Uttaran 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with police inspector reading the will. In all my senses, I am selling half of my property to Mr. Akash Chatterjee. There are signatures too. Akash stands up to tell them – Yuvraj Veer Singh Bundela. The couple is shocked. Meethi and Vishnu are shocked. The man who owns half the house has sold it to me. I own half of the Bundela House now. I told you it would be fun to answer your questions slowly. Vishnu looks at Meethi who is busy thinking something. Akash follows his gaze. She wants to see the papers…reads them well and looks at the signatures. Akash says Mrs. Kashyap these are real. His own brother has signed them. Tell him inspector. Police inspector obliges and tells her that they are indeed original. As he too is an owner so we cannot stop him from staying here legally.

Akash calls out for Kasha kaka. Please get juice for everyone….for their defeat and my win. The inspector makes an exit along with his team. Meethi is unable to believe as to why Yuvi did this. Akash says…he is your brother after all. How would he not do it? He has to do what he has been told not to do. Dadi tried to make him understand that he mustn’t sell this legacy to any outsider. But she made one mistake of not making him write it on paper and trusted Yuvi who decided to sell his share to me. He hates you so much. Vishnu leaves from there followed by kaka.

Akash turns to Mrs. Kashyap. I feel a lot of anger towards your hubby. She wonders how he can stoop so low. He directs her question back at her. She says I told you the circumstances in which I got married. He apologizes to her. You told me only what you wanted to tell me. You dint tell me everything. Is it not true that you tried to free Vishnu from this relation and he declined? A chant is playing in the background. surabhi has told me everything. She had heard you and Vishnu that night. A flashback is shown where Surabhi is shown overhearing their convo on the first night. Meethi starts walking away but he goes and stands in front of her. I know that you love me and you want to spend the rest of your life with me. Then what are you thinking? Break your relation with Vishnu leave him. Your Akash is standing in front of you Meethi….who loves you so much. Break this relation. Meethi replies that she is married. Meethi is now Vishnu Kashyap’s wife. Sad version of piya o re piya begins playing as Meethi tries to control her emotions. They share a small eye lock and both of them have tears in their eyes. She turns and starts going towards her room. He shouts, I will see till when you remain Meethi kashyap. We both are in the same house. In the end you will have to come to me only.

Damini gives medicines to Surabhi. Doc has told you to take rest. Don’t stress yourself. It isn’t good for you or your baby. Surabhi wonders if she should cry over brother’s death or curse her family members for their mistakes. Mukta’s dad saved my life and now he is in (jail). Damini tells her to relax…don’t think too much. She helps her in lying down telling her to take rest. She is met by Kanha outside. Did you call me? She asks him if doesn’t come to meet Surabhi without calling. Kanha says I cannot fake love. She tells him Surabhi has lost her brother. His body has been found today. She is very worried and unwell. Can you not understand this much? We keep this much sympathy with neighbors as well and she is the mother of your child. She needs you the most today. She leaves from there. Kanha looks worried for Surabhi.

Vishnu is packing his bags when Meethi comes back. She picks up a shirt thrown on the floor and folds it. He says I have decided I wont stay here. I know I don’t have my own house but have a room on rent where we can stay. Atleast no one will come there and claim his right over it. I have kept your suitcase please pack your stuff too. She stays put. If you want to stay here then you can. She denies. I am ready to stay wherever you want me to. He says then why this inhibition. She reminds him of what her grandparents had said. He goes into a flashback…the house shouldn’t be empty today according to Dadda ji. Morning and evening prayers should be done every day. Thereafter, Gunwanti giving the house keys to Meethi. Vishnu is thoughtful.


Meethi says Yuvi has ruined things. Who else is left except me? Every room of this house is full of memories. Kasha kaka was telling me how Dadda ji used to hold his meetings outside in the lawn. Badi Dadi ji used to light diya outside….this tradition was followed by dadi and then ma and now to me. Should I let the diya blow off? This place has the blessings of so many elders. Should I let Akash ruin everything? No! This is not just a house from where we can shift to someplace else. It has my mom’s memories. My grandparents have given me this responsibility with so much trust. You tell me how to give it up? This is the only reason that I want to stay here with you or I can stay anywhere with you…big or small I don’t care. One more thing, Akash is staying here. I agree I have loved him but I promise you that I will never let anyone insult our relationship (of husband and wife). A chant begins playing. Vishnu zips his bag and starts leaving only to stop at the door recalling a promise he had made to his teacher didi when he was a kid. I will give you anything that you would want in your gurudakshina (Gurudakshina refers to the tradition of repaying one’s teacher or guru after a period of study or the completion of formal education). A promise…I will give anything for you or your family member. I will take up any responsibility for your sake. Another chant begins as he keeps the bag down and turns to look at Meethi. He agrees with her. This is Teacher didi’s legacy. How can I back out now? We wont go anywhere. We will stay here only. But it felt good that you too want to respect the chastity of marriage. He goes from there.

Akash is holding Meethi’s pic. He calls up someone. It is Akash. Would you like to meet? He gives the place and time. Will wait.


Damini is in city hospital. She calls up to tell Meethi that Surabhi has been admitted to hospital. Meethi gets worried. She assures her they will reach shortly. Where is Vishnu?

Akash is waiting at some place. Mukku comes there and calls out to him. She is surprised to see his new look. When did you come back? I thought you wont come back. Where were you all these days? He says these are all useless. It is important to know why I came back. I have come here to get my love back and to return your love to you. I had made one promise to you remember? She recalls the promise he had made to her. If you fall in love with someone…hope you don’t have to see such a day like me but god forbid if that happens then it will be my responsibility to make your love story successful. Flashback ends. I know you love Vishnu and I love Meethi. Once she returns to me then Vishnu can be yours. I will get my love and you will get yours. Join hands with me to fulfill this one mission. He has stretched out his hand in front of her and she looks at him confused.

Precap: Doc says we don’t have that much time to make you all understand. You (Kanha) are her husband you will have to decide. Kanha is worried…what decision? Doc replies we can save either the baby or the mother. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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