Uttaran 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Meethi and Akash convo in Dhaba. Missed here as Ma was watching sun tv… My episode again starts with Raghu shouting at Tappu on phone for her behaviour in the marriage. Tappu try to explain but Raghu doesnt let her do it. You all are concentrating on Icha and her family and never cared for your daughter. He explain about the Akash kidnapping Mukta and But Tappu is blaming Tej. Raghu refuse that Tej is not at fault but Akash. He throw the phone in anger. Mukta is worried about Meethi and what plans Akash is planning. She sees the phone to make call but drop the idea.
Meethi and Akash in car. Meethi ask for phone to talk to her family but Akash give some excuse to postpone. Akash and Meethi romance. he send her to get water bottle and scratch Meethi’s sim.

is angry that he is unable to kidnap Mukta. Tappu come with knife and ask him whether he kidnapped Mukta, he refuse. Better be in limits or I will start digging the secrets of your Pa’s death. Tej is talking to himself about his suffers with Tappu as wife…
Meethi and Akash in car. Meethi try to call but it say no sim card. He give his phone but his battery is in his pocket. He convince her saying we can talk to them after reaching home… She ask when we reach, He reply might be a day. Meethi is worried how he can drive a whole day.
they show some building hopefully his house. as he keep telling the place cant understand what saying they show the saints and the place. she ask about his family. they show his uncle with long hair pony tail and Akash explain he is well educated. some people there address him as maharaj and say you are a pandit. when he say namaste he see the bracelet of the person and his expression change. his uncle is a astrologer. predicts the guy’s future. he again sees the bracelet and smile. Damn Cvs. when they show the person close he is wearing the bracelet when they show in long shot he is not wearing… What is this Cvs…

Akash keep giving update about his family. the person came for prediction is killed and his bracelet is captured and handed over to his uncle. Meethi ask about Chachi and Mausi… He start telling about them.
Again the Kasi location. someone dash the girl she keep thinking where the person is. they show a girl she drop a toy. kids come to pick it up but she hold it and get the toy back from them. and break the toy. the kids get scared and run away. the first girl call her jiji,,, and ask her to take bath. thn Akash say about his dadi. she is showin with coconut and flower thali. she is entering the water and put her thali and worship. dip and raise in the water thrice and pray something i didnt understand… hope she is Kamya. she sees a girl praying and her sindoor is partly washed off. she notice it and the girl say that she came to bath. she ask her to bless but she dip her in water the girl try to push up but she hold her stronger. all the family is seeing this… (Oh God I am scared of this family now)
God she killed the girl, all family are silently and shocking watching her. she say that she was talking too much about sindoor. Akash keep telling about his family. hopefully good things. Meethi say i will attract them all in second. they both reach a dhabha to eat. they place order.Meethi ask whether there is charging plug for mob. he say yes. so she go to get it. Akash is tensed. when she return Akash is not there. she search for him.
Jogi trying for Meethi but unable to reach her. Damiini is all tensed. Kanha ask what happen Damini say we are trying for a long time but unable to reach them. divya say they might be in flight. Nani taunt saying that she is very irresponsible. Kahna say why to disturb new married couple by calling them. Even rohini support in her own style. but Nani keep taunting them. Damini is all worried but kahna ask her to relax. Surabhi from background hear all this and smirk. Nani say for that makki they are worried but for mukta no one is worried. Surabhi think from now on you wont be reching Meethi at all.
Is this a one hour episode????

She enquire the person about Akash but they show Akash bribing teh shop keeper. he keep bribbing him more, while meethi is searching. shop keep ask what if i say to police but he hold the collar of the guy in anger and give him more money. he come from back. she keep asking what happened. he say he went to wash his hands. they both go to the shop keeper. Meethi take the mobile to the shop keeper for charger, Akash signal him but he stop the fan and say that there is no current right now. so no chance. Meethi ask for landline but shopkeeper say no. Akash say it is important but shop keeper say he cant do anything. Akash think that from now on you are seperate from your family…

precap: Meethi asking about Adharsh family but the girl get scared and say that better you dont go thr. meethi ask why but they say that they are very dangerous family better you go back. Meethi is all shocked to hear it…

Update Credit to: Banu148priya

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