this to us? I know you are very stubborn…you have always been. You always tell us what you want and we are supposed to do that only. But not anymore Tappu. But this time you will have to listen to your Icchki. You have to get well soon. Please get well soon. (She cries holding her hand). You have to get well soon….for me, for our friendship, Papa, Mukta. We all need you a lot. We cant live without you. We all are praying for you to get well soon. Don’t be stubborn now…please get up. She kisses her fingers.
She has flashbacks of how they had met for the first time….how their friendship initiated and the happy moments that they had spent together. Uttaran’s music is playing in the background.

Iccha continues….whatever I am today is because of you only. You gave me everything…..papa’s love, family, everything. I had given up the hope of living with Veer but you gave me hope. You gave me a new life and today when your turn came…to live with Mr. Rathore and Mukta, then… she cries sadly. She holds her hand and states…this is the paradigm of Iccha & Tappu’s friendship. This friendship can never break. She recalls all the times when they had joined hands to work against something.

Jogi enters inside and puts his hand on her shoulder and then glances at Tappu.
Iccha says you always listen to whatever Tappu says and asks for….her every demand. But why doesn’t she listen to us for once? But this time, we will show her that if she is stubborn then we are stubborn too. She will have to listen to us this time.
Jogi tells her that Tappu is not conscious right now but whatever she has said would have definitely reached her heart. He consoles her and takes her outside with him.

Iccha assures him not to worry. Nothing will happen to our Tappu. I explained her na, she will definitely get well soon now. Jogi nods and goes in a corner wiping his tears. Mukta goes to him.
Iccha tells Kanha that she has some important work, she will be back soon. He should take care of everyone till then. Kanha wants to accompany her but she asks him to stay back and leaves.
Damini follows her and asks the same. She replies that she will be back soon. They must stay back to take care of papa and Mukta. She leaves from there and a sad music is playing in the background.


Iccha comes to the temple to pray for Tappu. As she climbs the stairs, she has numerous flashbacks of Tappu getting shot, doctor’s words about heart transplant, and their fun moments of their childhood. She has tears in her eyes as she looks at the idol of Maa Kali.


She holds a lit diya in her hand. She stares at the idol and says….I haven’t come here to beg or hold my hands in front of you. She has had enough of all that already. But she has come here for Tappu. She is breathing right now and is alive. But you have no right to take them away from her. I wont let it happen ever. You gave me everything in my childhood…ma, papa, ammo, family but Tappu gave me a lot more than you. She gave me back my love, my husband, my daughter Meethi’s happiness…everything. She even put her life in danger to save me but you are trying to snatch her life from her. But this time I wont let it happen. She has been away from us for last 18 years….she has suffered a lot in those years and has done penance for all her misdeeds. But now you have to save her life. In return, whatever you want….moon, stars, earth or sky I will get it. To stop your anger, ever Lord Shiva had to come in your way to stop you from causing further destruction.
Jayanti mangla kali is playing in the background all the while.

She says today, I, Iccha Veer Singh Bundela, is standing here in your feet. Give Tappu my life but get her well. Do anything but give her her life back. Take my life but bring back Tappu to life. Episode ends on her tearful face.

Precap: Iccha spots a truck approaching where 2 girls are playing. She shouts at the girl (calling her Tappu) to move from there. She comes in time and saves the girl but in turn gets hit badly. Everyone outside come rushing to help her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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