Uttaran 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with everyone clapping as Sankrant puts garland around Kajri’s neck. She keeps on looking at him tearfully and is still thinking about Malvika’s words. Priest points out that the auspicious time is slipping by. You must do it fast. Kajri shocks them all by declining to put garland around Sankrant’s neck. Malvika throws the petals up in the air with joy. Meethi tries to explain it to Kajri that things will be fine after this marriage but Kajri knows she does not understand the real thing. maiyya is irked with the drama. Kajri tells them all that she dint want to insult them but I feel that I am taking a wrong step. She turns to Sankrant. Maiyya is losing her calm but Meethi signals her to wait. Kajri wants to know from Sankrant if he still loves his first wife. I hope you wont lie to me. Sankrant looks up at her in surprise and then answers in negative. But Ambika points out that he is lying. No one had expected to see her here. Malvika is really happy with the turn of events while everyone else gets worried for the obvious reasons. Malvika is the only one enjoying the show.

Maiyya questions Ambika about her coming here. Ambika replies that she has come here to hear and say a truth. I want my answer today. Do you love me Sankrant or not? Meethi asks Ambika if she is done. We had a doubt on you from the beginning only. We were thinking that only as to how can a girl like you divorced so easily and left from our home. It is your thing to do drama. You have shown your true face today again. What do you want? Why have you come here? Ambika ignores her and walks up to Sankrant. I want my answer. Do you love me? akash asks his brother to tell Ambika that he doesn’t love her so that she does not create any new drama in our family. Sankrant asks Ambika what’s the point of asking this question now. She continues to ask for the answer. Maiyya wants Sankrant to answer in negative so that they can send Ambika out of the house. Sankrant is all quiet. Ambika understands his dilemma really well. Look in my eyes. Sankrant avoids looking her in the eye and she slaps him. meethi shouts her name angrily. Everyone is taken aback by this while Ambika and Malvika exchange approving glances. Meethi confronts Ambika about it. ambika accepts her mistake of raising her hand on Sankrant. I made a mistake and I am ready for punishment but what can a helpless woman do except feeling hurt. She has been used as and when someone pleases and she cant even get angry over it? meethi is confused while Kajri continues to stare at Sankrant, all hurt.

Akash is not ready to believe her. she holds Meethi’s hand asking her to punish her but what’s my mistake. Please speak the truth Sankrant. He holds his legs and he helps her up. What are you doing? She knows that he will never accept it that he loves her then how did you come to my house that night and spent the whole night with me? what right do you have on me? Sankrant looks down, all guilty and ashamed while everyone looks at him in disbelief. Maiyya wants Ambika not to mess with her family. She is lying for sure. I will kill her if she does anything wrong with my family. Ambika is not affected by any of it. First ask him. Please someone ask this loser, scared and thankless man about what he was doing in my house that night! Meethi does not want to ask anyone anything. We know you really well. Plus we trust Sankrant more than anything else. He cannot do it. Sankrant stops her. I have made this mistake. His family members look at him in bewilderment / shock.

Ambika and Malvika wink at each other. Meethi still continues to think that Ambika is trying to misguide or trap them. we know her well. Akash says something similar but Sankrant repeats that Ambika is not lying. Such a night had indeed come between us. Ambika agrees she has made mistakes but I have paid for them. I had gone far from my past. I was happy living a simple life in a small house then what was the need for him to come to my place and spend the night with me! what could I do? I gave what my husband asked for. mukta wonders why she dint tell this the other day when she had come to sign the papers. Why were you quiet then? Ambika goes to where Mukta is standing. You will trust your step sister anyways. She gives her phone to Mukta. Mukta reads Sankrant’s message (which he could not send as Akash had come in his room before he could do it). Maiyya asks him about it. he declines sending it. I wrote it but I dint send it.

Flashback of the same is shown. Malvika had seen Sankrant typing a message for Ambika but he couldn’t send it. Malvika had sent it instead. Flashback ends. Maiyya wants to know why he wrote it in the first place. Ambika continues with her drama. I thought that Sankrant would be happy with his new wedding but something else is going on in his mind here. You are about to get married and you were thinking about all this a few minutes before your wedding? You are playing with Kajri too. She holds her ears in front of Kajri. You must be hurt but think what if on your first night how would you feel if he would have been thinking about me. kajri looks the other way, disgusted at the thought while Ambika continues to hurt her with the perfect questions. She turns to Meethi. forgive me for hurting him. I will punish myself for it. she breaks a glass on the floor and picks up a piece to cut her wrist. Sankrant rushes to save her and in the process the gathbandhan comes off. Meethi is stunned to see this.

Sankrant makes Ambika throw the glass piece. She starts crying. You should let me do it. I hurt you with his hand only. He tries to stop her but she continues with her drama. Even I am not enjoying all this. I would not have come here if someone else would not have called me here. Mukta asks her about the person who has called her here. Ambika takes Kajri’s name.

Kajri breaks the garland and removes her veil. I had called her here. Before exchanging vows I wanted to know the truth from him. I already knew that he has not forgotten Ambika till date. But what I got to know is much more than that truth. When you don’t love me and still had a relation with Ambika then why did you agree for this wedding? She tells Meethi that her intention was true but the decision turned out to be wrong. Very wrong! Meethi is in tears too. But you only tell me, how can I tie him in a relation who is anyways not mine? Another similar relation! Meethi accepts her mistake. Give me one chance to rectify it. kajri has had enough. She breaks down. I don’t have any more strength to bear any more pain. Everything inside me is empty now. I made a terrible mistake to dream this big. Its good that this dream broke today itself. She throws the garland in the havan kund and runs upstairs with Meethi following her, trying to stop her but in vain. Meethi is crying. How could I make such a big mistake! How could I do this to Kajri didi? She hugs Akash who comforts her. Meanwhile, Ambika cannot help but smirk as she notices that everything is happening as per her plan.

Precap: Nani is at Mukta’s house. She asks Rani not to stare at her like this. Look down. Rani instead calls her an oldie (budhiya) asking her to be quiet. If you will hit me then I too wont leave you. Nani is irked with her bold reply. She raises her hand to slap Rani but Meethi comes there just in time. Meethi asks Vishnu’s permission to take Rani with her to his home. She offers her hand to Rani. Will you come with me?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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