Uttaran 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ashfaque is shocked to see the photo of his brother’s second marriage (with Fida). Should I tell bhabhi? Zubeida asks him if he got what he was looking for. he denies but keeps the photo inside his jacket. I will look for it somewhere else. He goes from there.

Vishnu comes home. Mukku goes to bring water for him. he has bandage in both his hands. He tells her that he helped the mechanic who was stuck under the car. I got hurt in the process. My wounds are dressed. There is a problem. The car was to be delivered today. Rodricks told me not to drive today but I brought the car here for the fear of losing the job. Mukku offers to deliver it. she knows how to drive and take care of small faults that can come up. He does not have a choice so he gives her the car keys and address. She tells him to take care of himself and the baby while she will be back soon. she notices the sad look on his face and tells him not to worry.

Jogi comes to talk to Damini. She is hopeful that Akash-Meethi will be able to come back soon. Commissioner will help us right? He affirms it. Few Indian officers are going to Pakistan for some work. They have asked me to join them. I can go and meet Meethi and Akash and bring them with me. Damini too wants to go but only one of them can go. He knows that she is worried for Meethi. He suggests her to go instead but she declines. The officers will help you in case you need anything. I will talk to Commissioner regarding the same. Damini thanks the Lord and prays for Meethi and Akash’s safety. She is somewhat relieved that she will be with Meethi very soon.

Meethi asks Ashfaque if he got the chip. She wonders where it could be. Khalid bhaijaan was trying to crack the chip’s password. She realises that he died in the process. I forgot to tell this to Ansari. Ashfaque also recalls that what all happened that day (including Asgar’s lies). Meethi finds him lost in thoughts. He is wondering if Asgar will have an interest in the chip. She dismisses the idea. Fida gave me that chip. Ashfaque looks at the pic. He tells her about Asgar’s second wife. I was so proud of him but not anymore. A lot is being hidden from us. I cannot understand if I should ask him straight away or do what. She talks in Asgar’s favour. He shows her the photo. Meethi is shocked to see Fida with Asgar. A chant plays in the background. She recognizes her to be Fida. I met her in the train. Her husband was in the train with her. it might be Asgar ji which is why he was hiding his face and had a bag which he was holding onto all the time. Meethi recalls the train journey all over again. it might be that Asgar ji caused that bomb blast. She remembers Fida cracking a joke that she is a Fidayin (human bomb). She had told the truth. When Asgar ji came to know that I am alive and in Pakistan he immediately kept my name Fida. Ashfaque reasons that Asgar bhai too was in the train. She is sure he too might have gotten down at Nangla station like her and Anni. I trusted him so much but he was actually using me to cause another blast. I was dumb to trust him that he will take me back to India. He is playing a very big game with you, me and his whole family. Ashfaque tells her about what he had seen on the day when Khalid bhai died. Asgar bhai was at home. I saw him going out of the home afterwards. He hid it from us and Ansari ji as well. She is sure there must be something in the house which can connect the dots. She wonders if he is behind Khalid’s death too. Ashfaque realises how Asgar was angry upon knowing that he had informed Ansari about Khalid’s death. Ashfaque laments that he was really proud of his brother. I cannot believe it that he can be responsible for thousands of innocent people’s death, Khalid bhai’s death. He is a terrorist. Ashfaque wants to tell everything to Ansari. What if Asgar bhai is playing another dangerous game? She agrees with him. it might be that Akash is with Asgar only. Go to meet Ansari ji straight away and don’t tell this to anyone except Ansari for we cannot trust anyone else. He leaves. She is upset what if all this is true. What will Rizvi family go through? Everyone believes it that he is an ideal son, husband and brother. Bhabhi will be so hurt. How will she tolerate it?

Zubeida is knitting. Meethi comes to talk to her though Zubeida is not happy to see her. she is not interested in any explanation. Meethi notices the socks which she is knitting and gets happy. meethi has noticed that she is upset over something. Zubeida declines. Meethi guesses it rightly that she is going to be a mother. Zubeida is not saying anything as the whole house is in mourning. Meethi feels that this news can change the atmosphere of the house. She also decides not to share anything with her owing to Zubeida’s condition.

Mukku comes to give money and delivery receipt to Rodricks. She gives her intro and offers to work on Vishnu’s behalf till he is fine. She assures him that he wont regret hiring her. He praises her for being brave, bold and smart. In the end he winks for which she gives him a nice lecture. He tells her that it comes naturally to him. it always happen when I am happy. he gives her another car to deliver to some Mr. Mehta. Mukku comes to drop the car at the given address. He is surprised seeing a woman working in the garage. She talks about how women can do men’s work equally. She takes the money and leaves while he looks at her in wonder.

Akash wakes up and is angry to see Asgar smiling down at him. he is all tied up. I wont leave you if Meethi is hurt because of you. Asgar wont let anything happen to Meethi as she is the main pawn of his mission. Akash promises that he wont let him be successful but Asgar is unperturbed. You are in my supervision and I will use it against Meethi. I will make her dance to my tunes. Akash warns him not to do anything to his Meethi or he wont spare him.

Precap: Meethi asks Anni as to what should she do. Should I support the family whom I love a lot or save thousands of lives? Damini tells her not to be hesitant in case your heart tells you to make a sacrifice. Meethi confronts Asgar and tells him everything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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