Uttaran 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th December 2013 Written Update

Akash asks Meethi for dance. She is reluctant (because of the wheelchair) but Ambika initially tells her to do something for her husband just like he has done so much for her. But then she says maybe I and Jeth ji (Akash) got a bit too carried away with emotions and forgot that you are on a wheelchair. She thinks in her mind…if I would have been at your place then it would be me dancing with him. Meethi suggests him to dance with Ambika. Ambika is super happy but doesn’t show it. Akash reminds Meethi that Ambika is not well. But Ambika assures him that the medicine given by him is showing its effect. Meethi tells him to dance with Ambika as she is fine now. I will enjoy watching you both dance. Ambika gets up happily flashing a broad smile. Akash says I can dance with Ambika but who said that

you cannot dance. The smile disappears from Ambika’s face. Meethi is hesitant but Akash asks her if she trusts him. Akash is holding Meethi (her feet is not touching the ground). Ambika watches them angrily. Mere haath mein is playing in the background as they both dance together as Ambika looks on. Akash picks up Meethi in his arms and they are lost in each other’s eyes. Ambika claps for them as the song ends. Akash puts Meethi back in the chair. He remarks I told you love can make anything possible. Meethi nods happily.

Rathore is talking to his informer. I hope you have more information this time. Where is your informer? Tell him to meet me as soon as he reaches Mumbai. I wont repeat myself. He ends the call. He sees the same flashback. This time a voice is singing (Yeh Honsla tone) and calling out to him (Raghu).

Meethi congratulates Mukku for getting the job. Mukku is feeling happy and nervous as it is her first day at office. Meethi wishes her luck. It is the first day for us also to start something. Akash has got a new walker for me. Akash comes there with the walker. Meethi tells Mukku Akash will make her practise walking today. Mukku is very happy to hear this. I have full faith you will start walking on your feet once again as Akash wont let you sit in the wheelchair for long. Meethi thanks her and tells her to call her in the evening. Mukku ends the call and adjusts her saree. She is thinking it to be a mirror but its a see through mirror from inside from where her mysterious boss can see her.

Maiyya asks Chaubey if he will have supari now or after food. He jokes that he can keep it with him if it is of gold. Gomti serves him tea. Chaubey has come to take her and Ambika to the market. He reminds them of the bangles. Maiyya says there is no need to go anywhere as I have called them here. She shows him the gold bangles. Pavitra gets excited after seeing them. Chaubey wants to see them but Maiyya tells them she will keep them safely. I will give them to Ambika as and when some festival comes. He tells her that his daughter’s happiness matters to him the most. We should give it to her today only. If she is happy then I am happy too. Ambika comes there. Chaubey snatches the bangles from her hands and rubs it over his kurta. He gives them to Ambika. Wear them so that people should know that you are the DIL of a big house. Maiyya is seething with anger. Ambika is very happy. pavitra notices the gold polish on Chaubey’s kurta and points out to Gomti too. Ambika likes them. Maiyya tells her to give them to her as she will keep them safely in the locker. Chaubey notices Pavitra looking at his kurta. She sneezes but by that time he notices the gold polish on his kurta. Gomti pinches Pavitra. Chaubey is thinking about the mark. Ambika wants a new saree to go with the bangles. Maiyya is angry. Chaubey is angry as well as he has understood everything. He asks Ambika to remove the bangles. Everything that shines is not gold. He takes one bangle and rubs it over his kurta. The colour comes off. He throws it angrily on the floor. Ambika comments that the real things are for the elder DIL while the fake ones are for me. I dint want to say it but I have to now. This is the tradition of this house. She asks Maiyya what I lack. Am I on wheelchair like the elder DIL? Why do you behave like this with me? Maiyya tries to explain but Ambika leaves from there in a huff. Pavitra is scared. She and Gomti leave from there. Chaubey points out to Maiyya that this is her last mistake. If you want to make one more mistake then get your jail uniform ready. Next mistake and you will be behind the bars. Don’t forget that Ambika is my daughter.

Meethi is trying to walk with the help of the walker. Akash is boosting her confidence on every step. She is trying her best but is tired. He picks her up and is happy that she walked 10 steps today. He picks her up in his arms and helps her in her wheelchair. If you will try like this then you will start walking again very soon. She asks him if he thinks she doesn’t want to walk again. I too want to walk, shop for you, play cricket with you, move around, etc. But no! She cries. He wipes her tears and holds his ears. It is my fault actually. I am in a hurry as I want to see you on your feet very soon that’s why I expect a lot from you. I have full faith that you will do that very soon and do everything that you want to do. And cricket, we can play! She asks him how.

Maiyya is angrily cutting supari again. She recalls Chaubey’s warning. Pavitra comes there calling out to her. Maiyya is angry and is about to throw the supari cutter at her but stops. Pavitra too sits down scared. What mistake did I do again? Maiyya says I am worried because of that Chaubey. Pavitra is hungry. Maiyya gets upset thinking how to get bangles for Ambika. Pavitra suggests her to ask Akash. Pavitra criticises Maiyya’s DIL’s. One is a princess while the other is after everything like that. Maiyya gets an idea from this. I should steal bangles from Meethi’s jewellery and give them to Ambika. Maiyya says it is you (Pavitra) who will do it not me. Pavitra declines. Our mom used to teach us that stealing is bad. Maiyya says I know you have a habit of stealing. You have filled your room like that then you cant do this much for me? maiyya asks for her purse. Maiyya finds her toe rings inside it and wears them as she was worried looking for them. Pavitra says it was kept carelessly so I kept them in my purse to keep them safe. She says what to do with this problem. I keep everything in my purse that I can see lying here around just like that. Maiyya is happy that now her problem will be put to use. You will steal gold bangles from Meethi’s room.

The informer tells Rathore that Ambika isn’t Chaubey’s daughter. He also shows him proof (wedding pics). ACP Chaubey used to be a normal inspector 20 years ago. After 1 and a half year of their marriage his wife died due to cancer. She couldn’t give birth ever as she was in hospital just after 2 months of their wedding and she died there only. Chaubey also dint marry again. Rathore gets thinking. Why did Chaubey lie? Why did he say that Ambika is his daughter? And if she is not his daughter then whose daughter is she?

Precap: Akash is walking upstairs with Meethi in his arms. Maiyya notices them coming towards their room and hides before they can see her. pavitra is trying to open Meethi’s cupboard while Akash Meethi keep advancing. Maiyya is sure Pavitra will be caught now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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